Sunday, 30 September 2012

This Month's Empties!

Look what we have another month another empties post! This month I was able to finish quite a few makeup related items with the exception of one mini sized nail polish. I could definitely see myself re-purchasing many of the items because I had an overall pleasant experience with many of them. 
1. Revlon Lip Butter- Creme Brulee
Whether you've tried the Revlon Butters or not I'm sure you've heard the constant hype about them in the beauty community for a long time now. I have a couple of them and my favorites still remain to be Creamsicle, and Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee is a gorgeous light nude shade that goes on feeling extremely creamy. It has a slight shimmer to it like some of the other lip butters but it's nothing over the top. It hydrates my lips at the time but after fading it kind of dries my lips out. However, despite that I absolutely still adore them and am most definitely re-purchasing this particular shade.

2.Nina Ricci- L'elixir
I received this perfume vial in a former luxe box as a part of the my scent program. I don't always like getting perfume samples but I liked the fact that they offered more then one scent to the subscribers. This was one of the perfumes that I really enjoyed along with CK shock & Lola by Marc Jacobs. L'elixir is a fruity/sweet scent yet it remains to be a bit heavier and stronger. A lot of my body sprays/ perfumes are really springy and I like to switch around my scents according to the seasons and I find this perfect for winter/ fall. Along side this perfume I'm also a really big fan of Fantasy by Nina Ricci. I never like buying perfumes for myself so maybe I'll ask for this as a birthday gift.

3. MAC- Pro Long Wear Concealer
This was the second MAC concealer I've ever tried the first being the studio fix one. The reason I got this was because I saw  Liz (iheartmakeup92) using this as a foundation to cover her acne and I was simply amazed! This little guy is really good at covering imperfections such as pimples, uneven skin tone, and scars. It's a liquid concealer equipped with a pump, I really do like having the pump but on several occasions the product splattered out and I had too much so it was a bit of a waste! I would re-purchase this again but I needed to cut down my foundation/ concealer expensive so I've purchased a drugstore one instead:) The sad part is that there is some product sitting at the bottom but I have no clue how to open it without breaking the glass. I don't want to break it because I'm collecting my empty MAC containers for their recycling program(6 empty containers and I believe you get a lipstick!).

4.Orly Mini Polish
I'm not sure of the name on this particular polish because it's no where in sight. It was a light peachy color, the application was nice and it dried fast..towards the end it got extremely goopy and I wasn't able to get much out so it was time to get rid of it. 

5. Pur Minerals- Color Correcting Primer
This was the first primer I've tried/ used, I have nothing to compare it to I guess it did it's job however it wasn't extra special for me. I have a review on it here, for next tine I need to concentrate on a primer that eliminates shine but for now I've just been applying my foundation on top of my Pro Even cream (yess I gave in and bought) and topping it off with some translucent powder. The thing is instead of re- applying powder I'd rather have a primer/setting product that locks in and eliminates excess oils, I may be better off with buying the full size de-slick spray, what do you think? Primer no primer?

6. MAC Studio Fix Founation
It took me a couple of times to get my perfect shade and after I did this became a staple in my everyday face routine. It's a full coverage foundation on the thicker side however it didn't apply cakey; at least for me it didn't. It hid imperfections and created a flawless complexion. As I said I'm on a little MAC ban for now I would re-purchase this but I'm really curious about the Studio sculpt foundation which is also medium to full coveraage and the matchmaster medium but still buildable. Any opinions on these?

7. L.A Colors- Desert Dune Palette
A cheap and amazing eyeshadow palette that I thoroughly enjoyed using. By cheap I mean it was less then Wet N' Wild (2$) but still had had amazing pigmentation. It was a very bronzey palette, there were 3 various shades of shimmery browns and a slightly darker orange that complemented the shades and looked amazing on the eyes. If I come across this again I'm picking it up for sure.

8. Urban Decay- De-Slick
I bought this while it was hot and humid and it did a great job at eliminating excess oils. There were times though that I got a bit dewy but for the most part it worked well. I wanted to save therefore I used it on and off very sparingly. I'd be interested in getting the full size, I'm sure it would last me a while. I have a review on it here if you'd like to read.

It's Sunday afternoon and I didn't get much school work done, bad me! Enjoy what's left of the weekend..Toodles!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Mascara Battle: My thoughts on Korres & Maybelline

Recently I picked up two mascara's to try, I had high hopes for both but only one of them worked well for me unfortunately. So I'm here to share my thoughts and opinions on both, hope you enjoy!

