Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thank you soo muchhh!!!!:)

Where do I begin?! I was nominated for the Liebster Award!!.. this comes as a complete shock to me because I am a fairly new blogger. I created this blog as an outlet; I always have so much to say whether it be about school, life, makeup, books etc.. To be truthfully honest my first fan was my best friend! I pestered her every day about whether or not to create a blog, even now she is the first one to know when a new post is up.

To others 7 followers may not be a lot but to me it's incredible, to even have people reading what I write makes me so happy! Blogging is a new found hobby of mine, and each post brings more and more excitement. Each comment just lifts my spirits and encourages me to keep doing what I now love.

Thank you to each of my subscribers for showing an interest in my blog it truly means sooooo muchhh to me!
A little background since I wasn't even too sure about the true meaning of this award:

- This award is recognition to those who have 200 or less followers
-It motivates individuals to nominate 5 fellow bloggers to essentially pass on the love and encouragement:)

I would like to THANK Meggin from Beauty Box Canada for this nomination!
For a girl who is just starting out you just encouraged me so much more

Next I would like to nominate the following 5 individuals:
I am passing on the love<3

1) Beauty Box Canada- MEGGIN

2) Calliope Kitten Jewellery- KRYSTYN

3) Canadian Beauty Reviews

4) Steps to Perfection with Romanian Butterfly 206 -ASHLEY 

5) Saman's Makeup and Hijab Styles- SAMAN

These ladies are extremely talented in what they do! Their blogs represent their passions and hobbies and they are very inspiring individuals. 

Holy Moly am I ever excited!!!
 CONGRATULATIONS to all the Nominees, and know that your blogs are all beautiful and amazing!


  1. Well aren't you just a breath of fresh air. Such a lovely post. I think we can all tell you're a genuine individual. Thanks so much for nominating me, you're a real peach. Best of luck!

    1. You are soo very welcome!
      Best of luck to you too:)

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! I am so glad I found your blog- your posts are such a pleasure to read, and I am sure you'll continue to garner many more followers!!

    1. Your welcome!
      I am also glad I was able to follow back, you have a wonderful blog which deserves recognition!

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me ! Means the world to me ! <3

    1. Awww your welcome!:)
      Best of Luck.

  4. YAY! Once again thank you soo much for the nomination. I am really honored to be nominated among these other beautiful bloggers :P YIPPY

  5. great blog !!! :)
    i'm actually new at blogging too lol just started last week with my best friend. show some love? <3