Thursday, 26 April 2012

Adventure to the Pottery Studio..

Today was such a fun day! One of my good friends came over for the day..we talked and hung out at my house and then decided later that we would go to the pottery place like 5 minutes away from my house! It might sound childish but boy was it fun! It was sooo relaxing, I lovee arts and crafts so this was definitely down my alley. My brother, Sarah and I went together, when we got there we were asked to select our piece of pottery, the lady was sooo nice in explaining everything. After choosing our desired piece we had to sponge it with water to remove any dirt or dust. After this we were able to select as many colors we wished to use, they had such a wide variety of colors; different tints, and sheen's. My brother created quite the mess but that's all right haha. Sarah was able to create two pieces; one for herself, and one for her mother. I was able to do one and same with my brother. Here are some pictures from our outing:
I picked this cute cupcake piece, the top can be removed so I thought it would be perfect to store some of my rings.

this is what it looked like as it progressed......

I decided to keep the bottom a neutral color called "creme color coffee", the top portion was a sparkly pink...for accents I painted the sprinkles all different colors mainly pastel shades.
Cupcake- $ 20.00 

My brother's creation.....

After much contemplation my brother (who is 4) finally settled on this truck piggy bank.. This has to be the most unique truck I have ever seen haha. I love it though, it went through many different phases (all black, pink highlights, and then finally blue!!)

and this was the final product after a little help..
Truck -$ 25.00

Sarah's work of Art!

It started off as a plain jewellery box but soon she vamped it into this...

She and I both used the same sparkly pink color, after painting her entire jewellery box she decided to create a design free hand. it turned out beautifully:) 

Her second piece was also very unique..I loveddd the color scheme 

Light blue, green on the inside with a personal message for her mother..

Overall I had a great was fun to let our inner artistic skills shine!

When it came to the end, my brother had a hard time believing that we had to leave his truck there. All the pieces after being painted are glazed and placed in the kiln, it usually takes one week and they call when your work is ready. My brother was so sad, and even know when he remembers about it he brings it up
..and that was my day in a nutshell:)

Hope you enjoyed, and if you have the chance to go find your self a pottery studio you can  truly is very relaxing and fun!!

P.S) Thanks Sarah for a great outing !!:)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Joint Haul with Lisa!:)

So yesterday I had the pleasure of going out for a day day trip with my best friend..and what better way to do so then shopping & a movie! Ohh I had a blast,this post will be a joint haul showcasing the things Lisa and I both purchased separately. On a side note 21 Jump Street was an AMMAZING movie, if your in need of a good laugh I definitely recommend it:)

Today I did a lot of damage, most of it was clothing related but I was in great need. I got 2 jewellery items, and one small makeup item and the rest was shirts. 

~Jewellery ~

So these are the bracelets I purchased, they are are a stackable cuff style (lovee this trend). They were each $ 4.00, the bracelet on the left is multi-colored and has silver accent beads. The other bracelet is the exact same style just with gold accents. Both bracelets have 4 wooden bits on it.. gives off such a boho vibe especially the colored bracelet.

Top on the Left is a floral tank with lace emboidery at the neck line. The top on the right is a cream color (off white) consisting of 2 alternating layers of fabric and then lace.
Floral top- $ 14.99
Lace top- $ 9.99
Both are such nice shades of pink, these are more comfy clothes to wear around the house..both are so fuzzy! The Love shirt can be worn off the shoulder and even as a crop top, but I would wear it regularly :)
Sweater- $14.99
   Love Shirt- $ 12.99
As you can see I kinda went Cardigan crazy! It's weird, but it's hard to find full size thin cardigans for me especially ones that aren't so sheer. I was so happy to see these so I just got three colors (light taupe, creme & navy blue) initially I did have 4 but I put down 2 items and got something for my sisters instead:)

- Each cardi was $ 12 .00

I also got more summery floral tops from Blue Notes, these are my fave<3
Top on the left is very vintage inspired whereas the top on right is more so tribal. The vintage top has roses all over the top and bottom, it also has tiny brass buttons near the neck line. The tank has a layered/ tiered effect, that gives a lot of dimension, as well as a nice flow. The top on the right is cinched in around the bust and the rest of the fabric falls freely below.

Floral Vintage top- $ 15.00
Tribal top- $ 15.00


 This eye liner was purchased from Pharma Save, this color is soo nice it matches my everyday eye routine which is like a bronzy golden smokey eye !
I love how it is soo inexpensive:) 

Hello everyone! I am really excited to be doing this haul with my best friend for life, Sabina! A day out shopping and going to the movies was just what I needed to get rid of all the stress that had accumulated since exam time. And as Sabina said, 21 Jump Street was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is hilarious, and that Channing Tatum looked as cute as ever! If you are looking for a good laugh, definitely go check it out; a brilliant movie indeed! Now, let’s get this haul started! 

