Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hard Candy's Glamaflauge makes it's way to Canadian Wal-Marts!!

If your obsessed with watching Youtube videos as I am, you may have heard U.S guru's talking about Glamoflauge. I've known about it for so long now and it just recently appeared on Canadian shelves which is kind of annoying. May I ask why it takes so long for products to circulate into Canada lol?! 

Well I was super excited when I first saw this on the Hard Candy stand however all the color's were all gone. I went back to another Wal-Mart and the same happened, they were all sold out. From what I've heard there is only three available available in the U.S however, Canadian Wal-Marts have 5: ultra light, light, medium light, and tan. You'd think the assortment was pretty good but sadly I did not find a matching color.

I finally purchased the concealer yesterday after seeing it. I was debating between medium light and medium. Somehow I always end up getting shades that are TOO dark for me so I was debating really hard. I picked medium because medium light just looked too light! Well I took it home and was really disappointed. It had the biggest white cast to it and did not blend at all. I then switched it today for tan..I quickly tried it on the back of my hand in the car and...BUMMER! Tan was too orange and too dark for my skin tone so I ended up just returning it. It sucks because I really wanted to try this concealer, and there isn't a shade that matches me. It baffles me how light the shade medium is like seriously?!  I wonder what ultra light would be like.. I must say that like the concealer says this is some heavy duty stuff, you can feel it right upon application, it's thick.

If you've been wanting to try this out, you can find it at Wal-Mart! I hope you have better luck in finding a shade. I must say though I really like how they have the concealer pencil along with the tube it allows for more precise application. 

Interview Outfit

A couple weeks ago, I had an interview for a seasonal job position. I got super nervous when I found out they were holding group interviews because I haven't been working for a while. I knew I wanted to look professional but in a way that didn't come off as overly formal since it was just at the mall. I was initially going to pop into Suzy Shier because they have a lot of work related clothing options. Instead, I opted for Urban Planet, I always see such beautiful blazers there so I thought I could grab one from there. Believe it or not I was able to find my whole outfit from Urban Planet and I was super pleased. I know for a fact that if I had gone to Suzy the total would have been a lot more. I was really unsure of what piece to get underneath the blazer so I talked to one of the associates and she was super helpful..this is what I ended up going with...

This was one of the more expensive blazers they had on display ($30), all the other alternatives ($10 and $15) just did not look as good as this one. This blazer is structured however it is not stiff at all. It is so comfortable to wear as it's super soft! The tank made the outfit a lot more fun,  it has clear sequins with gold streaked design on it.

I was really against dress pants because not only do I think there kind of boring, and plain i just don't like them. Instead I found skinny trouser pants! Same material as dress pants but there skinny fit and they made the outfit look more contemporary and modern. To top it off I wore a pointed toe kitten heel.

As for the interview, I got there and felt so awkward cause I was the only one "dressed up". There were two other girls with me wearing jeans, and leggings. I did feel really over dressed but in the end I was happy that I did look put together!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Spotted @ Winners!

Look at some of the stuff I spotted at Winners today while I was browsing....

Have you spotted any goodies at Winners lately?

Polishes for the Holidays

* Sorry for the horrible's the best my phone would take*

 Super-Store has the cutest nail bar set up in their beauty department! Among the brands they feature Revlon, Essie, Nicole by O.P.I, Joe fresh polishes etc.. I must emphasize that I absolutely HATED glitter nail polishes, I strayed away and never looked twice at them, lately though it's what's been catching my eye. I say these two Nicole by O.P.I polishes and I thought they would be perfect for the holidays. Their festive, fun and jam packed with glitter.

Rainbow in the S-Kylie is such a fun polish. It's like a confetti party on your nails. The polish consists of a clear base with an assortment of colored glitter bits. The polish has both hexagonal glitter and micro circular glitter however, applied on the nail the layered effect makes it seem as though there are glitter flakes all over. I WANT IT so badly!!

Disco dolls, is a gold glitter nail polish  with bits of green and red in it. Although no hexagonal glitter is present it still has such a beautiful festive twinkle to it. If your looking for a plain gold glitter nail varnish, China glaze has a one out called Champagne kisses as a part of their winter collection. 

..ohh and these have been out for quite sometime now, so you shouldn't have too much trouble tracking them down.

Both of these are definitely on my Nail Polish Wishlist..
What's your favorite Holiday color?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wal-Mart Goodies!

