Friday, 29 June 2012

June Empties

Happy Friday to you all,

I never planned on doing this post until today when I was about to throw out some empty products . I don't have an extensive collection of makeup or body good but sometimes stuff just gets acquired and I never seem to use it. I think for the month of July I will pick certain items that have been sitting in my drawers for a while and just try to make use of them..kinda like a "project pan" concept but I will stick to more than just beauty items. So here are some are some of this month's "empties", while I enjoyed some items, others I won't be re- purchasing!

Clinique Spot Gel Treatment- I bought this spot gel treatment around Christmas time at my local Shoppers after I had been using the entire cleansing system for a couple of weeks. I thought this would be a nice addition to the system, using it to combat on- coming pimples, while reducing the redness. However, using it on and off for the last couple of months I have realized that it does not do much to help me out. This treatment is supposed to clear acne, while calming, soothing and reducing redness. It may have helped reduced the redness just a tad but I didn't find any remarkable traits about this item. I was soo excited about the Acne Solutions products that I immediately bought them when I saw them at The Bay counter. Till this day I still have the cleanser, and toner that I use occasionally but I wasn't satisfied with the results. I will definitely be on the look out for a better spot gel, on that really helps to eliminate breakouts, and fight acne scars. I used to have really dark marks, but over time they have seemed to lighten. Even when I don't have  active breakouts, I still feel like my face isn't 100% clear because of the marks that still remain. Since this has finished I haven't had anything to place on breakouts when they occur..

I have heard great things from a fellow blogger about two items in particular 

..The proactive refining mask
Retin -A ( prescription cream) 

Have you tried these before? If not, what remedies do you use to tackle unwanted pimples?

Sephora Lip Balm- This balm smells amazing, it's an infusion of coconuts and vanilla..YUM! Part of my night time routine is always applying a clear chapstick to restore and hydrate my lips. This nourishing lip balm has a slight wet texture to it, but it stays on. I wake up and my lips feel so puckered up and soft. While I enjoyed this a lot I'm not desperate to get my hands on it again because I have other balms that need to be used up and some that are just as good!

Pure Orchid- I don't even know how long this has been sitting on my dresser! I remember getting this with two other  perfumes as a part of a gift a while back. I always like it a lot but had so many other items going at the same time that I forgot to use it. It`s both a combination of a fruity and floral`s got papayas, lemons, orchids, and blackberries as just some of the notes! It`s an old fragrance (2010) I believe but I have seen it for pretty darn cheap which is good for me haha! I had  a tiny amount left so I pumped it into my empty travello for on the go purposes. 

Maybelline Mineral Powder- Like the Pure orchid I have seen this sitting in my little makeup caddie for ages. Its a mineral blush, that it very pigmented and light! I like the product in general but am not a fan of the color (got it as a gift as well). It`s a bright pink (original rose) that does not work too well with my skin tone (Medium, NC- 30) or at least that`s what I think, personally I see it looking gorgeous on light skin tones!.. I feel as though it makes me look frosty and un-natural so I have been careful to  apply just a tad. It`s only recently that I have started experimenting with blushes, but I think that I like more orange toned blushes than pink:)

Maybelline Illegal Length- This mascara is for lengthening purposes, it has fiber extension technology which helps to enhance lashes making them longer without flakies. It takes me a couple uses to get comfortable with any new mascara, but seeing as this is done I really enjoyed it. It left my lashes with even more length than I already have, no smudging, smearing, or flakes  and removal is easy peasy. I like my mascara to curl and add a bit of volume and for the most part I was pleased! I find myself always gravitating towards the Maybelline mascara`s (Volume express, XXL, Collossal, Illegal length..) but right now I have been using a mascara that was on sale a little while ago, it`s Rimmels WOW lash, not sure how I like it so far..couple more uses and I`ll be able to tell.

 Kerastase Hair Serum- This was a sample product I received in my first Luxe Box (December). I like the smell of it and how it makes my hair feel after I apply. Any time that I did use it it smoothed fly aways, and gave my hair a nice shine without looking oily. I used this on random occasions, so I didn't notice a huge improvement in the long run. Its quite an expensive hair serum so Im glad I got a sample of I dying for the full size? No not really..I still have a generous sample of Moroccan Oil left to use.