Korres Abyssinia Oil Mascara-
This was the first mascara I eagerly picked up, it was only recently that I learned of the Korres brand so each time I went to Winners and saw something Korres related I got extremely excited. I was sifting through some of the newer items and came across this I simply couldn't walk away considering that this "higher end" mascara was only $7.99! After trying it though I was saddened, as it didn't live up to my expectations. This mascara sounds absolutely amazing it's said to be a "volumizing, lash conditioning, and strengthening mascara", it's packed with Abyssinia oil and Pro Vitamin B5 to restore and condition eye lashes. Along with that it's supposed to be extremely buildable for thickening purposes. I read this and was immediately enticed however it honestly gave me the opposite effect. 

You know when your wearing non water proof mascara and you cry or when you splash water on your face and your lashes cling together and become thin? Well this is exactly what my eyelashes look like when I apply this, it's extremely disappointing seeing as this mascara is especially for thicker volumized lashes.  No matter how much I try to build it up my eyelashes remain thin, stringy and very spread apart. The formula of this mascara is somewhat wet, and I have a feeling this may be due to the added oil. 

I don't like my mascara to be clumpy by any means but I like having more then just a light natural look. I have medium to long lashes so I like to extenuate them and I found that other mascara's do a better job. However this is great for those who like that no makeup look because it's so light you can hardly tell your wearing anything. It's also great in the sense that it doesn't clump and I definitely think it is conditioning. I haven't used it much but I think the next time I do I'll give each coat more time dry? Hopefully this will then lessen the wateriness and actually fill out my lashes instead of thinning them out and making them look sparse. A lot of folks either really like this or really don't and I found some people on Makeup Alley who had similar experiences to mine.

What I enjoyed about the Korres Abyssinia Oil Macara....
-The price
-Feels conditioning
-Easy to remove (no rubbing/ scrubbing comes off with a splash of water)
-The ingredients are much better then some other drug store mascara's (less gunk added into it)
-(Not expensive at all and it was great for testing out! I would have hated to buy this at a much higher price and then find out that I didn't like it)

What I didn't enjoy about it....
- No volume
- Made lashes sparse and separated
- Kind of gloopy and wet

Would I buy it again...Sadly no! 
Maybelline- Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara
Maybelline mascara's have always been  my go to, I ventured off trying all sorts of brands but ultimately came back to Maybelline. No matter which one I pick up it seems to work, I think my all time fave has to be the XXL curl. The formula is good and along with that the application is pleasant. I believe this is the newest mascara to the Maybelline family, I've read about it on many blogs and there happens to be mixed feelings about the product. 

I personally like that it doesn't take me coat after coat to build up. Even on the first swipe you can see your eyelashes transform. It's easy to work with and I'm able to create a fuller lashes with this. I have been using this everyday for the last little while and the only think I've found is that it's ability to curl isn't the best. It does a fine job but the curl seems to fall out. This may sound funny but when I curl my lashes and put this on it falls out faster then with non curled lashes, so when I go to apply I skip the lash curler. This mascara almost has a gel like consistency it dries well and flaking/ clumping is not an issue for me. 

What I liked....
 - Good amount of volume
- Didn't clump my lashes
 -Didn't feel heavy or crunchy

What I didn't like....
- It's curling ability, not the best!
-Sometimes transfer onto upper eyelid when I'm applying

Would I buy again...Yes possibly! 

If you look below the main difference between the Korres mascara and the Maybelline one is the overall bristle shape. Maybelline has long fibers that help the mascara to comb through your lashes, whereas the Korres one is more compact and small. 
Have you tried either or mascara? 
Have a great weekend, Toodles!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

OMG I Want: Sephora Primal Instincts Palette

 Don't know why I feel so down, yesterday wasn't such a good day and I woke up today feeling even more sick. I don't feel like going to school at all today, I was so proud of myself for keeping on top of my reading so far and it's seems like that's slipping away because the lack of motivation I have. Hopefully I start feeling better, I wish I could stay home but I have a quiz today in my! I hope your all in well healthy spirits enjoying the start of fall.

Anyways onto something wayyy more exciting the NEW Sephora Primal Instincts Palette! I found out about this just now and am so excited to share it with you lovely ladies in case you haven't seen it already. It's a gorgeous palette filled with 14 shades perfect for this time of year..

