Wednesday, 30 May 2012

* ^ * Birthday Wishes * ^ *

I hope you have a fabulous day filled with lot's of love and cheer! :) 
You have been a great friend to me and I wish the best for you.
May all your hopes and dreams come true!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Luxe Box Email.. what could it be??

This just got me all excited?! I wonder what it could changes to next month's Luxe Box?  A new look?  Something to do with the seasons haha?
Any guesses??

Something Exciting is Coming Soon....

Luxe Box D.I.Y

I have seen many bloggers make use of their beauty boxes! Thank you to Jayne, Frances, and Ashley for inspiration. I saw these lovely ladies take their plain beauty boxes (Luxe box, Glossy & Birchbox) and transform them, into beautiful storage solutions!

Turn your Luxe box from this...

Into this in no time!!

Close ups..

Here's what I used:
- Scrap booking paper
- Wrapping paper

I love doing being creative so this was definitely something I enjoyed :)

How I did it:

- I just cut a piece of scrap-booking paper that covered the Luxe Box...I wanted some black to show as a trim so I measured accordingly
- Then I gathered all sorts of material (ribbon, paper, stickers) and got creative

When doing D.I.Y I think it's important to just let your creative side show....even if your not art savy just go for it, let your vision come alive ;)

Thanks again ladies for your inspiration! 

Finally my Luxe Box has Arrived!

Hi everyone,

Wohoo after waiting what seemed like forever, a special little surprise awaited me in my mailbox, my May Luxe Box finally came today!! I was a bit nervous opening up my box this month because I did take a sneak peek at other unboxings and I wasn't overly impressed. A couple months ago I received the bath and Body box which contained a razor, and Fekkai samples and this month it seemed like the razor and the Olay Wrinkle Complex were common items. Along with that I noticed a lot of people got another Wrinkle complex cream in their standard black box! I did get one full size product in my Luxe this month so that's exciting. 

Okie so onto the Unboxing..

This month's package came with two boxes, the Bath and Body box (white) and the standard every month  box (black)

Here are the contents of the Bath and Body box...
Gilette Venus & Olay Shaver- This is a 5 blade shaver complete with Olay moisturizing bars which help to replenish the skin's moisture

  While this is a nice goodie in the box I am not amazed because I received the Schick razor in the same Bath and Body box a couple of month's ago. I do recognize that I have received a good chunk of my subscriptions value with just this one item and I know it will definitely come in handy! You've probably heard a million times but the Luxe box is 12$ a month.. There was no price on the card, however I did go online; the P&G website it sells this shaver for $8.99 but on another site it also sells for $9.99

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution complex- This is a wrinkle cream used decrease the look of fine lines..I got two one in each box (why doubles haha?) 
15mL for $60

 Umm I am gonna try this product out anyway but I really wish Loose button would stop sending these (I have also gotten a DDF advance firming cream). I am 19 years old, and I don't see myself using such products at this time. I would much rather prefer a cream to combat scars or problematic skin, oh well what can you do! I am giving one sample to my mom, she is pretty happy :) 

Onto the goodies in the Black Box!!
Love how it's individually crafted, I think every subscriber really enjoys that added touch of the Luxe box being personalized

 Here are this month's goods! I am especially excited about the Cargo lip gloss :)

Product Details

Fekkai Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask Samples 
I have already received these samples but I am more than happy to have some more. I don't care as much for the Shampoo and Conditioner, but I am excited to give the hair mask a go since I have never tried one.
I wish there was a bit more variety from month to month seeing that many subscribers received a Pantene shampoo and conditioner duo last month.

Full Size of the Shampoo/ Conditioner (236mL) retails for $30 and can be purchases @ Shoppers Drug Mart, the hair mask on the other hand can be purchased for $45.

Cargo BLU RAY Lip Gloss
Do you see that little piece of card beside the  lip gloss applicator? Take a guess what it is?!! You slip that piece into the handle of the gloss and it monitors the freshness of the lip gloss, as time progresses that activator turns red over time. Once the whole display turns red you know the lip gloss is due for a replacement. How neat and crazy is that! 

I am soooo happy about this item! Finally a make up product haha ;)
I got the most loveliest color, one that I am truly loving.. it is the most wearable shade ever (Laredo). 
It goes on very nice, and leaves your lips hydrated. The biggest problem with glosses or any lip products for me is the wear, I feel as though I put in on and have to re- apply frequently. I tried this out today and it stays on for quite some time without fading. 

This is a better look at the lip gloss:
CARGO blu_ray Lip Gloss - Laredo
It is light brown, with tiny hints of glitter, I am not a huge fan of glitter but you can hardly tell! This just may be my new favorite :) The only slight draw back is the smell, right when you apply you are confronted with a strong minty smell, however over time it goes away and it's not a problem.
Full Size- $25 (this was full size)

Paco Rabanne- Black XS L'Exces for her + Black XS for him
I haven't actually tried this yet but the product card says that the for her perfume is a floral fragrance for women. It has notes of Jasmine, rose, and night blooming cereus. It also has hints of vanilla, and wood chouli. 