BBW Hand Sanitizer- This is a bit random but I thought I’d add it anyway! I always have these  little guys in my purse pocket. They are great for on the go, and come in a perfect compact size. The scent of this sanitizer was nectarine mint, It sounds like a weird combination but it was very pleasant. It`s always nice to carry around a disinfectant to get the guck off your hands if you are unable to wash them.

So there you have it my blogging buddies, June empties.. now in the comments below or on your own post I’d love to know your favorites..

Hope you all have a great weekend, and to my fellow Canadians hope you have a great Canada`s Day!


Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Favorite Go-To Summer Scents

I am obsessed with summer fragrances! I love all floral and fruity scents; I usually stick to mists such as the Bath and Body ones because they are fairly inexpensive and last a long time. Don't get me wrong I love my perfumes, but they are definitely on the costly side these days. I like switching up my scents so for me I would rather have a variety of sprays than just one or two perfumes. Here are some of my current favorites!!

(Left to Right: BBW Paris Amour, BBW Wild Apple Daffodil & Prada Candy)

Paris Amour
Paris Amour, is a dreamy blend of French tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne, inspired by a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris. This is truly such a romantic, and flirty scent, I really want to grab the full- size, as I only have the travel version of it. There's just the right of floral notes in it without being too overpowering. It has everything from Sparkling Mandarins, and strawberries in it to peaches, french vanilla, and coconut milk. 

Wild Apple Daffodil
Wild Apple is the newest addition to my collection thanks to my best friend. I absolutely loved this spray from the time I sprayed it in Bath and Body Works.  Wild Apple Daffodil,is a playful blend of juicy red apple, flirty daffodils and fresh pomegranate. It's got magnolia blossoms, peaches, and peony petals all mixed together to create a fruity goodness.

..and lastly is an an all time fave of mine

Prada Candy
This perfume is the most delicious fragrance I have ever used. It's sweet, and perfect for hot summer days. It's filled with caramel, and vanilla notes as well as a bit of musk. I have an old spray and it's actually sickening how sweet it is..this perfume on the other hand is light and lovely and just sooo yummmmy!:)

Full Size- 50 mL- $96.00
80mL- $125.00

I've seen a mini version of this as well in the boxed gift, but am not sure if that size can be purchased alone. The prices of the Prada Candy were taken from the Bay's Website, Shoppers also carries this fragrance.

What's your summer scent? Would love to know your favorite fragrance!
Goodnight Lovelies,

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sally Hansen's "Ice Queen"


My younger sister's graduation is fast approaching so I went around today looking for a nice pair of shoes. After we found some at Payless, we made a quick pit stop at Wal-Mart..we quickly browsed the makeup isles and went for the nail polish stands. She's not one for fake nails and all, so I thought it would be nice to do a a nail color that complimented her dress. At first we picked up a solid royal blue but after seeing Sally Hansen's "Ice Queen" we fell in love. I've never been one for glitter but I have recently become fascinated with the whole chunky glitter top coat. I love the combination of glitter in the polishes,  and the different sizing. Just recently I picked up Revlon's Whimsical  it's absolutely stunning, "Ice queen" has a clear base and hex glitter and was on sale for $2.00...the polish has silver specks of tiny glitter, along with blue and purple hexes.  They had an assortment of colors, if your on a budget LIKE ME but want a nice new color to add to your collection these are definitely the way to go...ohh I forgot to mention that it is a part of the Hard as nails collection.

What's your fave glitter polish?

Friday, 22 June 2012

Beauty Blog Review: Urban Decay's De- Slick


Hope you are all doing well today and looking forward to the weekend! Last week I picked up this travel size of De- Slick, I had heard many positive reviews about it and was very curious about the product. For me summer time means a lot of shine; particularly in my t-zone area, I'll leave the house looking nice and the next time I check in the mirror I'm horrified! My forehead and nose tends to get shiny very fast , so I was super excited to see how this oil absorbing spray performed.
Brief Description of Product- This is a makeup setting spray made for oily skin types to soak up and absorb any surface shine. It's a light weight formula that mists on and helps your makeup last up to 16 hours. De- Slick contains a cooling agent that chills makeup and leaves it looking fresh and matte without causing unwanted breakouts. This formula is oil and Paraban free, and is effective for even the most humid and moist conditions. 

