Tuesday, 1 May 2012

LuxeBox Time!

Yess it is finally here at last! I have to say being May 1st today I am a bit disappointed by the delay but at least I got the box for this month. I had a general idea of what to expect since I have been reading blogs and watching numerous LuxeBox unboxing videos. Every box I had seen had the Pantene samples, the leave in conditioner, and the makeup remover. I am happy in a sense that my Luxe Box was a bit different than others. I got a total of 3 hair care products, and 2 nail care items. In my the description part below I have paired the Pantene products together hence there is only 4 descriptions below.

The first in line program was in effect this month, and I had selected the Essie polish, I thought I would get the standard color that everyone was getting (She's Picture Perfect) but I didn't, I still love the one that I received though!

Time to see what I got!

This month's product card complete with 5 products + a daffodil pin

and here are this month's goodies...

Product Details + Opinion
(Left to Right:)

1) Chi Silk Infusion: is a leave in restorative treatment that helps to protect hair against damage whether from thermal styling or environmental effects. The size I received was a tiny sample (15mL), however I do think there is enough to test it out a couple times and see how I like it overall. The full size has 180mL of product in it and it sells for $33. I like experimenting with different hair care treatments because it's not something I am really drawn to, if it was my choice I would rather buy a makeup item every time I went shopping. This gives me an opportunity to sample out different brands and regiments which I am generally happy about. 

Do I like it? Yes, I would have to say this is an item I am happy with. It's something different which I have never tried. In Previous Luxe Boxes I was able to test out Morrocan oil, and the Kerastace Hair Elixir so this is another added bonus for me:)

2) Pantene Pro-V Aqua light Shampoo + Conditioner: This shampoo and conditioner is new on the hair care market, the main goal of this duo plus other products within the Aqua Light line is to achieve "weightlessness, using things like water- soluble ingredients". I think it is interesting how a lot of companies and products are trying to go simple, green, and environmentally friendly. I also think it's nice being able to use a product that will restore prior damage but also help to protect future damage without harsh chemicals. The samples were very good in size, perfect to take on an over night trip, or for travelling (50mL each). The full size comes with tons more product (375mL) and retails for $6, both shampoo and conditioner. Soo it is a veryy affordable and cost effective product..does it work? I have no idea I will have to give it a try sometime..have  any of you tried this line out? Feel free to comment below letting me know:)Honestly, this wasn't something that made me overly excited..it was just kinda okay. 

3)Essie Nail Polish: Definitely lovingg this polish, and am really pleased with the color I got. The color I received is called "Pink - a- boo" and it is a full sized polish. It is 8$ in stores and it is gorgeous!
It is a cotton candy colored pink with metallic reflexes. The nail polish also has hints of purple and silver shimmer. It is a sheer color that can be built up, It looks one color in the bottle but when you put it on you can see how it just shimmers in different light. It gives off a nice purpley pink shimmer:)

4) Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat: This is a nail filler which acts also as a base coat, it contains quartz crystals that work to fill in ridges in the nail, and disguise imperfections. I got a mini sample of this (3.8mL) but the full size contains 15 mL ($7). I really liked this product as well, I actually have some ridges in my nails so it will be nice to try this out. I heard about OPI's filler but never purchased it, now I don't have to!:)

Overall: I knew what to expect this month, and I saw a lot of people receiving similar things so I din't get my hopes up too high butt I still do like my Luxe Box, it wasn't the best but it wasn't awful.

On a side note the best Luxe Box so far has to bee my friend Sarah's!! She got like 7 items?! Some of which included Morrocan oil, Cargo blush, the Mereadesso beautiful body balm and more..

Thanks to my readers! Blogging has rapidly become one of my biggest hobbies and knowing that there are other fellow bloggers and friend's reading this makes me incredibly greatful! 

Enjoy the rest of your day


  1. great review! that Essie colour sounds gorgeous! I think I might pick one up myself at the store. this is definitely not a bad box, I think that for the price paid it is pretty good! Shampoo/hair treatments are always boring to receive though (at least for me!).

    1. I hear you! I mean the Essie polish alone was 8$ so I was happy that I got that, the Seche Ridge filler and the Chi silk infusion. It's all good, some boxes are better than others but that's the fun in it:)