Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Marcelle Extension Plus Mascara (2 for 1 say what?!)

I cannot even begin to describe how much I've missed blogging, it's become a a hobby that's very dear to me. I have missed you all so much as well, reading your blogs always brighten my day! Speaking of reading blogs I have been keeping on top of that but I've been lacking when it comes to commenting, so sorry! This week is so nice because I have no tests, midterms or assignments due but it all starts back up next week! I feel as though I've been on the move constantly, I simply cannot wait for Friday!:)
Yesterday I stopped off at Shoppers Drug Mart and was just walking around aimlessly, I stopped by the Marcelle section to give this mascara a look and I was pleasantly surprised to see that a 2 for 1 deal was going on. This is such a highly talked about mascara, and I've always been so curious about it due to the amazing things I constantly hear about it,  seeing as it was 2 for 1 I couldn't leave it behind! I am not sure if Marcelle is a brand carried in the States, but if your Canadian I would seriously suggest scoping out the Marcelle section at your local SDM.
There's bound to be someone who considers this mascara a miss but I've yet to hear any negative comments about it. It's considered to be a lengthening and curling mascara and I think it does the job extremely well. I would also say that this does a wonderful job at filling out my lashes. Today was the first time I used this mascara and so far I am thrilled with it, right when I swiped on the first coat I not only felt but saw my lashes being lifted. My problem with curling mascara's is that they do the job upon application however soon after my lashes begin to fall down. Maybelline's XXL curl has always been a mascara I liked however this one may be my new fave. You don't need anything other then this to achieve long lovely lashes unlike the Korres  that needs to be paired with another mascara to achieve some sort of volume. I will be sure to do an in depth review when I've used this beauty a couple more times!
I forgot to mention that I bought this for $12.50..it is a bit pricier then other mascara's such as Cover girl's Lash Blast or Maybelline's Mega Plush but I think if it works great then it's well worth it. Plus the whole 2 for 1 was a major incentive for me to buy haha. 
Have you tried this mascara? What do you think? 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Quick Update on the Korres Volumizing Masara!

As you may have already read in my Mascara battle post I didn't have the greatest experience with the Korres mascara I picked up at winners. Although I didn't pay an extensive amount of money for it it didn't perform as well as I thought it would. Quick recap for those who didn't read my original post.. this mascara made my lashes look incredibly sparse and separated, they were thin and I didn't notice an ounce of volume.

Well today about half way through the day I went to apply some lip balm and I ended up playing with this mascara, I applied it on top of the mascara I already had on and it worked way better then it did on my bare lashes! My lashes appeared to be slightly more thickened and darkened.

While this mascara isn't a total dud it works much better in conjunction with another mascara. For the purpose of volumizing/ thickening on it's own it does a very poor job, just thought it be nice to share with you all! 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Revlon's Minted # 85 Swatch

Two days a I posted about two new nail polishes I got, well I painted my nails with Revlon's minted and I wanted to share me thoughts. I wrote that one coat enabled full opacity but I would say that two coats is way better, the color becomes more vibrant as you add another layer. When I first tried the polish I had a light coat of the Wet N' wild polish on so there was a bit of a base however, when I tried applying today to my bare nails my experience was different. I found that the polish was uneven, one nail would turn out so nice and the other  had visible streaks on them, on top of that I got bubbles in my nails?! I loveeeeee the color it's a shame that the application isn't the same. I am definitely still going to use it but I didn't enjoy it as much as the other Revlon ones!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Nail Polishes

On the way home from school today I stopped off at Wal-Mart with hopes of getting a new nail polish. I was kind of bored of all the colors I had existing in my collection so I wanted to check out some colors. I went straight to the Revlon stack because I love the price, formulation, and colors they offer. I also went by the Wet N' Wild section and picked up a color I'd been oggling for a long time now. 
I've always liked minty green colors and this was the shade that immediately stood out to me. Revlon's minted is the exact color of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's extremely easy to work with, one coat gives you an opaque nail. I also like that this polish has a built in shine to it, you could skip the top coat if you wanted but I personally love adding it for a more glossier finish. 
Sugar coat is a light pink nude, it takes a couple coats to build up the color but I really love it! The applicator is wide so literally one stroke covers your nails edge to edge.

Have you purchased any nail polishes lately?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hello Fall/ Autumn Tag ft. the Best Friend!

I was tagged by a lovely reader of mine to do this, it's taken me a bit of time to get to it but here we are finally. I want to give a big thank you to Gabriella from Love.From.Londres. for tagging me!:) I thought it would also would be nice to have my best friend Lisa join in as well! 
*Photo taken from here, edited my myself*

1. It's finally Fall/Autumn what are you most looking forward to this season?

Sabina - As much as I love the warmer weather I think I'm most excited about huddling in big comfy cozy sweaters and sipping a hot beverage.

