Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Little B & BW Therapy!

As you may already know I'm a Bath and Body Works junkie (Candleeee obsessed to be exact). I love the store so much and I almost never walk out empty handed.  A couple days ago I got a free 10$ gift certificate to my local mall. The expiry was coming up soon (Sept. 2) so me and my family decided to go to the mall for a little outing! I couldn't find anything in particular that I liked and I also didn't want to waste the free $10 gift card so I headed over to B & BW. Their 3 wick candles were 2 for $25 and they had some other promotions going on (50% off on Malibu heat line, and 50% off on old candles).  If you haven't been to bath and Body works lately They have recently launched their new Paris line which is full of romantic scents! They also have a new line up of fall candles (Autumn, Pumpkin spice latte, spiced cider etc..) as well as their new candle brand White barn. I decided to get two large candles (one for my mom and one for me), and 3 mini's (3 for $6).

B and BW always offers a free 10$ off a purchase of 30$ or more, so I got 30$ worth of merchandise, used the 10 dollar Bath and Body coupon, and then used my free $ 10 mall certificate and only ended up paying a $13 dollar difference, pretty amazing if you ask me:)

Check out the goods...
Left to Right: Lavender, French Baquette & Apple Crumble

Below is the Large 3 wick candle I bought from the new brand White Barn.
OMG this smells devineeee- soo good I could literally eat it!
I picked the same scent for my mom cause she really loved it so that's why I didn't picture it.

Monday, 27 August 2012

My Newest Glitter Polish -Revlon's Stunning

Stunning is the newest edition to my polish collection, I'm really not one for the glitzy nail polishes but some reason I have been LOVING glitter tips these days. That as well as sponging have been my go-to nails! I love applying a solid base coat to my nails (OPI's hearts and tarts) and then just gently dabbing on any sparkly polish to create a glitter gradient. I love it because it's not as uniform as a french manicure (although I do still love), each nail is unique, and different.
Revlon's Stunning is a silver micro and hexagonal glitter nail polish mixed with a clear base. It applies very easily and dry time is not a problem. The nail polish is really pretty, especially when the light hits it. As you can see from the picture above some glitter bits look yellow while others look blue!
I always find Revlon nail polishes to be very reasonable in price. Often times I go and they will be on for $3.49. Revlon has a great assortment of colors too .
 Here I just sponged on a very minimal amount of stunning onto the tips of my nails. Ignore my shabby looking nails, I'm a CRAZY nail biter haha!
I must say this is definitely wayyyy better than they were last month;)

Other Revlon nail polishes you may be interested in, if you liked this...


(all have different colored bases with the same type of glitter as stunning)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Lip Products I'm Loving (Part 1) - Kissable Balm Stains

Over the past couple of weeks I have been obsessed with buying new lip products! Since seeing the kissable lip balms at my Shoppers Drug Mart ($11.49) I have been going back and forth between Wal-Mart and Super- Store in hopes of finding them for a cheaper price. Some of my readers informed me on my previous post that they found the Revlon Balm stains at their local super store for $7.49! Believe it or not I went back to Super-Store last week with my mom and they were still unavailable. My best friend actually got me my first kissable balm stain and I later went back to Wal-Mart and bought a second one.
These Kissable Balm Stains are exactly as they sound, there a moisturizing balm mixed with a lightweight stain. I'm constantly amazed by these every time I try them, and fall more and more in love. I picked two very neutral colors and although they aren't as bright as some of the others in the collection, they make my lips feel so soft and hydrated. They give a nice glossy shine to my lips and even after a little while when the shine fades the stain doesn't. It's as though the color develops over time, first you have a subtle color with shine however, after your left with a slightly darker stain. I love that these kissable balms never leave my lips feeling dry like some other products I've used. I have been dealing with minor cracked lips, however upon application of this balm it almost immediately nourishes and quenches my lips. 

You'll never have to worry about this product settling into fine lines like you would with a lip stick. I actually prefer the balm stains far more than a lip stick because it provides such a light pop of color while leaving  your lips feeling incredibly smooth. I also should add that these balms have a slight minty smell to them but it is definitely not overpowering or too strong. 

Description: A long lasting tinted lip balm that has a stain built into it 
(more pigmented and long lasting compared to a regular colored chap stick)

Packaging: Comes in a chubby crayon tube that makes applying super easy! Don't have to worry about putting on too much, you have control for a precise application. Unlike products like the NYX jumbo eye or lip pensils these kissable balm stains twist up so you can get the most out of the product.

Pigmentation: While I have two of the lighter shades I'd say that most colors have a great color pay off. Precious makes for a great nude, it has has pink undertones in it and I absolutely love it! I know some people find nudes hard to work with but I could see a lot of people liking this, it doesn't wash me out or give me ghost lips. Charm on the other hand really brings out my natural lip color and adds a bit of sheen which I like equally.
Price: Revlon Balm stains are tad expensive retailing anywhere from 7$ on sale to 11$ full prize. I don't like the price tag but hey I LOVE the product, I'll probably wait till I see these go on sale and grab one or two more colors.