Would you like to be directed to the direct page? Click Here
What Sephora has to say... 

Trust your instincts and grab hold of this palette packed with the most-wearable, most-wanted eye shadows in a range of nature-inspired neutrals. The versatile collection can create soft, sexy day looks to fierce, smoky night looks—a complete palette for the girl about town. The formulas feature high payoff and super-smooth textures that blend effortlessly for beautiful results. Apply these shadows wet to extend the length of wear or to turn dark shades into soft eyeliner. The exotic, metallic python cover is a wild addition to any makeup collection and adds just the right about of primal danger to your beauty routine. 

The perks...

- Way less then the Naked Palette, retailing at $34.00 Canadian
(I actually like this just as much if not more then the Naked's)
- More colors in total, and a greater assortment of shades (smokey and sexy browns to more sultry purples and greys)
- Formulated without Parabens and other harsh ingredients such as Triclosen, Sulfates and such

The Down Side....

 - The palette is limited edition!

I absolutely adore this palette and loved it the moment I saw it. Colors such as the ones included are certainly ones that I go after the most, especially the bronzey browns. I like that it doesn't have too many dark colors, and you can most definitely get a variety of looks by using it. 

Will you be purchasing the Limited edition Primal Instincts Palette? 
What are your thoughts on it? Love it? Leave it?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Love Earthy Tone Shadows? Try Wet N' Wild's "Comfort Zone"

I've debated about getting this Wet N' Wild palette for a long time now, I constantly see it, put it in my cart and then end up leaving it behind. I always adored the palette but I didn't know how the green shades would look on me! Crazy thing is that I have brown eyes, and I'm pretty sure green accents them but I rarely ever wear green eyeshadows so I was a bit hesitant. However, after seeing Sleep &Waters blog post as well as Blush Bug's (Ashley) I knew I had to take the plunge. Plus it was so darn cheap and inexpensive I simply couldn't resist.

I've had this for a couple days now and it's all I've been wearing! There are so many endless possibilities and I find myself experimenting with it day after day. I love the versatility of the palette, it can easily be amped up for a more bolder look or toned down for a beautiful natural appearance. I actually am quite a fan of the green I don't apply it very dark but I mix the Eyelid (green shade) with my brown crease color and it looks gorgeous. 

I'm always left in awe by the pigmentation of the Wet N' Wild palettes, a light swipe across the eyeshadow and your left with a great amount of product on your finger. I have never experienced fall out with these, and they transfer very well onto my eyelids!
The formulation of all Wet N' Wild trio's/ palettes is simply exceptional in my eyes, and this one is no different. Their silky smooth in texture and glide on without fuss. I am not a very big fan of matte eyeshadows, on me particularly they just look flat and often times chalky so I quite like that all the shades within the Comfort zone collection have a slight shimmer/ metallic finish to them.
All the colors are so gorgeous and wearable, I think a lot of people would find themselves drawn to these particular shades. I adore this palette and am super pleased with it, I can certainly understand they hype behind it because it's just a GREATTTT AFFORDABLE PRODUCT!

- Extremely affordable (around $4) and great quality!
- 8 amazingly pigmented shades that allow great versatility
-Silky & soft; and apply nicely to the eyes
-Vibrant, metallic shimmer
- No fall out (not chalky/powdery at all) 

Hope your all enjoying your weekend, and a big greeting to all my new subscribers! I have 84 LOVELY ABSOLUTELY AMAZING blogging friends and I'm super thankful that your joining me on this adventure.

Have you tried Comfort Zone or any other Wet N' Wild shadows? 
What did you think of them?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Latest Purchases from the Mall (LUSH & Korres)