Application- Using this product couldn't be any easier, you simply hold it approximately  8-10 incles away from your face and mist. I just gage whatever is best for me, not too close yet not too far. I usually aim the fixateur at the middle of my face just in front of my nose and I find that every region of my face gets covered with just one spray. It says you can mist anywhere from 2-4 times just depending on personal preference. So far I have been misting  once when I am done moisturizing my face, and another time after my look is completed for a total of two sprays.

My thoughts-  What a great product!! It really works, I love that it does not feel heavy and greasy, you simply mist and carry on with your routine. I think it's the worst feeling going out on a scorching hot day and feeling as though your makeup is melting. That's exactly what happens to me even though I apply a translucent powder. This setting spray soaks up oils that are produced and really eliminates the shine. The mist essentially seals your makeup, and once you touch your face it's smooth as ever, no yucky residue left, and no drying time! One thing that I should note is that it may work differently for everyone, I just came home from being out and my face is a a bit dewy. It's not off putting for me because I know what my face looks like when I haven't applied a powder or such product. It's not oily by any means but there's a hint of sheen.. I am super pleased with this product, if  you have oily skin I would whole heatedly recommend this, It  has truly reduced the amount of oil my skin produces. Do give this a try if your interested, and if your not ready to whip out the money for the full- size, try the travel spray (15mL). There is plenty of product for you to see how you like it. This setting spray is also available for different skin types for those who are not particularly oily :D

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Guest Blog Featuring Lisa!!

Hello lovely ladies! 

My name is Lisa (Sabina’s friend) and ever since I did a joint blog with her on our clothing haul, Sabina has been asking me for weeks now to do some sort of a guest blog but I have just been so busy! Now that I am finally done all of my examinations, and since I have done a bit of shopping recently, I thought this would be the perfect time for my guest blog! Although I do not have a blog myself, I am always reading all of yours and you all have seriously turned me into a beauty addict! I think I relate most to Jayne (Cosmetic Proof) because I am a science student with an obsession for all things beauty, even more so now that I read all of your blogs and see all these new and exciting products out there! So with that said, I am going to go ahead and get started with this haul. I will start off with Bath and Body Works where I got some great deals during their semi-annual sale! If you guys haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. I think it is still going on for a bit. Let’s get started!

So, the first thing I saw when I walked into the store was a huge display of all of their discontinued, fruity scents that were all on sale for only 3 dollars. I tried to resist because I already have so much Bath and Body Works stuff, I am literally a B and B junkie! But I just couldn’t and I picked up these two things from the display. First off, I picked up the Country Apple Body Lotion which I haven’t used yet. I am debating if I should open it or save it for a gift since I do already own one of their apple hand creams from the Fresh Market line. Either way, I love these fruity scents and apple is one of my favorites so it is now a part of my collection!
From this display, I also got a Pink Grapefruit Body Splash and no matter how many sprays I already own, I am definitely keeping this one for myself. I am obsessed with this scent and was actually dreaming about it when I saw all the different items they had in this scent at The Body Shop. But, they were quite pricey, I was crossing my fingers that they would have something grapefruity at Bath and Body Works Sale. When I saw this, of course, I had to get it. The smell is just wonderful, there is really no way to describe it other than it smells just like a freshly cut, juicy grapefruit!

