Monday, 7 May 2012

My day & More

Today was rather interesting it started off stressful for me but soon after the stress just washed away thanks to my fun and quick outing with Lisa. For employment purposes I was requested to provide a letter from my University. Sure it was simple in the end but the time I had to wait on hold for a simple answer was rather long!

I thought it would be fun to have some company with me while I went down to my campus, so I asked Lisa to join me for the ride. We made a pit stop there. I ran in presented my I.D and Yalahhh we were done! It is beyond crazy why I was so anxious and nervous..I don’t even understand?!We got our favorite treat Booster Juice (Mango Hurricane) and headed to the mall ! It is so funny because there are periods where I don’t even see the inside of stores and malls and then all of a sudden at least once a week I will be hitting them up.

So the purpose of today’s mall trip for me was to exchange my MAC concealer (was given the wrong one) and also to make a stop off at Payless. I wanted to switch the select moisture cover concealer to the MAC pro long the process I also wanted to switch the shade of both the concealer and foundation I purchased. I was using NC35 but had noticed it was a tad orange for my skin tone. On top off that when my skin would get oily the color of the product would darken (would oxidize), the associate (who was sooo helpful) tested out NC30 on me and told me it was better to go lighter in that case if I would get oily the color change would not be too drastic. I just came across a blogger who talks more in depth about makeup oxidization and the tips and tricks to counteract it Click here to see..

 Problem with me and why I have such a hard time finding my perfect shade is because my skin tone is not light and it is not dark. I am in the middle range however most foundations tend to have more pink undertones in it creating a very unnatural finish on my skin. When I select other foundations (with more yellow tones) it can often be too I have to factor in the oily skin. So hopefully the NC30 works out, I will keep you folks posted.

I think Lisa and I both have a weakness when it comes to Bath & Body Works..and yes we went in to the store..probably shouldnt have though haha! I went in there to find a possible gift item for a friend  and maybe something for my mom since Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I got items for both individuals and it turns out I got 2 free goodies in the process..YAY for free stuff:)

I have a Moon Light Path Fragrance and my mom adores it, she loves to lightness and freshness of the fragrance. Bath and Body works had a big gift pack or a little one (with mini’s) showcasing this line. I went with the bigger gift pack which had 3 items in it: A moonlight path fragrance, shower gel, and cream. I absolutely love the new packaging of the scents, it looks like an actual perfume so elegant and sophisticated. 
For the friend I decided to go with the pink Chiffon Gift pack, a 4 0z. candle (Black Berry Grapefruit) & a sanitizer...I have more to add though..possibly some makeup items!

Best part about this was since the box set had full sized items in it I received 30% off both gift packs. I went up to the register expecting my total to be well in the $50 area but it was ONLY $30 somewhat dollars!!:)
I could have even got a lower deal if I had remembered to bring the 10$ off coupon code that is on the bottom of the receipts (you have to call the number and take a quick survey, upon completion you get a code, the next time you go to B & BW you present it to them and they scan it)

Bath and Body had a weekend promotion going on where one could receive free products with their total purchase. Since there were left overs from that day they were still giving out freebies.

This is what I got!
A free tote bag ($5.00) says the price tag, and a Malibu heat cream (Full size) which is &11.00 in stores..Coolest part is this line is not even on shelves yet, it was like an exclusive gift

It is the most nicest summer scent..funny how I didn't actually purchase anything for myself but I ended up coming home with 2 things for myself anyway:)

Bath and Body describes this body lotion as " a fresh blend of  juicy pineapple, California orange, and creamy coconut milk inspired by a hot pink sunsets and twenty- seven miles of beautiful beach"

What is your favorite Bath and Body Product?

That's it, Hope you enjoyed my rant!


  1. Lovely that you had a great SA at mac to help you get the best shade for your skintone! Whatd you get at payless?

    1. I actually didn't end up getting anything haha, my friend did though. She got these adorable sling back flats!:)

  2. I've never actually ever been in a bath and body works (I don't even think I've ever seen one here!) but looks awesome - especially that candle! Mmm

    1. You need to find one because I know which candle you would lovee FROSTED CUPCAKE!! One of my first posts a while back was my Bath and Body Works Stash go check it out haha, I love that store.