Yesterday on the way home I popped into Wal-Mart just for the heck of it..ohh and because I had a 25$ gift card I wanted to spend. My birthday is approaching soon and my best friend has restricted me from buying certain brands because she doesn't want me to pick up items that she's already gotten for me.  Revlon (nail polishes) and Maybelline products were not apart of her long list so I decided to go by their stands and here's what I picked up...
I have fallen in LOVE with Revlon polishes, for the most part I'm very fond of the formula, and the application, the color selection is also really nice. For the longest time I've been looking for a light pastel lilac nail polish, Lisa ( my best Friend) has Essie's "To Buy or not to Buy" and anytime she wears it I'm always drooling. The shade "Charming" is a very feminine color, and actually very similar to Essie's. Sheer Patel is a soft pink that's rather on the sheer side hence the name, nevertheless I love it! I think it's perfect when your going for a fresh clean manicure! I've bitten my nails recently however buying nail polishes has really encouraged me to stop.
Along with the polishes I also got 2 Maybelline Quads...
I don't own mainly purple eye shadows but was instantly drawn to this palette (Perfect Pastels) because the colors aren't too deep. Every shade except for the liner color (bottom shade) is on the light side. Modern Metallics is a beautiful bronzed palette with golden shimmer. I paid 7$ for each palette and the pigmentation/ color pay off is on the fair side. The first time I swatched I had to apply just a bit of pressure to get a decent amount of product on my finger, although the Modern Metallics palette is much richer in color. Maybelline has a lot of lovely palettes, it's almost so hard to choose because they all look so nice. 
Any thoughts on these Products? Do you own them? What do you think?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Favorite New Scent!

This is a new found love for me!  Last year, I actually had the Winter Candy Apple candle and I absolutely adored it. A couple week ago I went in to Bath and Body works and had picked up a mini Warm Vanilla sugar spray for my mom when the associate informed me that  a 3 for 10$ promotion was going on. Without hesitation I scooped up the Winter Candy apple spray and hand lotion..I'll be sure to grab a full size of this spray in the near future. 

What's so special about it?

It's the PERFECT scent for the colder months..It literally makes me think of  the snow, Christmas and all the sweet treats associated with it (although I don't celebrate Christmas lol.) It doesn't have a very floral scent to it but it does have a sweet fruity one and  it's a tad heavier which I like. It's got a rich blend of apples and dash of cinnamon! Bath and Body works describes it as a "wintry medley of apple crisp", sounds delicious doesn't it?!

Will you be picking up this spray or any other items from the Winter collection??
 Personally, I'm dying for candles, I never have enough and I think a lot of you ladies are just like me!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

New Moccasin Boots!

Yesterday my aunt came over with three pairs of boots that she had bought for my sisters and I. Although I did like my original pair, I didn't see myself using them and I didn't want them to just sit without use. They were calf high boots, with fur all around them, like this pair they also had beading on the top. Well today, I stepped out with my aunt to go back to the store (Stepss- they had a 3 for $120 deal going on) to see if I could switch the pair for something I liked. I looked all around the store and these were the ones I settled with..They look great with jeans, especially skinny jeans. Their comfortable, unique and they resemble the Soft Moc 
ones as well. 
What's your go-to pair of shoes for the fall/ early winter?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Essie's Luxe Effects Polish: Set in Stones

Yesterday I blogged about the new Winter Collection Essie launched, after much deliberation I finally decided to get this polish which is part of the Luxe Effects line. I've always had my eye on it and I'm so glad I finally picked it up. I'm planning to pair it with Revlon's minted or some other blue color like Turquoise & Caco's, Where's my Chauffeur or Mint Candy Apple. Side note, the price wasn't bad either they were on sale for $7 or so.  Set in Stones is a gorgeous silver glitter polish, it's made up of both hexagonal glitter and small circular glitter bits. I totally forgot that I already had a silver glitter nail varnish in my collection but it doesn't compare to Essie's at all. Revlon's "Stunning" is what I'm referring to, it's almost a very light/ dull silver unlike Essie's. Main difference is that Revlon's glitter twinkles in the light, look below to see them both side by side. I find Set in stones to be much more eye catching as it's bright and bold. Also, it was much more easier to get the different shapes of glitter applied onto the nail with Essie's polish. I absolutely love both nail polishes (Stunning & Set in Stones), but there unique and different in their own way. Essie's is much more bolder, whereas Revlon's is more soft and elegant!

Have you tried Essie's Luxe Effects Nail Polish?
What's one polish your dying to get your hands on?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

*New Essie Winter 2012 Collection*

I was super early for the bus today, so to kill time I popped into the Wal-Mart. I went straight to the beauty isle without any detours. I immediately was drawn to the new Essie polishes they had set up. All the colors  I must say are beautiful, I especially love this collection as opposed to last years because the colors aren't dark at all. There's still a variety of reds, and sparkles, with a pop of blue!

