Monday, 28 May 2012

New Maxi + Where is my LuxeBox?

Yay! I went shopping briefly today and my mom bought me a little something. Maxi's are a trend I love for summer because they are light, airy, and overall sooo cute!! If I could, I would probably wear dresses all summer, unfortunately I don't have that many. Hopefully, I can pick up a couple more but for now I am just over the moon.

Here is the one I picked:

I love how it looks like a graphic tank, with a high waisted maxi skirt 
I tried it on with one of my black belts, and it looked great as well

Here are others I saw....

Hope your week started off well :)
P.S) Has anyone who is a Luxe Box subscriber recieved their May box? I haven't even gotten a tracking number yet! I only got an email saying that my tracking number was being processed  and would be sent to me on the next business day..nothing so far :( 


  1. Beautiful dress!
    Also I just got my luxe box in the mail on my way out the door today - haven't had a chance to open it yet though! I'm sure yours will get there soon!

    1. Thank you! Can't wait for you to post about it!! I checked my mail box today but nothing hopefully tomorrow:)

  2. I love maxi dresses but I am so short, I feel like they make me look larger than I am if I wear them :(

  3. They are such a breeze to wear, part of the reason why I love them!! I am sure you would look beautiful in one;)