Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Book Blabber: The Hunger Games

So I know this must be quite delayed but hey I just read it! I finished it yesterday and loved ever last page of it. Typically speaking I don't find myself reading books or watching movies during the big hype period.. you could say I am always really late on the movie and book trends but I do get to them.
Hunger Games was a series I was skepticcal about because I didn't think I would like it at all...I didn't even understand what the big fuss about it was until I read it.  I loveee reading chick flicky books and always find myself veering towards those genre of novels compared to any other.
I won't bother doing a whole plot summary because even without reading it I bet most people know what it's about or  atleast  have seen the movie trailer. I knew before I even started reading that it was about this girl (Katniss) who volunteered to be a tribute in hopes of protecting her sister from having to fight (who was initially choosen to participate in the Hunger games).
I love how fast pace the novel is, it's clear, vivid and well written. I swear I was reading it and I felt like I was seeing everything! It was like I could close my eyes and picture everything they way it was being described. Some say it's predictable but for me the book took me by surprise and it was truly enjoyable.
You may like me have  not understand the pandamoniam over this whole thing but I urge you to read the book atleast..it is soo goooooooood:) I am so excited to start reading the second novel!!

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