My favorite shade has to be "Where's my Chauffeur?".. I was actually looking into getting "Turquoise and Caco's" today but I got a luxe effects polish instead (short blog coming about it soon). "Where's my Chauffeur" reminds me of the iconic Tiffany blue color, I simply have to have it. I'm not much of a red person but "Snap Happy" has bright orange/ coral hue to it and I can't stop starring at it. Trade Secrets always has mini box sets on sale with all the colors of the collection included so I think I may pick one up.

Here are some pictures I snapped...
I wasn't able to display all the colors because 2 of them were missing.
Anyways on the right side is Butler Please, Beyond Cozy, She's Pampered, & Leading Lady

...same color order here

How do you like this collection??
 Love it? Like it? Dislike it?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Sister's Birthday Gift!

Birthdays are just so magical, there's something about them that makes me so happy! On my birthday I usually start off so happy but by the end of the day I'm sad because a) I can't believe the day has gone by so quickly and b) I'm getting older!!  Thursday is my sister's birthday and here are some of the things I have picked up for her, I'm planning to get a nice box and wrap it with this awesome polka dot cellophane I got and top it off with red and white polka dotted ribbon.
I love getting a whole bunch of things as opposed to one larger thing because it's more exciting. belief it or not though, little things add up so fast! 

Here is some of the stuff I got...

~Bath and Body~

 Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Spray- I love the smell of this, it's sweet and perfect for the winter.

Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Shower Scrub- What better then the add a matching exfoliating scrub! I have this scrub in Rio Rumberry and I'm constantly using it, it does such a nice job at smoothing out my skin gently. 

Lush Buche De Noel - This is a limited edition facial cleanser made especially for the holidays. It's great for the colder months because it infuses and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft., and the smell isn't bad at all (compared to say Herbalism, or Dark Angels not that I mind the smell of these..just saying)

Lush Mmm Melting Marshmellow Moment- O-M-G I am obsessed with the smell of this Bath melt. I've never tried it myself but this and the comforter bar have to be my fave in terms of the smell. I know my sister will love pampering herself with this bath treat.

~Makeup/ Beauty~

Essence Nail Polishes- My sister was oogling a bunch of these polishes so I picked three of the ones I thought she'd like. A lime green, a bright blue, and a coral pink (slightly with orange hues)

Wet N' Wild Palette (Walking on Eggshells)- This is a personal favorite of mine, and I knew my sister would enjoy it. She wears eyeshadows but nothing too dark so I thought this was perfect in the sense that it's light and subtle.

Essence (Long Beach)- I blogged about this a couple days ago and again my sister kept telling me how much she like it, so I took it as a hint. It's a lovely variation of browns, perfect neutral palette. 

EOS lip Balm (Sweet Mint)- My sister has tried the summer fruit one and actually went through it quite quickly, so I decided to get her a replacement this time in a different flavor. 

NYC lip gloss (tube one)- A beautiful sparkly peachy/ pink color

NYC Lip Gloss- Another beautiful pink with a slight frost to it, my sister's a lip gloss junkie!

Essence Lip Gloss- Strawberry scented YUM!

~Clothing Related~

Booties- They look like long socks, but there booties for in the house. They've got a nice tread on the bottom of them to prevent falls and they even have cute pom poms on each side.I got these at Winners and they had a really nice variety of designs.

Fuzzy Socks- I thought these were adorable, fuzzy socks in all colors haha.

Cardigan- My sister loves color no matter what time of  year, so I got her this bright orange  button down cardi.


Moccasins- I love these guys I have two pairs from Payless and their my favorite, these were from Wal-Mart and belief it or not the quality looks so much better then Payless. I paid more for mine and although I love them the front of them started to come apart whereas the soles/ treads of these look much better.

Travel Mug- I don't know what else to say, it's bright pink and adorable!!

 ...I think to finalize the gift I'll just throw in some tasty treats:)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Revlon Custom Eyes Palette (Sweet Innocence): Ohhh How I wish I didn't buy You!

I hate regretting a purchase but this is one item that has done me no good. I got it a while back and happened to stubble upon it again today and it reminded me of how much I dislike it. Every time I look at it, I feel a tinge of sadness because like all items I buy I want to love it. I initially picked it up because it was a good deal but later when I payed I realized I read the fine print wrong, and had just paid closer to 12 dollars for it. As a lover of neutral colors this really stood out to me, I loved the contrast between the peaches/pinks and the purples, I also liked how there was a darker shade of brown in it to intensify the look. 

