Monday, 7 May 2012

New Products @ Shoppers

What was supposed to be a quick trip to Shoppers (to get milk & tissues) turned out to be not so quick. So many new products caught me I so I decided to share!
*NEW* Essence 

This is a new makeup line featured at Shoppers drug mart and boy is it inexpensive. I love finding a cheap products that work wonders! They have such a wide variety of items, from lip tints, to lip glosses, eyeshadows and much much more.

Here are some pictures I took:
~Quick Overview~
~Lip Glosses~
~Lip Sticks~
and here is the blush I settled on, and it was only $2.99
 (Secret it-Girl)
(Showing up a bit darker however it is actually a peach colored blush  which has some shimmer to it, perfect for a dewy sun kissed look)

Next up the Sally Hansen Nail strips

Yesss these have been out for quite some time but the nail strips now have new designs and patterns..have you guys tried these before? How do they work?
These 3 are my favee!

Moving onn, the thing that I got most excited about...The SensatioNail gel manicure kit

If you haven't heard about this click here! I initially heard about this kit through a video on Youtube by Elle Fowler (All that Glitters 21). I was just in awwee, I loved the product soo much, because I adore gel nails, I love the look of them!! She had mentioned that they were available at Wal-Mart in the U.S so I checked at my local Wallie (here in Canada) but there was no such thing:(

Lucky for me I now know where to buy it..although I will have to get a job before I can splurge on this.
It is rather expensive, retailing at $79.00 for the starter kit (which includes: The Led lamp, nail cleanser, wipes, gel activator etc..) The polishes alone are a lot too $16.00 each. I did find a cheaper solution though, Orly has the same sort of system with the lamp that cures your nails (and the accessories) polishes are sold separately. The Orly kit was only $38.00 I believe... 

...and lastly New Quo sets!

There is lip gloss sets for $20, eyeshadow set with some glosses $25, a whole palette of large eyeshadows $35 and the larger kit (at the back) which is full of even more eyeshadows & glosses!!

I am in love with the packaging such a sleek design!:)
(it is like a magnetic box, the side snaps shut)

Hope you all had a great day
Bye for now


  1. LOL! I went to shoppers too! ..not for nail polish or makeup.. and wouldn't you know, I ran into the essence section, and bought a lot... lol!

    Great post :)

  2. Awwww thankss! I hope you do a review soon:)
    I was so excited about it, soo affordable and decent packaging too! I always do that go just for the heck of it, and end up coming home with stuff LOL:)

  3. I saw the essence brand on my recent trip to Shoppers too, but I thought the packaging looked cheap- are the makeup products actually good quality?
    I have used the Sally Hansen nail strips! they're amazing! they last a really long time on the nail, and I always get compliments when I wear them.

    1. I think like anything the essence products some r must haves and others you can live without although they have a few awesome finds!! I must say their gel liner is awesome .. I cant remember the exact name but the stay something rather lip glosses are wonderful! & their best product has to be the i love extreme volume mascara .. it will awe u!

    2. I agree! It's really about finding the products that work for you..I will have to try out that mascara. I just picked Cover girl's Lash Blast Fusion yesterday cause I ran out, wish I would have known about it.but before :D

  4. You know what I only got the blush, so I have yet to decide. I like the blush(color pay off really good)but it does have a load of shimmer in it. I think I will test out an eye shadow for the nail strips I lovee them but have never tried!!

  5. i just saw these gel nail sets in store tonight! The price sortta bummed me out! Would make a great christmas gift tho hehe !

    1. They are expensive:(
      First the kit and the polishes alone are 16$
      But your right makes a great gift:)

      P.S) Orly has a cheaper version of it!

  6. I was wondering about the Essence make-up. Maybe I'll have to pick up a few things next time I'm in Shoppers ;)

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