Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mascara Obsession!

Mascara is the ideal makeup item for me, I think it can transform a look immediately. Quite frankly I feel like my look is not complete without it… even with a flawless face, and eye shadow it somehow looks unfinished.
I believe mascara was the first makeup related item I started using! I am a junkie when it comes to mascara, I am enticed by every single commercial or add in a magazine. Even then , not all of them live up to their expectations but I constantly find myself on the hunt for good mascara’s.

I like to experiment; even when I find a good mascara (and stick to it for some time) I get bored and like to try new things. Never once have I bought a high end mascara but there are ones that I am dreaming about. It’s just sad when you have such high hopes, you purchase an expensive product and it doesn’t satisfy your needs or wants.

I need help! What are some mascara’s drug store or high end that you love? I want my mascara to curl, lengthen and add a bit of volume, is that a lot to ask haha?! I’m kidding, I am just curious and would love to hear your critiques about certain mascara’s you love. Please let me know in the comments :)

Below are some of the ones I have tried:
 I have been using the illegal length + the XXL curl lately, but I feel like switching it up. I think I might go try one of the Covergirl's mascara's or a physicians formula one (the green leavey bottle one)
also here are some higher end brand mascara's that I am itching to try...although I am saying that I don't know how i would ever bring myself to spend 25+ dollars on a mascara!

YSL faux Cils & Benefit's They're Real!!!
Any thoughts on these? Are they worth the money?
Would love to hear what you think :)


  1. I am really really loving Marcelle's Xtension Plus mascara right now! It has a hard plastic comb time wand instead of bristles, so it really separates all your lashes :)

  2. That sounds so nice! I love when the lashes are all nice and separated but still have that fullness. Is that the one that many people got in their Glossy box?

  3. I really like Benefit bad gal lash, and I also enjoy lash stiletto (I can't remember the brand, its a drug store brand, maybelline maybe?). 'they're real' by benefit is getting rave reviews from beauty bloggers and I just got a tube for my mom! I think it's worth the money, but my sister swears by the Sephora branded mascara, she says its better than all the higher end expensive brands so check it out maybe? I have a mascara stash I am working through!!

  4. I am really tempted to by the Benefit one "They're Real"!! I have also heard soo many people rave about it.

  5. Get the Benefit one! I did a review of it myself and the picture of my lashes without mascara look so different than the one with mascara! I could not believe the difference!

  6. WOW! I will check that out now, I have heard so many great things about it so I am very tempted to get it:P