So a couple weeks back before school started I took a trip to the mall with my sisters. The local mall in my area doesn't have a LUSH or Sephora so we decided to go to the closest mall that did. I knew I had to make my way to LUSH because many of you simply RAVE about their items. I've only ever tried two samples from them before this purchase (Herbalism & Ocean Salt). I knew I wanted some sort of moisturizing product whether it was a lotion/ cream and I also really wanted something for the shower. So prior to going in I tried to research as best I could. I certainly get overwhelmed when I pop my head into LUSH because I always get so distracted. This time I went in the store with a couple products in my mind, but I still ended up walking around the store dazed haha! There's just so many goodies that I personally forget what I actually went in there to get because I'm not a very regular shopper at LUSH.
Onto the first LUSH product...
Ever since I've been growing my nails, I've been into caring for my hands a lot more, so I thought this cuticle butter would be perfect for me!  LUSH describes Lemony Flutter as the perfect product to soften dry cracked cuticles and nourish nails. This butter is also great for soothing dry patches on elbows, heels and feet. The smell is very lemony hence the name but I also detect some zesty notes in it. Along side the lemon is a hint of citronella, I personally like the smell, It's soothing and nice to use before bed. The consistency is butter like, it is greasy and thick but it's great at really getting to the dry spots. I see this optimal to use around fall/ winter time as the cooler months start kicking in (will be amazing for winter).
Fond of...
Smell- fresh and lemony
Texture- thick and moisturizing
Not so fond of...
-Lemony Flutter is quite thick and therefore greasy, it is not a fast absorbing cream so may not like this for day time use.
Next up is.....
The sweetie pie shower jelly, a product that is a little weird but definitely had me captivated. This shower jelly is an all in one product, versatile and great for your hair, body! The reason why I find it a bit weird is because of the application, it's unlike any other thing I've tried. It's essentially a jello that you can freeze/ chill or use at normal temperature, you crush it or stroke it all over your body. I find it hard to "stroke" because not a lot of jello product/ foam get's on your hand in the first place. When I tried to get a piece of the shower jelly I made a big hole in the product, then when I tried to crush the jelly in my hand it was slipping every wear and I couldn't mush it up..some ended up on the shower floor before I even got to apply iy. So to anyone who has tried this before how exactly do you use it haha?! Sounds silly I know. I really do want to love this, it has an amazing scent so I'm excited to try it out again. 
Fond of...
- The smell (overall just a lovely mix of a sweet and fruity fragrance)
-The concept of the product ( I think it's super unique and really cool!)
-Texture- Very silky
-Price (Seriously I think this was only between $ 4-5 dollars)
Not so fond of...
- The application (I've only used it once but I'm not getting used to it)
......and Lastly
I also wanted to experiment with some LUSH cleansers so I got a Dark Angels sample, I've tried Herbalism which I thought was a good match for me but it really wasn't the best. I used this a couple times in a row and also had a few new active breakouts so I gave it a rest, I think this may be better as a once/ twice a week exfoliator as it has coarse sugar bits in it which is great for getting rid of old dead skin. The product has both exfoliating and cleansing properties in it which supposedly makes it a fighter against blemishes. I'm willing to give this another go tonight. It looks slightly dry and clumpy but you simply place a pea sized amount in your hand and add a few drops of water. Adding water creates a paste which you then use to rub all over your face.
Fond of.....
-The exfolaiting aspect of the product (really makes my skin smooth and clean)
Not fond of......
- it's power to fight against nasty pimples (I broke out a couple times, maybe my skin is just getting used to it?)

This is the only beauty item I got but it's one that I am absolutely IN LOVE with!  I heard about this lip butter and simply could not forget about it as I mentioned in my lippy lust post. I made it my mission to find it at a local store (Winners) but I didn't have such luck soooo I just bought it at Sephora! This lip butter is heaven... forget other lip products  you've tried that claim to be buttery and moisturizing. The Korres Lip butter is melt on your lip smooth, it goes on your finger so well and spreads so easily. My experience using this has been pleasant, the product lasts, gives my lips a nice nude sheer glow, and hydrates them at the same time. The product is not very wet, this is a plus for me because the more wet a gloss/ lip product is the more it slips and slides on my lips. This has been a must for me each morning as I get ready for school! I cannot wait to grab a few other shades in the lip butter range.

So have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Aldo Bracelets

Every since I've seen these bracelets I knew I had to have them, I'd forget about them eventually but then I'd see them again and my liking for them would spark again.  So toady while looking for some jeans I came across an Aldo so I popped in and bought them! They may not look very special but I love the simplicity of them, there dainty, feminine, and the pastel colors are just so cute.

So the pack came with 5 wrap bracelets, 3 of them having the macrame closure at the back, and two having the chain clasp. The beads really contrast nicely with the pastel string. 

Bracelet Style # 1-

Bracelet Style Number 2-
Hope your all well!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Introducing the New Luxe Box: Fall 2012 Unboxing!