Some of the kissable balms slightly resemble some of the lip butter shades to me! I LOVE Creme Brulee & Creamsicle (lip butters) and when I first saw these balms I knew I would have to get charm and precious just because they looked similar. Don't get me wrong the formula is completely different and they may not be exact matches but if you really loved a particular lip butter shade I'm sure you'd find one that is slightly similar to it in the Kissable balm collection since they have a nice array of colors (12 shades). 

Some of the similar ones that I've noticed..
- Creme Brulee & Precious
- Creamsicle & Charm

-Tutti Frutti & Rendezvous

Gumdrop & Darling (both seem to be cool toned pinks when you look at swatches)
Cupcake & Cherish ( I was also thinking Cotton Candy could do as well)
Have you tried these out yet?
 What are your thoughts on the highly talked about Kissable balms?

P.S) Part 2 to come soon! I will be talking about the Joe Fresh Shine Lipsticks & the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss:D

Wohoo for my 100th post!:)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Canadian Beauty Bloggers Guess what I saw at Shoppers?!

Ohh my goodness I am just so excited right now, guess what I finally spotted at Shoppers Drug Mart today... REVLON JUST KISSABLE LIP BALMS! Now I didn't pick any up because they were kinda expensive ($11.49 or so..) but I am just thrilled they've finally made it here! I went to a different Shoppers today and the associate had said they just received them so be on the look out for these babies at your local store!!! 

(I'm a bit crazy and am going to the shoppers by my house in a bit to see if they've arrived there! Who knows if I'll be able to resist)
.. while I was there I also saw a few other new beauty items
 (not as hyped as the kissable balms though!)
LOreal Miss Candy Collection
These are the new Loreal Glam Shine Lip glosses, I'm not a big gloss junkie but they have a nude shade which I really like and overall they seem just lovely. I recently heard about these through Fleur De Force. The gloss looks so nice in the bottle, it's this swirl like design! There are two colors intertwined to make the gorgeous shades. 

These along with the new Infalliable shadows & nail polishes are apart of the miss candy collection!
LOreal Miss Candy Collection
There are three new shadows and they are..Innocent Turquoise, Naughty Strawberry & Sassy Marshmellow.
LOreal Miss Candy Collection
Ahhh and the polishes they are BEAUTIFUL! They are pastel candy colored polishes, and I want every color;)

Now I also saw new Quo palettes which are stunning (not sure the name of it though)

If your going to Shoppers any time soon, I suggest checking these out!
By the way I also did go to Wal-Mart and they do not have the any of these items just yet.

P.S) Let me know what your most excited about and if you've seen these items elsewhere??

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush (# 300 Coral Reef)

I picked this cream blush up yesterday while out of town. I was shopping around and came across a makeup warehouse fully stocked with Revlon, Almay and Covergirl at discounted prices (this being $5 dollars!!!) There were several other brands but Revlon had the largest assortment of products, colors and shades to choose from. I have been eyeing these cream blushes for some time now but have only seen them available at Shoppers. I have only ever tried powder blushes so this was a nice change for me.
I really love the packaging of this Photoready blush, it comes in a plastic jar with a screw on cap. The jar is clear so you can easily see the shade when your purchasing. The colors look very bright and intimidating in the plastic pot however when applied to the skin it becomes much more wearable. The great thing about this blush is you can apply once for a more subtle pop of color, or you can build it up for a more vibrant look. 

The formula is very creamy and easy to apply, with one swipe your left with a good amount of product on your finger. The blush transfers well on your finger so there is no need to apply pressure/ dig into the pot. Once you apply to your cheeks you can easily blend out to get your desired look. It's great to work with because if you find you applied too much you can simply rub/ blend a tad more as it sheers out very's not like the blush sets or needs to be worked with quickly.

Quick Recap
-Pigmentation is awesome (can easily be toned down, however is also very buildable for those who want the extra color)
- Packaging is a plus; looks very sleek 
-The wear time is pretty good, eventually it does fade so if your looking for a long lasting blush that lasts the whole day this might fall short for you
-Feels smooth, light & natural; does not feel heavy, you don't need a lot of blush to get color, and it gives a natural flush to the skin
- good amount of product in the jar (will probably last me a long time)
- I think the drug store price scares me a's a bit on the higher end for a drugstore blush ($10 +..I think I saw it for $12 or so at Shoppers, I have yet to see them at Wal-Mart)

Overall: I am really pleased with this blush, and would not hesitate to purchase another shade. Although it was a bit awkward for me to apply  at first because I'm so used to of powder blushes I did really like it. Everything from the packaging, to the product appeals to me and honestly $5 where can you go wrong haha?!

Have you tried the Photoready blushes? What do you think? If not what color appeals to you most?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Little Haul! (Wal-Mart, Winners & Superstore)

Today I stepped out with my mom, and we decided to pay a visit to Wal-Mart and Winners. I really wanted to go to Winners in hopes of finding some good cosmetic bargains! I was reading Provincial Beauty's July favorites, and she mentioned that she found Korres Lip butters at Winners for only $6.99 (3 pack)!! I have read numerous blog posts on these guys and they seem to be a great lip product..I want them sooo bad! So of course I went hunting at my local winners but I didn't have the greatest luck finding them. Although I wasn't able to find the butters I did get my hands on a couple other things that I'm really excited about.
So for beauty wise at Winners I was able to find...

