Thursday, 24 May 2012

Spotted @ the Dollar Store

You would be surprised with the goodies you can find at your local Dollar store, I know I sure was. I went to Dollarama today with my mom and I couldn't believe the things I saw. It sucks because particular items don't always last, you might be lucky if you can go back and find them.. however that being said I have seen some of the items/ products make more of an appearance than others. I  had so many little things on my list that I had to leave these behind boo!:(

1) NYC Lipstick- I have seen these at Wal- Mart all the time, as they carry it on a constant basis however I have never tried any of their products. Their items range from $1 or so up... some may be even cheaper I am not too sure.. They had lipsticks in quite a few shades including a very barbie pink!
2) Revlon Eyeshadows- Forget NYC it wasn't something that made me entirely excited but REVLON, that made me smile! They had a variety of colors and finishes, some of the ones I saw were matte, satin and perle !

3) ELF Tools- This had me excited as well! I recently saw a post by Plumpish Beauty talking about some of her dollar finds..what do you know I go today and they have some of the products she mentioned (ELF). There was an eyeshadow brush for defining and an all over face brush..they also had the eye lash curler but my picture turned out very blurry. 

..Along with this they had a ton of the Lip Smakcer glosses she talked about  :)

What's the best dollar store find you have come across? 


  1. elf brushes are actually very good quality for the price!! the dollar store has awesome stuff sometimes, I love getting deals there (although I am not usually prone to buying cosmetics from them).

  2. I hear yah! I hope to go back soon and pick up the brushes..although I do have a whole Quo set, I love trying out different ones:)