Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My First Attempt at De-potting

I have never de-potted a product before, but have since been eager to do so. I had hit the bottom of my favorite Lip Butter (Creamsicle) and thought that I could salvage what was left of it. It`s a shame how much product remains even after it hits pan. I have watched many videos of Guru`s attempting to do so as well, it looks so easy and simple to do so I thought I would try it with my lip stick. Before doing so I thought I would try the same method others used to de- pot their NYX Jumbo Eye pencils. The method consisted of using a hair dryer to essentially melt the product out into a tin. It was more difficult to melt the lipstick, it did not come out the way I thought it would. Below is my little tutorial, as well as my experience de-potting for the first time. 

Lip Butter De- Potting!
Here are the materials you might need:

-Product you wish to De- pot ( Lip Butter)
- A container of some sort (I am sure you can find some sort of mini container around your house, the one I used was a little jar from a MAC, you could also use the Lush container you get from their samples)
- Hair Dryer (to melt the desired item)
- a towel ( just in case of a messy situation) 
- I also would recommend a tooth pick, or Q- tip

So here is what the lip butter looked like before:
It would not twist up anymore, and the silver edging would kinda drag against my lip when I tried to apply.

So first I started out by placing the towel out, I rested the jar on it in case of any mess.
Then I turned the lip butter upside down, and placed the jar under neath then turning on the hair dryer. 

I thought that the lip butter would get heated and end up falling in the pan but that was not the case!

Instead I had to heat the lip butter up until it got soft..then I circled around the rim with a tooth pick until the lip stick holder part came out.
 So after this it was quite easy..I just used a tooth pick again to clean out the lip butter from the white plastic piece (Seen in the photo on the left) 

After scraping I kept placing the salvaged bits in the MAC container, once that was all done I just placed the dryer above the container to melt and smooth out the surface.
As you can see here it was somewhat messy!

Finally here is what it looked like....
So this was the final look!

It was fun to do, and pretty cool...soon I will try de- potting my NYX eye pencil !!
It is definitely something I would try again because your getting every last bit of product out for the price you have paid. It is also a very savy way of  saving & conserving :)

One tip- You have to be patient, It did take a little while to melt...After I stuck it in the microwave for a couple seconds to even it out a bit more but that is not necessary. 

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I definitely need to be doing this! Such a waste otherwise. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. Your very welcome! It is such a good way to get every last bit out. You should definitely watch some de-potting videos they help and you can choose what method suits your preference!

  3. wow that is a good deal of leftover product! thanks for the tutorial! de potting seems like a lot of work though.

  4. Haha not gonna lie, it does take some time, but it saves a lot as well. I don't know if I would de-pot another lip stick unless I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT however I thing eye products would be more beneficial and a tad easier:)

  5. Usually, when i get to the bottom of a lipstick I just use a lip brush to get into the bottom of it. But this is a good idea!

    I don't really understand the eyeliner one please share when you do get a chance! :)

  6. See that's also a good way of using up all the product without to much hassle! The eyeliner method is for the NYX Jumbo eye pencils but I am sure it would work for other makeup items as's hard to explain though:P
    Watch this:

  7. Wow I had never thought to do this...glad I came upon your post :)

  8. Aww thank you!! I enjoyed doing it:)