Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Stroll down memory Lane

You don't really know how much you've grown as a person until you reflect back on your life... today I had the unexpected task of cleaning through my personal work. My basement is in the process of being renovated and all the boxes from our storage area were brought up. It made me smile so much to see all my work good or bad; and the journey that I have taken so far all the way from kindergarten to second year university. It was little things like journal entries or arts and crafts that brought back such good memories. Take a look:)

A journal entry from 1999 would you look at that!
.. I think I meant to say cranky whoops:)
A birthday card from the principal of my school, my Mother's day card and a bunch of Valentine's day card
Close up of the card..
A portrait of me with my bike, this makes me laugh:)

...ohh and I also came across some of my baby clothes!
The pink one I wore to my uncle's wedding, and the white was a summery dress!

I have more to sort through so I should get to it


  1. Ohhh Sabina!!! This is so cute!! :) Such wonderful memories to hold on to!

  2. Thank you!! I know, it makes you smile so much to go back and look at your old stuff:)