The main problem I have with the custom eyes palette is the formulation, all the shades within are incredibly chalky. Just from a quick swatch you can see how dry the shadows are and they sit on your skin instead of blending in nicely. Unlike other eyeshadows that glide on effortlessly and smoothly I find these to be incredibly flat. If I had to describe the texture in all honestly I would say it's very much dusty and powdery. There is a great amount of fall out, all in all I think the colors look way better in the pan then they do on your eyes. 

From just a quick glance I'm sure you can see how the shadows look from being swatched a couple times...

The shades below are among the worst in the palette...

The purple isn't TOO bad but the brown is still visibly powdery..
...and here are how the shades transfer onto the skin
I know my sister had the brown palette in the Custom Eyes and she said it wasn't too bad although there still was fall out. I found many people had similar experiences to me on Makeup Alley in regards to the palette.

Have you tried the Sweet Innocence Palette before?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Essence " I Love Stage" Eyeshadow Primer

This was another item I purchased alongside the Essence Long Beach Palette. I never really cared about having an eye primer until recently. I crease pretty badly so I was really curious as to what an eyeshadow base would do for me. I was super interested in the NARS primer, I heard about it through Missglamorazzi (Ingrid) but the price was a total turn off. Then I heard about the Two Face shadow insurance and really wanted to try it out but I never had a chance to get down to a Sephora. I've never owned a primer before...when I saw this Essence one I just grabbed it, I didn't really think twice. All of a sudden I didn't care for the higher end products and was more then happy with this one. 
Packaging: Comes in a lip gloss sort of tube, application is super easy with the doe- foot applicator. You get the amount of eye primer you want and the product is not wasted! Will last you sooo long.

Price: All of Essence's products are reasonably priced and this item is no exception. If I'm correct I believe this was in the $4 range!

Longevity: So before using this my eyeshadows would crease naturally so bad. The oils from my lids would make my eyeshdows barely noticeable towards the middle of the day. Since using this I've noticed a difference, it's been doing it's job by keeping my shadows put, I now rarely experience creasing and if it does occur it's towards the later part of the day and it's very minimal.

Availability: Most Shoppers Drug Marts, Carly from Purple Shampoo, let me know in a comment that Essence in general is available at Ulta within the States so hopefully you all can get your hands on it..thanks Carly!!;)

Final Thoughts: The product  applies as a flesh tone color but it blends out well and creates a nice canvas base for eyeshadows to be applied on top of. I know lot's of people say the NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk works great as an eyeshadow base but for me it just doesn't do. I find that it becomes chalky and hard to blend out, and my eye shadows do not sit very nicely on top. For this reason I usually just use milk to highlight the inner part of my eye. Essence's Primer is super easy to apply, I remove the wand from the tube and simply dab on one dot per eyelid. In doing so there is plenty of product to spread across my lids as well as a little above. A little goes a long way and you do not need a lot of primer to cover your eyelids. This primer is another affordable yet effective product, thumbs up for this..YAY!

Will you be giving this Eyeshadow primer a try? Do you have a favorite eye primer?

Friday, 2 November 2012

Essence Eyeshadow Palette in Long Beach

I bought this palette a week ago..once I saw it I knew it had to come home with me. No matter how many bronze/ golden shadows I have, I always have to have more. I gravitate towards colors such as the ones below because they are natural, beautiful and not too dramatic for a day to day eye. Essence is a brand carried by many Shoppers Drug Mart and the quality is very similar to Wet N' Wild in my mind; affordable price, yet amazing color payoff. I've tried the Essence blush and lip stick out and was pleasantly surprised, the blush is a staple for me when it comes to my daily makeup face, and this palette has been one that I've been reaching for almost everyday. 

At first glance the colors do look incredibly sparkly but when applied to the skin it doesn't look too bad although it is still a bit shimmery With one swipe a sufficient amount of shadow can be picked up by your finger/ brush. The only thing drawback with these shadows is there is a bit of fall out with them. 

Pigmentation: Colors have a great color pay off, they are rich and somewhat sparkly

Availability: Can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart for Canadian residents, and possibly online for others who are interested. 

Longevity: It lasts a fair amount of time, I'm not one to count the number of hrs something lasts but it's average I would say.

Colors: The colors in the palette range from a light golden yellow to a darker chocolate brown, all are incredibly beautiful and perfect for a brown smokey eye.

Overall I would say that this is worth the $4, I adore the colors and can see myself getting quite the use out of it. 

Have you tried any Essence products out before? What do you think about them? 
Do you have a favorite item??