The next thing that I picked up was from the 50 percent off table and it is a body scrub! I actually saw these scrubs online and was disappointed that they never had any at the store location I go. when I saw these and saw that they were 50 percent off, I was sold yet again. They didn’t have too many options, just the Rio Rumberry scrub that Sabina got and the one I got which is Into the Wild. I already have the Rio Rumberry cream which smells AMAZING so I wanted to try something new. It is hard for me to describe this scent; it is very woodsy but it has a hint of citrus to it as well. I find it a very refreshing scent that reminds me of an outdoorsy night. I am really excited to try this out! I love body scrubs because they leave your skin feeling so fresh and soft! 
Last but not least, I picked up three soaps from the store which were all on sale for 3 dollars! Ever since it came out, I have been obsessed with the Freshly Picked collection. I have a tangerine hand cream and it smells just like the real fruit! I absolutely love it! So I decided to get the tangerine soap as well as the cherry and strawberry one. Two of these are the deep cleansers and one is a moisturizing soap. I have never used these soaps before so I wanted to see which type I prefer but they both look really nice. I am not a huge fan of just the thin liquid soaps but with these, one is a thick moisturizing soap and the other has the cleansing beads to give it some grit so I think I am really going to enjoy these!

 Then from Shoppers, I finally got to see the new Essence line for myself. Sabina has bought a number of things from there and has been raving about the quality for such a good price. They just had a small display of items but they had anything you could want from mascara to powder to blush to eyeshadow. Lots of choices! After much debate, I decided on three items. First off is this mosaic powder that I got for 4 dollars. I have never been much of a powder person but I thought this mosaic design was just so pretty, and I really wanted to try it out. It works really nicely, it just sort of smooths out imperfections, gives my pale skin a bit of color and is great to brush on before blush application.
Next up, I got one of their eyeshadows for only 2 dollars! I love this one so much because it has so many shades mixed into one shadow and the silver flecks just make it even more gorgeous! I am so sorry; I tried to swatch this but the pictures just really did not turn out so great so I hope this picture suffices! It is a great formula and looks really pretty on the eyes since it really brings attention up there and highlights the eye color. 
And finally, I just could not get away from the rack and resist this last purchase which really was not necessary. I have so many lip glosses already and lately, I have been more into the lip balms because I find a lot of the glosses are just too sticky for me. But this packaging was so cute; I could not put it down. This little set was 4 dollars and I must admit that the glosses are actually really nice! They are not very sticky and they are quite light and a bit moisturizing as well. The colors are very, very sheer so they don’t really show up well on a hand swatch. In fact, there is barely any color to each gloss. It is really just to give the lips a light sparkle but I love these nonetheless! They had two of these sets; the one shown below and another one which has all pink glosses. But the colors are very sheer and similar to each other anyway so I think one set is more than enough for me.
Thanks so much to you guys for reading this blog; it means a lot to me! Like I said earlier, I love reading all of your blogs and some of my favorites are Canadian Beauty Reviews and Romanian Butterfly. Thanks so much for all the great posts and maybe I will be back soon for some more posts!


Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday's Drug store Wishlist!

Hi Ladies!

I have noticed that so many drug store brands are coming out with new and exciting beauty products. As soon as I lay my eyes on a new cosmetic I am instantly doesn't help that many beauty bloggers are RAVING about these items. Below are some of the items I am dying to get my hands on!!!!

Top Left to Right:  NYX 10 color palette in Romance, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Medium, Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral (I also really like coffee cake), NYX palette this one in Cavier and bubbles, Revlon lipstick in soft nude

Botton Left to Right: Revlon Just kissed Lip Balm in Precious (nude one), below is the same product in charm, Revlon Photo Ready blush in Coral Reef & Pinched, and lastly Rimmel lip color in nude delight.

The two lips sticks are not new but I've really wanted to try them for a while, I LOVE nude lips so I am always trying out different variations of it. I was never a blush kinda girl but it has grown on me, I love how it adds a pop of color, and can instantly brighten up your look, Revlon has theses amazing cream ones out. As far as eyeshaodw goes I love creating a smokey/ bronzey eye. Both palettes are soo incredibly gorgeous, and I could see myself using them daily. 

Those are some of the beauty items I am craving! What's on your drugstore wishlist?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Today's Purchases!

Hi my beautiful friends!:)

Today has been one long and exhausting day, it started off with my group run followed by shopping at a CHAOTIC mall! My sister has an event to go to soon so we went looking for a dress. I didn't have anything in particular to pick up, it was just a fun outing with my mom and sisters. While browsing the stores there were a couple of things that I decided to get:

The first thing I picked up was a basic pair of Old Navy flip flops. I see these every summer but have never gotten a pair. They honestly have a billion colors, soo many to choose from. I just wanted a plain white pair:) They were a good price too, 2 pairs for $6.