The full size of the "for her" and "for him" fragrance comes with 50mL of fragrance! The prices vary though...for her costs $74 while for him retails for $56. 

Here is the perfume..just in a tiny vial

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Complex -
...and lastly in this month's box was the Olay cream which I already talked about

Here is one last snap shot of items from both boxes combined..

Overall Opinion: I am liking this month's box! I love the Cargo lip gloss, and am excited to try out the hair mask. Like I said above I just wish there was more of a variety from month to month, let's say if one month you received hair samples then the next it would be more makeup or nail related . Last month I received the "My Scent" bundle along with Pantene samples, this month I got more shampoo, and more perfume!  That's the only suggestion I have but other than that I can't wait for next month's box!!!!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed! What was your favorite item in your Luxe Box?? I can't wait to see your posts

Monday, 28 May 2012

New Maxi + Where is my LuxeBox?

Yay! I went shopping briefly today and my mom bought me a little something. Maxi's are a trend I love for summer because they are light, airy, and overall sooo cute!! If I could, I would probably wear dresses all summer, unfortunately I don't have that many. Hopefully, I can pick up a couple more but for now I am just over the moon.

Here is the one I picked:

I love how it looks like a graphic tank, with a high waisted maxi skirt 
I tried it on with one of my black belts, and it looked great as well

Here are others I saw....

Hope your week started off well :)
P.S) Has anyone who is a Luxe Box subscriber recieved their May box? I haven't even gotten a tracking number yet! I only got an email saying that my tracking number was being processed  and would be sent to me on the next business day..nothing so far :( 

Friday, 25 May 2012

I regret buying: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

Hey Everyone! :)

I wanted to do a review about this product that I purchased a while back. It has been sitting in my drawer for so long, but I just never had time to try it out.. I am a big fan of gel nails as I said a while back, I love the look the feel, and the wear of it. When I saw this "do it at home" kit I didn't even hesitate, I immediately picked it up. Well yesterday I decided to give it a go, and I can honestly say that this was truly a money waster. Not trying to be negative by any means but it's definitely one of those regretful purchases. It's disappointing because I did have high hopes for this set.

Let's get started with the items included:

This set came with 3 bottles, 2 tinier ones and a slightly larger one. The bottle on the left is the gel activator and the first step of the manicure, the one beside it is the color itself, and lastly is the bottle of brush cleaner. Both the cleaner, and polish came with 5 mL of product while the activator came with 7g. 

What Does the Nutra Nail claim ??!

Well this nail trio claims that this manicure takes no more than 5 minutes, it sets like a rock and gives off a patent leather shine. It applies like a polish, no need for a basecoat or a top's a one stop do it yourself manicure kit claiming that all you need to complete the look is in the box. Along with this the gel polish is easy to remove, so you can switch your color as often as you like.

Sounds good right? All the things you would want when your getting a gel manicure? No more dings,  or smudges and lasts a while? 

Sadly Nutra Nail failed to meet these claims, at least for me.. I was curious so I went onto Youtube and searched "Nutra Nail Review" and found that there were others like me who experienced the same dilemma

What went wrong?

First off the Gel activator... which to me was no different then nail clue,  it certainly smelled and felt like it. I accidently got some on my toe and it was horrible. The brush is pretty bad to, stick thin, and you constantly have to check back if you covered the full nail. You are supposed to put this coat on and while it's wet apply to color which was a light pink. Your asked to apply in small thin amounts, and so I did. It took longer than expected to dry and when I added another thin coat it got gloopy. Instead of giving off a thick appearance it looked so sheer as if I had only applied one coat. They ask that you apply slight pressure to bind both the activator and polish together however when doing so the polish actually moves and shifts. I didn't even leave it on for one day it was a complete disaster! Essentially what's supposed to happen is that the glue and polish mend together to create a hard surface but that wasn't the case. When I tried to take it off it certainly was not easy..even when there's no more nail color on , your still left with the glue on your nails :(

Also after every couple of nails you are supposed to place the nail color brush in the cleaner which removes and gets rid of any buildup...this is basically the only thing that worked! I used  it on some other polishes to clean the applicator. This set was $ 14.00 and with all honesty I could have bought an Essie or O.P.I with it and had a couple bucks left over.Maybe when my shrubby finger nails grow I will try it out again. I did read the instructions thoroughly as well as follow them as best I could but who knows?!

I was going to link some reviews I saw on Youtube but I thought linking this forum would be better so those who are interested can see both the good and bad in the product.

Hope you all have a goodnight

More Bath and Body!