Burt's Bee Set- I have always heard great things about this brand but never have I tried a single item. This set came with a nourishing lip balm, and a lemon cuticle cream. I have been dealing with severe chapped lips, so I hope this helps! The lip balm is made with mango butter and it smells delicious, the cuticle cream also has a great scent. I have stopped biting my nails (hooray!) so I'm trying hard to take care of my hands..I rubbed this on some of the dry points on my hand and it was great at moisturizing. The consistency is a thick wax which I really like, it's very hydrating and it did not my hands/ cuticles greasy. This duo was $3.99, I think it's a good price considering that the lip chap alone was $4.27 at Wal-mart.

Raspberry Tart Nourishing Body Butter by Cake- I just could not believe the price of this, it was too good to pass up. This body butter was marked down to $4.. This is a HUGE tub, and I think it was a steal of a deal. Cake has the most divine beauty items, everything smells soooo yummy, you may as well just eat it! Their products are made with a high quality of natural ingredients, and are all paraban free. Also at winners I saw Cake's satin sugar dry shampoo, lemon soap, and mango body scrub!! I want to go back for the soap and scrub;)
at Wal-mart I got...

Cetaphil Cleanser for Oily skin- I got this because I ran out of a cleanser... I was alternating between the Herbalism sample I got, and my Clinique foaming soap but both have finished so I was just using a random bar of dove soap to wash my face. I've heard a lot about Cetaphil cleansers through Youtube so I decided to give it a go, plus I had a 2$ coupon for it. This cleanser says it's a great formula for combination to acne prone skin. It's said to remove dirt, makeup, and surface oils without leaving skin dry.
..From Wal-Mart I also got two clothing items, from time to time I find some really nice stuff there! Here's what I purchased today
A pair of dark skinny jeans ($10) and a graphic tee ($6)

After leaving Wal-Mart, I quickly ran into Superstore and darted into the cosmetic section, I've read online that some Canadian superstores have stocked up on the new Revlon kissable balms, so I had to check haha! No luck there but I stopped by the Joe fresh section and was pleasantly surprised, they definitely have quite the collection of makeup goods. I got one of the lip tints, and I'm loving it so much that I want to go back for the other two colors I was eyeballing. 
Shine Lipstick in "kiss"

It's called a shine lip stick, it provides a subtle hint of color with a nice glossy look. It's moisturizing, and even when the color wears my lips are still nice and soft.
I hope you all had a lovely day
Bye for now,

Friday, 3 August 2012

Zellers Haul!

As most of you know Zellers (in Canada) will soon be going out of business, so  in order to prepare for their closing many stores are having weekly sales on a number of items. Although they do have really great deals going on now I believe many more will emerge a month or so before the closing (my location is shutting down in January). Soon select stores throughout Canada will be transformed into Target! This week I made a trip out to Zellers with a friend, she had told me that the clothing was marked down a lot. I picked up a couple pieces and in all honesty it wasn't the best price, I didn't think it was a good deal deal....that was until my friend she told me it was 70% off the ticket price. First their was the original price, then the sale price, and to get rid of their stash they marked many items including clothing, scarves, bags/purses, belts etc. down even more. I got a couple things for my sisters, and a few things for myself, I'm actually saving the stuff I got for my sisters as a an Eid gift, I just have to add more bits and pieces..I like giving a variety of things (clothes, makeup, bath/body products..)

So here is an overview of the things I purchased.. I want you ladies to guess the price of this total purchase, I'll let you know at the end of the post:)
Here's what I got for my middle sister..
Pure by Alfred Sung Grey Cardigan- $19.97 -> $12.00 -> $7.00 FINAL- $2.10
Purple & Grey Plaid Scarf (Pure by Alfred Sung)- $14.97 -> $10.00 FINAL $3.00
Brown cross body bag (James+Juliet) - $19.97-> $15.00-> FINAL $4.50

Here's what I picked for my younger sister..
Creme colored hoody (Pure by Alfred Sung)- $29.97 -> $20.00 -> FINAL $6.00
Pashmina scarf (James + Juliet)- $12.97 -> $10.00 -> FINAL $3.00
Brown studded belt (Pure by Alfred Sung)- $12.97 -> $7.00 -> $3.00 FINAL .90 cents

...and lastly here's what I got myself
Mint T-shirt with swirls (Alfred Sung) $14.97 -> $7.00 FINAL $2.10
Studded Belt (Pure by Alfred) $12.97 -> $7.00 -> $3.00 FINAL .90 cents
Black Floral scarf (James+Juliet) $19.97 -> $15.00 FINAL $4.50
Blue and White Polka Dot (James+Juliet) $12.97 -> $10.00 FINAL $3.00
Small Polka Dot Scarf (James+Juliet) $10.00 -> $7.00 FINAL $2.10

So how do you think I did???
3 tops, 5 scarves, 2 belts, and one bag all for..... $36.33
I highly suggest checking out your local Zellers in the near future!! I'm sure you'll find some sort of amazing deal there. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend:)