The day started off at Pharmasave where I bought a few Nyx products. This is my first time buying anything by Nyx and I was very happy to be able to try out some new makeup products. The first thing I picked up was the jumbo eye pencil in milk. I really love how creamy and thick it is. I do hate how you cannot twist it up once the top point is done, but at least there are videos out there showing us how to depot them which is good and I will definitely be doing that. 

The pencil was $5.99

From Nyx, I also bought two eyeshadows. One is a beautiful, rich, purple palette which I actually bought as a gift for my mom. I love these colors so much; they are so beautiful and you can easily create a smoky purple eye from it. I know she is going to be really happy with it.

 This was $10.99

I also bought a single eyeshadow for myself ! I love this light lavender color because it is so light and girly which matches my subtle makeup style. I really like the packaging in general and how it has those cute four squares in the box. It just made me want to buy it even more. It may seem a bit pricey but it is actually quite a deep container so I am really happy I got it:)

This was $6.99
Continuing on our shopping spree, the next stop was Urban Planet. I love this store so much; the prices are affordable for good quality clothes and the whole store just looked ready for spring with gorgeous, bright colors everywhere! I actually only ended up buying one shirt even though I took so much on to the fitting room to try but I was really happy with this buy!  I love the light, pastel-like color which will be perfect for a cooler, summer day. 

Pastel Shirt- $14.00

 I also bought two beautiful necklaces. I love these because they are very different from any of the stuff I have in my jewellery collection. They are pretty funky and I think it will be cool to mix it with one of my pastel colored shirts for summer. The silver one was $7.00 and the one with all of the different charms was only $5.00. What great deals! It is a bit hard to tell with the lighting but the silver necklace on the left is actually only sparkly on the right side of the circle and plain silver on the left side which is what makes it a bit of a funkier add to my collection. I am really into the dangly charm necklaces lately and I love the rusty, metallic look of the necklace on the right. 

The next stop was Bluenotes! I loved all of the bright colors for summer; there were tons of flowy, long tops that could be worn as dresses or over skinny jeans but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a right fit for me. So I settled for an off-white cardigan. Like Sabina said, it is really hard to find a cute, light cardigan for spring and summer so we were really excited to find these! I love the little bit of lace detailing on the top of it. 

Lace Cardigan- $12 .00

The final stop of our trip was Trade Secrets. I have never bought anything from here because it is a place with all the higher end nail polish brands and it pains me to spend like 8-10 dollars on simply put, paint. But, they were actually having a good sale where their discontinued Essie polishes were half price, meaning $4.50 and their discontinued OPI polishes were $5.00. So, I decided to purchase my first Essie and my first OPI polishes. I love both of these colors which are both pretty different. The OPI is a gorgeous pastel-like pink and I am really excited to try it out for the summer while the Essie is a dark pink-purplish color which I think will also be really cute for the summer or even the early fall. I am excited to see what all the hype with these high end polish brands is. I am definitely expecting really good quality polishes and cannot wait to try them out.

Last but not least, I also purchased one of the mini Essie collections; this one was made for spring and summer and I am in love with all of these colors. But, this is not for me. This is actually for a friend’s birthday. I don’t think I would be able to buy this for myself because it is a bit pricey; $20.00. But, I know she loves nail polishes so I am sure she is going to love this because I definitely do. The colors are such a nice mix of different light shades for the spring and summer. So pretty!

And, what a nice surprise to come home and find an envelope from Loose Button! Sabina is a Luxe Box subscriber and she had the chance to pick 5 friends to receive a complementary Meredesso promotional face and neck toning gel. It was a small 7mL sample but because I do not use these products regularly, I know it will last me quite a while. I was so excited to see this, and I must say that Loose Button is such a kind, caring company and always does their best to keep not only subscribers but also their friends happy! So thank you to Loose Button for this free sample and to Sabina for picking me to receive it! I am looking forward to trying it. 

This was soooo fun to do and I thank Lisa for coming together with me to create this joint haul..just saying there will definitely  be more joint posts to come!:) 

 ..And also a big thank you to all my readers  hope you all have a FANTASTIC day and are as happy as I am right now!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Makeup and skin care Wants!

Hey Everyone!

Here is part two of my Shopping Wish List however this is more makeup and skin care related.  I always really liked makeup, but I was never that fascinated with high end brands (probably because I was jobless) lately there has been this ongoing fondness and temptation to buy and experiment with different brands primarily higher end ones!