I am so excited to try the next two items!!!
....LUSH'S Herbalism
I don't have a LUSH in my town, but the next one over does! I hardly go down there because it's kinda out of my way but since we were especially going that way and I couldn't come home empty handed. I am kinda broke at this point but I wanted to try Herbalism anyway. I have heard mixed reviews about this product so I decided to stick with a sample. I wanted more than just one usage so I payed 5$ for this amount. It's great for me to use, test out see the results! If it works for me and my skin, I will definitely consider buying the full size. I just didn't want to invest money into a product that would upset my skin.

and lastly Urban Decay De-Slick..

A fellow beauty blogger (Canadian Beauty Reviews) did a review about this a while ago and I've been wanting it ever since. It's a no shine spray which can be spritzed over makeup and it eliminates excess oil buildup. I grabbed the little sample sample to try! I will be running in a 5k race tomorrow and this will be perfect for me to apply over some light foundation. I'm going to be all hot and sweaty so hopefully this works..fingers crossed!

Reviews of both of these shall come soon, hope you all enjoyed your day:D

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rio Rumberry Glowing Body Scrub


This is the scrub that I picked up yesterday at BBW's Semi Annual sale! I went there with the intention to buy one, but was having a hard time between buying this (the scrub) or a fragrance. In the end I left with the scrub and I am absolutely loving it! I am looking forward to using it again.
This scent was released the same time as the "Bali Mango" Line was.
I was looking for the mango scrub but unfortunately they only had the lotions, and I already have a mini sitting in my collection. 
The granules in this scrub are perfect, they are not too harsh or course. OMG the smell is absolutely heavenly, think tropical resort! That's exactly how I would describe it. Rio Rumberry has an exotic blend of tropical berries, fresh papaya, and vanilla blossom.
After I exfoliated my body felt soft, smooth and smelt so nice, along with this my skin felt so quenched and hydrated. It says that Rio is a glowing body scrub??! Umm I didn't notice my body glow but when you squeeze it out it looks shimmery and beautiful. My friend actually picked a shimmer cream and that had such a nice sheen to it. This scrub is a great size (226 g) and it was 50% off, originally it was $14 but it came to $7. This is the perfect summer scent, I would highly suggest picking one up while the Semi- Annual sale lasts :D

Review # 3: Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer


Today's review is all about the Simple moisturizer, I have been using this since I bought the set along with my Cetaphil moisturizer. I honestly wish this cream had SPF because I would probably prefer it over my Cetaphil SPF 50 lotion. I will be making comparisons back to this lotion because these are the two that I am currently using. I know that the lotions are different  but they seem to make some of the same claims, and I feel as though one lotion really lives up to its expectations. When I first got that lotion (Cetaphil) I reviewed it and really enjoyed it, while I still like it I have noticed some differences. Im not sure about you but when I try a beauty related item out and like it I see it as the best darn thing on the planet however, it’s when I experiment with other products that I notice slight flaws in the previous item. 

So far I have been liking this moisturizer (Simple) it is said to have the perfect blend of ingredients in order to keep skin replenished, fresh, and hydrated. Like mentioned before in all the other products there is no sign of alcohol, perfumes, or dyes. This particular cream contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, glycerin and much more. I am well aware of the benefits of glycerin because thats one key ingredient along with many others such as rose water that I use in a home made facial cleanser (remedy). Glycerin is a great moisturizing and healing agent! 

Did you know Glycerin is really good to place on top of burns? It is a very soothing!

The products comes in a squeeze container, a pea size is the perfect amount of product for me to cover my entire face. You don’t need much, a little goes a long way! 

I would describe this cream as more of a gel than a lotion. Right when you apply it looks like a lotion do doubt but as soon as you start to blend in, it’s transparent. Its applied effortlessly, and you can hardly feel it! It is sooo incredibly light weight, and it is replenishing. Compared to the Cetaphil it is not greasy at all, this is truly something that goes on clear, absorbs quickly, and is translucent. There’s no shine what so ever, and I haven’t been getting oily when I wear this under makeup. I usually use this twice a day and my face is perfectly moisturized.