Lisa - Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love the cool and breezy weather, wearing big, warm comfy clothes and most of all, snuggling up under my blanket in my lounge with my cat, a mug of steaming hot chocolate and a candle lighting up the room

2. What Fall item in your closet are you most excited to pull out?

Sabina - Call me crazy but I don't think I have a particular item of clothing I'm most excited about! I think in general I'm just looking forward to bringing out the warm stuff and leaving behind the more thin summer clothing. I love hoodies, sweats, knitted cardigans, mittens and my UGGS!

Lisa - Way too many things! Warm and fluffy boots, big and baggy sweatshirts, and flannel pajamas! As you can tell, I love just being comfy for fall.

3. Since Halloween is the first holiday to celebrate we all get treated with a horror movie marathon all month long..What is your favorite scary movie to watch?

Sabina - Scary movies...count me out haha! I'm the BIGGEST chicken ever..get this even if I'm watching a tv show and the music goes all dunt-dunt duuuuhh my hands are already covering my eyes before I can even see what's going on.

Lisa - I absolutely love scary movies but not so much the gory and bloody type. I prefer thrillers like Disturbia (one of my all time favorites) and The Ring. I am also looking forward to seeing Jennifer Lawrence in The House At The End Of The Street!

4. What's your favorite fall treat? 

Sabina - All throughout summer I love slushies, and ice caps but when Fall finally approaches I like my warm drinks, tea is always a must for me (but I enjoy it so much more in the fall), french vanilla, hot chocolate and apple pie are also some fall treats I enjoy yummm!

Lisa - Without a doubt, good old hot chocolate! I am not a coffee drinker and am quite picky with which teas I drink but with hot chocolate, I love everything, regular, white, dark, whipped cream, etc... 

5. Now that summer is finally over, what will you miss about it?

Sabina - First and for most I will miss the weather, I hate hot humid days but I love the sunny breezy weather where there is just enough sun to keep you warm but there's a light breeze to cool you off. Next thing I'll miss the most is just being care free, summer for is my 4 months off from university and I really cherish each moment. I may just sit at home some days but it's a relief to feel stress free and there's little/ no pressure. As soon as September kicks in it's hectic and somewhat miserable with school as it's go- go- go time with a whole heck of assignments to top it off. 

Lisa - Freedom! I love summer because it is the one time I have months to just do nothing including sleeping until whenever I want. I am definitely a little sad that we are back at school especially since University is no easy task but September is over already and before we know it, I guess it will be winter break! I will also miss going to the beach; Even though I don't go too often nor do I know how to swim, I love just laying in the sand, walking around in the water and enjoying time with friends and family.

6. What Makeup/Beauty Products do you like for Fall?

Sabina - I know a lot of you girls probably love switching up your nail polish colors to ones that are much darker and richer but I've never been a fan of dark colors. I just find that they don't compliment my skin tone the way they do on other girls. For Beauty products I usually go with a slightly darker eye shadow to define my crease but that's really about it. 

Lisa - I love slightly darker shades of nail polishes like reds and purples. I like switching my eye makeup to more of a smokier look with greys, whites and blacks. Lip balms for keeping my lips hydrated through the colder weather (Kissable lip balms are an absolute must for my everyday makeup routine). And Bath and Body Works creams to keep my hands and other dry spots smooth and soft! 

6. What have you recently bought in preparation for the up coming season?

Sabina - The most recent beauty purchase has to be my Wet N' Wild Comfort zone palette which I reviewed..I absolutely love it and it's so appropriate for the changing season. It's got a lot of earthy tone shades, there's plenty variations of browns and greens! The next item has to be my new kicks, I wanted a pair of closed toe shoes that were good for colder/ yuckier days so I went with a pair of Adidas..I love them because there not like traditional running shoes, they kind of resemble puma's in the sense that there low to the ground and flat footed. They look great with jeans, skinny jeans, and yoga pants!:)

Lisa - The cinnamon sugared doughnut candle from Bath and Body Works! It smells like heaven! I am basically hooked on candles and I think they are just perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Next on my list are Marshmallow Fireside and  Pumpkin Caramel Latte!

8. Have you ever been Trick or Treating?

Sabina - Yup I went a couple times when I was younger but stopped soon after..

Lisa - Call me crazy but never! I usually just end up going and buying a big bag of chocolates/candies for myself since they go on sale during the Halloween season. 

9. Name the first five things that come to your mind when you think of Fall?

Sabina - Pumkins
Vanilla spice latte

Lisa - Candles
Apple Pie
Hot chocolate

10. What is your favorite season and why?

Sabina - I think I prefer the Fall because the weather/humidity usually cools down substantially yet it's still warm and bearable...I also really love the end of summer though to haha!

Lisa - Fall! I absolutely love the weather, not too hot and not too cold. I just find it refreshing after a hot, humid summer and before a chilly Canadian winter.

I would love really love for all of you to participate in this tag! It's nice to see how other  bloggers respond to the questions.

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Hope you enjoyed reading!