Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Luxe Box Email.. what could it be??

This just got me all excited?! I wonder what it could be..new changes to next month's Luxe Box?  A new look?  Something to do with the seasons haha?
Any guesses??

Something Exciting is Coming Soon....


  1. I got this email too but I have no idea! Perhaps four big seasonal boxes? I guess we will find out!


  2. That would be nice, but I think I would miss the anticipation for a monthyl box! However on the other hand maybe that way you we could get bigger and better samples??!

  3. I'm interested in seeing what it is. I hope it doesn't make me regret cancelling my subscription!

    p.s. love your blog header!!!! :)

  4. I'm in love with it too heheh, Thank you!!;)See there's ups and down.. I have the year membership, so I am stuck for one full year! While I love the company, some months are soo bad, and others are okie..you on the other hand cancelled and saved yourself some money, but you'll be wondering what others got in their boxes. It's like win loose, oh well..that's the beauty box game. Are you subscribed to other boxes other than Jewel Mint?