I really wish this had some SPF in it haha! it would be my go- to product!
I love that it’s light weight, applied with ease, and it’s lovely for the warmer weather.

Whats your favorite summer moisturizer? Have you tried this one in particular?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bath and Body Works Semi- Annual Sale...TOMORROW!

Up to 75% off Select Items > Shop now.

Hey Everyone!!
Remember last BBW post I said I wouldn't be entering that store for a long time..well I take that back! I don't think it's possible for me to stay home, the stuff that goes on sale is amazing. Bath and Body is having their semi-annual sale tomorrow, I remember going last time and I got everything from candles, to soap, and creams for dirt cheap! Best thing about this sale is that many scents are returning, so you can stock up on your favorite ones! I'm sure the sale takes place  for the rest of the week, but stuff get's sold out pretty fast!
Select Body Care > $3 > Shop now.
The sale begins tomorrow in Canadian stores, but I am not sure if it varies throughout the U.S. The website is actually the American version therefore prices may vary if your here in Canada. If you try to click on the Canadian flag at the bottom your directed to a page that looks like this:
It's less than a page of text and it just lists some of the Canadian promotions taking place, in Canadian dollars..nothing fancy!

Hopefully the deals here in Canada are just as good, I'm really hoping so..

Here's my BBW Wishlist..

I'm really hoping to get a body spray and shower gel! Some more candles would always be nice haha!

Will you be going to BBW for their annual sale?  What's on your wishlist?

Ohh and MANY THANKS to the Lovely Diana for another One lovely Blog Award! 
I truly appreciate it:D

Monday, 11 June 2012

Another Maxi + L.A colors Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Everyone!

Guess what?! I got another maxi and it 50% off..YAY! At first the dresses were $22.00 and I got it for a whooping $10.00, sooo happy:)
It's got like a cropped tie dye tank on top with a purple slip underneath!
I also got a L.A colors eyeshadow palette, I've tried these before and they worked great so I picked up another palette in "Tea Time"

This is like my everyday eye right here, I absolutely love these neutral colors!

I would say that L.A colors is the same quality as the Wet N' Wild palettes, the colors are lovely and the pigmentation is wonderful:)

Have you ever tried before?

Re-Posting: Simple Cleansing Wipes!

Hi Ladies,

While at the library I deleted my first post about the Simple cleansing wipes, I thought it was a draft!! I only keep the published posts but for some reason I thought that the Facial wipe post was an extra draft copy so it went buhh bye. Here I am quickly re- typing the main point of that review:)

So a week ago I purchased the Simple travel pack and it included, the facial wipes, the gel cleanser, the toner, and a bottle of moisturizer. I am going to focus on one product per post so this will be me reiterating what I said about the wipes haha!

So the facial wipes came in a pack of 25, and they are said to be free of oil, perfume, and dyes..they do however have Pro vitamin B5 in them. The B5 helps to restore skin, and leave it smooth and soft. 

These wipes are truly amazing in my opinion, they remove any bit of makeup you might have on and it's not difficult. No need for scrubbing of rubbing! Even the toughest waterproof mascara comes off, and I'm not kidding:)

I think these wipes are the best out of the set! They really do exactly what they say they will. I'm not a girl who uses wipes every night but they come in so handy on late nights where I'm too lazy to spend the extra couple of mins washing. I always wash my fave no matter what but these wipes really help to remove any sort grime that has buildup over the day. The wipes are free of unwanted chemicals it therefore eliminates the chances of your face becoming irritated. I don't have overly sensitive eyes but sometimes when I do use wipes or cleansers it can bother me. These wipes are very gentle and I don't find any irritation what so ever. If there's one product you were interested in trying I would definitely recommend these wipes. My old wipes would remove a bit of my mascara but I would feel my eyelashes after and they were some what flaky and or two wipes with these and every spec is off!

Sorry for the repeat post! This probably is my favorite item out of the set, so I didn't want to leave it out. Better to just re- type. Hope you all are enjoying your day:)

Product Review # 2: Simple Cleansing Gel

Hey Lovelies!