Some of you may already know that Luxe Box, a Canadian (also now American) beauty subscription service has evolved. Like most beauty boxes Luxe Box used to ship out one box per month including 4-5 samples, however now they've transformed into a seasonal box service. There aim is to deliver samples that are now tailored to the 4 seasons. For subscribers this means receiving 4 boxes per year with 7-8 samples in it.

I had a yearly membership that I got for my birthday last year and had 5 Luxe Boxes left. Loose Button offered members an opportunity to upgrade their package and receive the first seasonal box free so that's what I did. I upgraded my service to the semi-annual plan ($50 every 6 months) because I had an existing credit of $50 that I wanted to use up. I don't think I will be renewing my membership but you never know, I just find it difficult to wait so long for my package. The only other beauty service I am interested in is Top Box and I've heard the wait list is quite lengthy!!

I had a minor delay with my Luxe this month, it was supposed to arrive on Sept. 4th, but got lost in transit for a bit so my new expected delivery was today actually (Sept. 10th). I  already knew what I got in my box because I looked online. With the improved service came new tips and tricks from the Loose Button website based off the products you received in your luxe box. I got the email on Saturday saying that I could log onto my account and check out the details so I did, but I only got my Luxe box today! So after months of waiting and waiting (I skipped June's l.b to get the first fall one free) I'd like to show you all the new, evolved fall edition Luxe Box...
 (Be aware this is a long and picture heavy post!)

So I must say the biggest transformation of all was the overall presentation of the Luxe Box! The black square box has now been replaced by a chic white rectangular one topped off with golden accents. 
Everything about the Luxe box screams "luxe to me", it's very much re-vamped.
The box is constructed very well, and is considerably sturdy..I will definitely be saving it for future use.
When I cracked upon my Luxe box the first thing I saw was the product information card tucked away inside an envelope and a white piece of satin material covering my items.
One thing I've always admired about Loose Button is their attention to fine detail and personal touches, I'm a sucker for it!
A golden monogrammed letter sealing the envelope..
Here is a quick preview of the products I received
 a box loaded with goods..
Product # 1-No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner
This is a clear lip liner meant to stop lip stick smears above the lip. The slip that came in the box recommends using a light coat of foundation as the perfect lip base, then drawing the no bleeding lip liner around the edge of your lips to prevent your lip color from "bleeding". I think this is a really cool concept, and I know I'll get use out of it. I sometimes experience minor bleeding just above my cupids bow so I'm excited to put this to the test. 

Product #2- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips
I swear I walk by these each time I go to wal-Mart and just stare at them. First off I never know what pattern to get and secondly I can never bring myself to buy them. It's nice to see these nail strips in my box because I have NEVER used anything like them before. I got the nail stickers in Glitzy Glam, it's absolutely jam packed with beautiful gold glitter!

Product # 3- Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eye Liner
This is one of the items I saw a majority of luxe box subscribers receive, it's the skinny liquid eyeliner by Eyeko. This fine tip liner allows for great precision without smudging. I drew a couple thin lines on my hand and then tried to rub it off however the liner doesn't budge very easily, great news for people whose liner runs!

Product # 4- Loose button Exfoliating Pad
This is an exclusive product from Loose Button! An exfoliating pad made to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells. I will be using this the next time I take a shower, it's a cute little added touch.

Product # 5- Bourjois Mini Nail Polish
This nail enamel is the cutest little size, and it's a shade I could definitely see myself using. I am SOO picky with nail colors haha so it's a relieve that I like this. I can't find the polish name but it's a light metallic golden color. 

Product # 6 & 7- Vichy Thermal Spa Water + Vichy Calming Cleansing Solution

I think these are the two products I'm most happy about..I really feel like Loose Button took into account my personal profile when selecting these two samples and for that I am extremely grateful. The Thermal Water is Extremely soothing and protecting, it acts as protection towards sensitive skin. Vichy says that  the "unique combination of 15 rare minerals gives the Thermal Spa Water its remarkable ability to soothe, fortify, and regenerate the skin". This can be used to refresh ones makeup, you simply spray 30m away and then gently blot away with a tissue and it soaks up any impurities. 

The next sample I got was of Vichy's Pureté Thermale Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution (what a long name haha). This 30 mL sample is perfect for trying out, as there is a great amount of product in it . It's meant to trap and remove excess oils and dirt similar to a toner. Simply apply the solution to a cotton pad and continue to wipe over your face and eyes for a perfectly cleansed face. 

