Friday, 25 May 2012

I regret buying: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

Hey Everyone! :)

I wanted to do a review about this product that I purchased a while back. It has been sitting in my drawer for so long, but I just never had time to try it out.. I am a big fan of gel nails as I said a while back, I love the look the feel, and the wear of it. When I saw this "do it at home" kit I didn't even hesitate, I immediately picked it up. Well yesterday I decided to give it a go, and I can honestly say that this was truly a money waster. Not trying to be negative by any means but it's definitely one of those regretful purchases. It's disappointing because I did have high hopes for this set.

Let's get started with the items included:

This set came with 3 bottles, 2 tinier ones and a slightly larger one. The bottle on the left is the gel activator and the first step of the manicure, the one beside it is the color itself, and lastly is the bottle of brush cleaner. Both the cleaner, and polish came with 5 mL of product while the activator came with 7g. 

What Does the Nutra Nail claim ??!

Well this nail trio claims that this manicure takes no more than 5 minutes, it sets like a rock and gives off a patent leather shine. It applies like a polish, no need for a basecoat or a top's a one stop do it yourself manicure kit claiming that all you need to complete the look is in the box. Along with this the gel polish is easy to remove, so you can switch your color as often as you like.

Sounds good right? All the things you would want when your getting a gel manicure? No more dings,  or smudges and lasts a while? 

Sadly Nutra Nail failed to meet these claims, at least for me.. I was curious so I went onto Youtube and searched "Nutra Nail Review" and found that there were others like me who experienced the same dilemma

What went wrong?

First off the Gel activator... which to me was no different then nail clue,  it certainly smelled and felt like it. I accidently got some on my toe and it was horrible. The brush is pretty bad to, stick thin, and you constantly have to check back if you covered the full nail. You are supposed to put this coat on and while it's wet apply to color which was a light pink. Your asked to apply in small thin amounts, and so I did. It took longer than expected to dry and when I added another thin coat it got gloopy. Instead of giving off a thick appearance it looked so sheer as if I had only applied one coat. They ask that you apply slight pressure to bind both the activator and polish together however when doing so the polish actually moves and shifts. I didn't even leave it on for one day it was a complete disaster! Essentially what's supposed to happen is that the glue and polish mend together to create a hard surface but that wasn't the case. When I tried to take it off it certainly was not easy..even when there's no more nail color on , your still left with the glue on your nails :(

Also after every couple of nails you are supposed to place the nail color brush in the cleaner which removes and gets rid of any buildup...this is basically the only thing that worked! I used  it on some other polishes to clean the applicator. This set was $ 14.00 and with all honesty I could have bought an Essie or O.P.I with it and had a couple bucks left over.Maybe when my shrubby finger nails grow I will try it out again. I did read the instructions thoroughly as well as follow them as best I could but who knows?!

I was going to link some reviews I saw on Youtube but I thought linking this forum would be better so those who are interested can see both the good and bad in the product.

Hope you all have a goodnight


  1. Well, sometimes products are misses and it is very important to share your experiences to save other people money. Thanks for your review.
    I used to have gel nails. I got them done at a very pricey place, each fill was 65 bucks! I had them for a year and then decided it was too expensive and grew them out. Sadly, the gel nail manicures caused permanent ridges in 6 of my nails!!! I wish I'd never had them, but when they were on they were so gorgeous and I got tons of compliments (it was a french mani). They were very strong, durable and just.. ugh they looked so good! but it took my nails 6+ months to recover and grow healthy on their own again, and the ridges will be with me for life now.

  2. I kind of contemplated writing the things that I did, but hey I spoke the truth and what I thought about it! I remember once I got fake nails (from the store) I put them on when it came to take them off it wasn't pretty either. Like you I had ridges and dents in my nails:( My nails are okay now, I just have minor ridges. Thanks for sharing your experience!! :)

  3. I don't think your being negative at all! I love when people put up posts on products they don't like so I can avoid the same pitfall. I love gel nails but sounds like I'm better off getting them professionally done!


  4. Aww thanks! There is another set that I have been eye balling it's called the Senssationail Gel kit but it is very expensive (atleast for me)! It retails for like $78.00 or so at Shoppers, it includes all the essentials plus a UV lamp to cure the nails. I have never gotten my nails professionally done but I am hoping to do so :)
    ~Have a good weekend~