I know you all think I probably have to go to rehab for my Bath and Body obsession but I assure you I won't be stepping foot into that store for a while!  A Person's Lush obsession is like my craving for Bath and Body Works..I guess it's the case because I've never bought anything from Lush?! I mean I have quite the collection going but whenever I go I can't really help myself, the fact that they always have new collections doesn't really help either.

So recently Bath and Body came out with their new scents all inspired by the beach ! They also had a deal going on, if you purchased $10 or more you received one free item from the new collection. To spend $10 at that store is rather easy, at least for me :)

They also always have a coupon code on the bottom of their receipts, you call take a two second survey and get a verification code upon completion. The next time you purchase $ 30+ worth of merchandise you get $10 off your entire purchase. This is what the best friend and I ended up doing.

We were walking around the store sniffing the candles like crazy hahah! We ended up with one big candle each, I bought a medium from the new collection and Lisa received a free one from the new line as well.

Is this not candle heaven?

What I purchased...

Root Beer Float- Yummmm! My favorite pop beverage of all time has to me Root Beer so when I saw this candle I was sold on smells exactly like Root Beer.  I can't get over how good it smells

French Garden-  I don't really have the words to describe this's such a soft floral scent..not overpowering, it's sweet and overall one of my favorites. 
(this was not a apart of the newer collection)

No More bath and Body for a lonnnnnggg time considering I have candles to last me a life time!

Hope you all have a GREAT Friday


Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Nail Couture

How cute is this???!!! 
Ciaté - Ciaté Caviar Manicure™
Strawberry Milkshake + Rainbow

...Just logged in to my email and the Sephora Beauty Insider newsletter was waiting for me!
Ciaté - Ciaté Caviar Manicure™
Snow Virgin+Mother of Pearl

I believe this manicure is made up of two steps..first you apply the basecoat color and then you follow up by applying the sprinkle like 3-D beads!!
Ciaté - Ciaté Caviar Manicure™
Ghetto fabulous+Black Pearls

Click here for the link to the Sephora page
Don't know if I would ever buy one but why not dream haha
~$25.00 each~

My favorite is the top one, absolutely stunning and eye catching
what's your favorite duo? 

Spotted @ the Dollar Store

You would be surprised with the goodies you can find at your local Dollar store, I know I sure was. I went to Dollarama today with my mom and I couldn't believe the things I saw. It sucks because particular items don't always last, you might be lucky if you can go back and find them.. however that being said I have seen some of the items/ products make more of an appearance than others. I  had so many little things on my list that I had to leave these behind boo!:(

1) NYC Lipstick- I have seen these at Wal- Mart all the time, as they carry it on a constant basis however I have never tried any of their products. Their items range from $1 or so up... some may be even cheaper I am not too sure.. They had lipsticks in quite a few shades including a very barbie pink!
2) Revlon Eyeshadows- Forget NYC it wasn't something that made me entirely excited but REVLON, that made me smile! They had a variety of colors and finishes, some of the ones I saw were matte, satin and perle !

3) ELF Tools- This had me excited as well! I recently saw a post by Plumpish Beauty talking about some of her dollar finds..what do you know I go today and they have some of the products she mentioned (ELF). There was an eyeshadow brush for defining and an all over face brush..they also had the eye lash curler but my picture turned out very blurry. 

..Along with this they had a ton of the Lip Smakcer glosses she talked about  :)

What's the best dollar store find you have come across? 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Essence Makeup!

Shoppers is an addicting store! I constantly find myself trekking around town to see the different locations. Today while out for an appointment, I stopped off there and got three items from the Essence line. I heard a Youtuber (CityandMakeup) say in one of her vlogs that the line has some hits and misses, and I totally agree.   With anything there will be some products that are amazing and some that are not that great. Yes it is kinda plasticky looking but what can you expect from a line that is really inexpensive. Although it is plasticky I don't think the packaging is awful by any means. I have yet to be disappointed, so far I have a blush, one eyeshadow, a lip gloss and a lip stick, the blush was from a previous purchase. There are minor imperfections in the product but it doesn't really turn me off.

   Essence Eyeshadow- Party all Night

Likes: It is a beautiful bronze metallic color which I adore! 

Essence  XXXl Shine Lip Gloss- Nude Candy

Likes: The color is something that I have been looking for; a milkier nude gloss. I was obsessed with the idea of buying a NARS gloss called Turkish Delight, but that didn't work out haha!

Dislikes: I don't really like how skinny the doe-foot applicator is..usually glosses have a nice applicator that can cover the lips in one stroke, but I find that this one is very narrow

       Essence  Lipstick- In the Nude

As you can tell I like my nudes! I am not very funky with my lip color, I prefer soft pinks and nudes that's about it.

Likes: Love how smooth it applies, not drying and oppose to other lipsticks that are thick this one has a good consistency. It has also has shine a to it which is nice.

I also forgot to mention that the smell of both the lip products is sooooo niceee! Ohh and the gloss is not sticky at all..bonuss!

Have you tried out any Essence products? What do you think?

Talk to you soon :)