The skin care is mostly Lush Products, I have never purchased anything from there but that won't be for too long! I have oily kinda skin and was looking for different solutions since I haven't been liking my Clinique 3 Step System (Acne Prone Skin One). I have heard a lot of Herbalism and was really fascinated by it. It's a green like paste formula you mix with a hint of water and it is supposed to soak up excess oils produced. Personally I want something that will take on the task of removing oils, limiting blemishes, and clearing up old scars...any suggestions other than this?

my friend was raving about the "Angels on Bare Skin" but I don't think it is targeted towards my needs...I love how it claims to make your skin  feel and look soft but I don't think it serves a purpose for oily acne prone skin:( It says on the Lush website that this is for people who are not sure as to which cleanser they should use..However, reading further on it acts as an exfoliant as well therefore eliminating the excess dirt from pores so I guess if I wanted I could try this too.
(Small size 10.95$)
As a spot gel treatment (for the occasional problem areas) the website says that "Grease of lightening (spot gel) and "Vanishing cream" pair nicely together.
For moisturizer I have two in mind..not really sure?! One of which is Lush and the other being Clinique

The thing is I don't like to mix and match so if I get the Lush products I would rather just get the Vanishing cream, I will probably just look at more reviews!
Click on the annotation to be directed to the site of your choice:)
Make up time!!!! 
and below are a bunch of make up products I have heard about and and loving ( always watching youtube videos & reading reviews haha)

...and that's it....for now haha! I did have a couple of Blushes in mind, but I am not sure how good they would look on me, here are the ones I do like :
- Nars- Taj Mahal
-Miss Liberty 

Hope you all enjoyed, will be posting more regularly
Take Care,

Friday, 20 April 2012

My Shopping Wishlist!

It seems as though everyday my wishlist is becoming longer and longer! I have this obsession with looking at new products, when I finally decide that I can do without them I relapse haha. My friend had the most gorgeous purse, and I really really liked it..I decided I would get it but after much contemplation I realized I  could do without it. However, I saw her (and the bag!) for our English exam and that was it..I am getting the bag! I just wanted to share some of the things I intend to purchase over the next few weeks that I have been eye balling. It ranges from accessories, to clothes, and even footwear... First shopping trip planned already Monday with my best friend:) I found this quote and laughed....

"Shopping is a woman thing.  It's a contact sport like football.  Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase".  
~Erma Bombeck
To be honest the last month of school was hectic, I didn't really have much time to do anything hence my wardrobe has not been updated. I still got sweats and sweaters poking out.. I really want some beautiful summery tops, bright scarfs, and jewellery!


The purse I am in love with is the top left one (Pickitpin)...the bag beside is just a different color scheme 
(still love though) below are the matching wallets followed by two cross body bags...their all so nice!


For me cardigans are a must, I would pair my maxi with a light cardigan...depending on the detailing of the dress, you could also add a thin belt to cinch in the waist.

along with cardigans I am a BIG fan of....

For the summer I tend to steer away from black scarfs (hijabs)..I like to wear thin wrap around ones that cover but are light in material:)
A lot of the times I find my head scarfs at regular stores (Urban Planet),  now a days it is so easy because they are so versatile, and common!

For footwear (on a daily basis) I love wearing flats, their comfy..easy to wear and work with any outfit. These flats (below) are from Payless..simple sling backs that are solid colored or patterned

And there it is a montage of some spring/summer trends I am loving and intend to buy!
These pictures are items from selected stores that are recent and up to date, I have included a "source" annotation so that you can be directed to the store website. To save space I have pasted the pictures together to create a collage like display!

I hope you enjoyed, next up I think I will do a makeup wishlist!:)

Take care,

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stress Free feels....

I don't know what to say..on one hand I am absolutely ecstatic that my summer has officially started but on the  other hand reality is beginning to sink in, 2 years of university GONE! Just wrote my fifth and final exam (Neuropsychology) today and I can't believe it, I guess I am kinda still shocked. Thank goodness I will not have to look at any more school work for 4 months..woot woot!:) I have mixed feelings though, you know when you just want to get something over with but as soon as it is, you feel sad?! (like high school haha, personally I lovved it but there were days that I would wish I could just get out, and after prom I felt really down). It was like one chapter in my life was closing yet another one was just opening.. that's life right?!.. It takes you by surprise, and it's full of ups and downs. I am just praying with all my heart that my marks are decent, that's the scariest part knowing anytime soon final marks will be released. Anyways I am sorry for the rant, but I guess I felt like after all my exams were completed that I would magically feel soo happy!

On a side note the Luxe Box situation was crazy! I was studying and took a break when it was time to select my product, at first I thought something was wrong with my browser.  Oh well, I am glad that Loose Button found a solution to the problem.. My time slot is tomorrow @ 12 again..YAY

To those who don't know Luxe Box is a monthly Canadian beauty subscription that ships 4-5 deluxe beauty samples to your door!:) Some months they feature a special promotion called "First in Line" where you can select one product you would like to reserve and receive for your upcoming beauty box. This month their were so many subbies trying to log on, that their website shut down due to high traffic. Some individuals were finally able to log on and others (like me) were able to select another time slot to choose a all worked out:)

~ Have a goodnight~