This is post number 2 of the Simple Cleanser pack review..Today's product is the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. This product is said to leave skin refreshed and revived upon use It's dermologically tested, and non- comodegenic.  I usually squirt less then a dime size of gel on my middle finger and start rubbing, I've noticed that this gel lathers well on your hand as well as when you apply to your face. The consistency is some what runny, you don't need to apply pressure to the tube at all, the product dispenses very easily. I would say that the consistency is a bit slimy if that makes sense? Now I know that may sound weird but it just has that slippery texture and feel to it. The cleanser does not have any grit to it, personally I like there to be just a little so I can feel like I have cleansed and exfoliated at the same time.
The cleanser says to rinse with lukewarm water, I end up doing this a lot of the time however, I've always heard it is beneficial to rinse with cold water to close your pores? When I do rinse my skin is left actually feeling refreshed and soft. Recently I have noticed that I have been breaking out a little, but I wouldn't blame it one the cleasner. I mean the weather for one is hot, I sweat, wear makeup and that might be clogging me up, and I do not drink enough water etc...This cleanser is super gentle, and does not irritate my eyes at all! I'm really careful not to get soap in my eyes, I just close them and wash however,sometimes they still burn. So far I am really liking this facial gel especially because just like the wipes there is no alcohol, perfumes, dyes, or irritants that can upset one's face.

Have you ever tried before? What did you think?
P.S) I'm also taking part of Blog Hop # 16!!;)
Weekly Blog Hop- Monday, June 11, 2012 - Sunday, June 17, 2012

AHHH I just deleted my post about the cleansing wipes:( Does anyone know how to get deleted posts back?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hand Crafted Treats + New Polish

I am just so happy right now, I am the type of person who buys an item, comes home, and stares at in aweeee, and that's exactly what I was doing before I started typing this post!! I happened to take my mom and sister to the doctor today. While they were in the doctors office I took my brother and ventured over to the dollar store. I didn't really find anything so I just left, well right beside it was some new store. I walked in and was mesmerized right away..the store was like a LUSH (I have never been- but it was the same type of idea). All natural and organic products, makeup, makeup accessories, bath and name it, they had! Look what I came out with..
Take a guess what it is??!! 
...a bath bomb!!! 
Isn't it absolutely adorable, Ohh my it smells delicious! It actually looks sooo edible I can't stop starring at it. Behind the cupcake is a hand made's Pumpkin Spice I believe..

..can't get over the smell!!! Their both soo yummy! Sadly it ain't for me haha, It's for one of my buddies, and I can't wait for her birthday, I know she will love it. I will be sure to go back though and grab some goods for myself a little later on though.

The Bath Bomb is created by a company called "Feeling Smitten". Their goods are handcrafted in the U.S and are completely sulfate and paraben free! Their bath and body treats are also created with the finest ingredients:) These bombs are featured in Oprah's favorites..super cool!!

Just take a look at them!!
The detailing on these bath treats is just incredible, I can't get over them..are you in love yet?? They have Cupcake Bath bombs, Fizzy Bath cakes, Bath Pops etc.. 
Go give there site a browse if you'd like!:)

I also got a new polish today, yay! It's Revlon's Whimsical, and guess how much I got it for? $3.99!!

It's the most gorgeous pale blue, with different sized and shaped glitter!
It reminds me sooo much of Cotton Candy. I only applied the color on one finger but by the looks of it it is some what sheer however I am sure you can build it up if you wanted to wear it alone! I also saw many people put a colored base coat underneath this polish and it looked gorgeous.I was also searching online and loads of people said this was a dupe for a Deborah Lippmann nail polish.. how awesome!
Revlon- Whimsical
Look how similar it is..
Deborah Lippmann- Glitter in the Air
They both have the same base color, as well as the same colored glitter:)

That's all for now lovelies, Goodnight!
P.S) I would like to give a BIG thanks to all my newest subscribers!:)

Ohhhh and I also wanted to ask you Luxe Box subscribers what you think of the new transformation..from monthly to only 4 boxes per year..I'm kinda sad!:( but I mean I like how we receive more samples..