What I loved about the change...
-Personally I really like the variance between people's boxes, it definitely more excitement for me because I will be left guessing with that I get (however saying that some times it can be unfair cause others get such wonderful stuff and your left with the not to nice stuff)
-The packaging, what an over haul, I absolutely adore the new stylish trendy boxes, all the personal touches make me feel like I'm a valued member
-The new profile (took into account my skin tone and other preferences)
-Loose Button has been great with communication, I got two to three updates on my Luxe Box when it went missing! (Also I had a question and I sent them an email and got a reply back the same day)
-Good size samples (I hope this continues to be the case because all my samples this month were more than one use ones- very generous sized)
- You can now log into your Loose Button account and see tips and tricks based off the products you got in your box!
What I don't like...
- The wait..these were supposed to be shipped out from August 27th-31st..I got my notice on Friday after hours and Monday was a holiday, then my box went M.I.A! I really wish they would ship out the second last week of the month so that way you can still get it in the month your supposed to.
- As I said the variance between products can be both a pro and con (It sucks when the variety among boxes is so great that the value isn't even there- I would feel disappointed no doubt if I saw someone with great products while I got a tiny perfume vial, and hair sample...Yes I like variety throughout the boxes but I think that the size of samples should generally be the same across the board and you should get back the amount of money you put into the box if not more.

I'll admit I was a bit sad about the whole Luxe box change because I really looked forward to the monthly surprise. However seeing this box made me feel a lot better, I hope that with the amount of time Loose Button now has to construct the boxes that they will put in every effort to make the boxes as good as they can be! I really enjoyed this edition and cannot wait for the Winter one!

For those who stuck around to read this full post- THANK YOU it took quite the while to take pics and type this up:)

So what do you think of the first seasonal Luxe Box? 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

August Empties (Kinda Delayed Whoops)

Sorry for the super delayed empties post! I never make this  post a regular one because it takes me quite a while to get through products even if I use them often. There's not a whole lot of items but I've been keeping these empty product containers for a while now and didn't want to throw them out without showing you all. This is gonna be super short and sweet or at least I hope so!

1. Clinique Acne Solutions Foam cleanser- I bought this a while ago and was beyond excited to try it out and see results. I actually went out and later bought 3 to 4 more products within this line so I could use it along with the cleanser. I used to use this regularly for a couple of months and then stopped and used it on and off because it wasn't doing anything for my skin. The biggest disappointment was the amount of money I wasted on the products and they didn't seem to do much.

Would I buy again..nope!

2. Quo Brush Cleaner- This little bottle lasted me a long time which I am really happy about. I spritz or two goes quite the distance. I don't know if I would buy this again because I could truly save myself money by sticking to a shampoo/ baby shampoo.

Would I buy again..maybe. 

3. LUSH's Herbalism- Was my first sample purchase, I got a $5 amount so I could test it out before jumping to buy the full size. Many bloggers also cautioned me to sample it first because it didn't work very well for them. I have missed feeling about this because some days I would wake up and be some what clear of breakouts and the next I would have painful, big pimples:( 

Would I repurchase? Umm probably not although I have gotten another LUSH cleanser sample that I'll share with you in a bit.

4. Essie Grow Faster- This polish was an essential product for me when I was trying to grow my nails. I would apply this often and it did help my nails out! I think there are other nail growth polishes out there that could do the trick for me (currently using a Sally Hansen one)

Would I re-purchase ...probably not, there are cheaper products out there that work just as well.

5. Mini Market Peach Candle (BBW)- I loved this candle! It had a nice and pleasant smell to it, although it doesn't light anymore I am going to scrape it out and place it in my tart warmer (it gives off a lot of smell that way too!)

Would I buy...No, because I have wayyy to many candles to use up (currently enjoying French Baguette) 

6. Vichy Pro Even Daily Dark Spot Corrector- I was at Shoppers one day and got talking to the associate and she was really nice and gave me three packets of this cream! I used it day and night and really really enjoyed it. It had a nice, light almost citrus scent to it and it is supposed to lighten dark marks. It's great for those with uneven skin tones, acne marks, and stubborn spots! It made my skin feel smooth and healthy the only thing that is stopping me from buying right now is the cost ($44).  I don't think I will be able to pass on this cream so I'm sure I'll get it some time in the near future haha.

Will I buy... Yes just not at this time ... kinda broke lol!

...and that's it girlies my empties! Now time to toss these out and wash my makeup brushes. Enjoy your Sunday:D