Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Everyday Face

I have been wanting to do this post for a long time now, but I have not gotten around to doing it. I love watching Youtube videos, and reading blogs about daily makeup routines, so I thought I would create my own. The products I mention are used on a daily basis, the only thing that  really changes is my eye shadow color.

My morning begins with washing and moisturizing my face, for this I use Clinique's Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam, and similarly the Acne solutions clearing moisturizer (oil free). I get random break outs here and there sometimes it can be worse than others so I kinda like to take precaution. However, lately I have been using a home remedy ( instead of Clinique) to combat my dark scars and occasion pimples ( Maybe I will do a post about that sometime soon :)
Cleanser + Moisturizer

The clinique soap, is a foamy face wash that contains a Salicylic Acid in it (2%), I am kinda on the fence with this soap, although I do like it it is hard for all the excess dirt/ oil to get out of the skin (hence they have the purifying toner). At the beginning it does leave skin flakey but that is a common thing with all salicyclic acid products. The cream is nice but it is not a heavy duty moisturizer, goes on light and smooth, you may have to re- apply depending on the condition of your skin. 

After this I move onto prepping my face before Foundation...

The Face
For this I use Pur Minerals color correcting Primer
This is actually the first primer I have ever used! So I can't really compare it to anything else, I do however really like this one. It is a peachy color intended to block uneven skin and dark spots. It makes my face canvas smooth  allowing my foundation to go on perfect! I am really interested in the Revlon Perfecting Primer, and the Benefit Pore professional...any opinions or thoughts on these two?  I have to finish this before I can justify buying another one haha.


After primer I go ahead and apply foundation all over my face, right now I have been using MAC's Studio Fix Fluid in NC 35, along with the matching concealer in the same shade. I have been told that this is a high coverage foundation, that is buildable.  I use this foundation because I have dark scars that I hate, so I like to cover them up. I put an even layer of this on, and if I have to will reapply on some sections. After I go ahead and conceal dark areas and some imperfections. I really love this foundation and concealer, I have gone a couple times to MAC to find my perfect shade. The first time I was matched with a color that was too dark for me. I like this shade but sometimes I still find it to be a tad dark. It is hard because I have a brown skin tone, so if I go with the NW shades it is often times too pink for me, and if I go with the NC shades it can be too yellow. I might go again sometime soon to get matched with with a different foundation... lighter for the spring season coming up ( I don't want to wear heavy foundations in the summer, I want to be concealed and natural haha)

Next powder..
To lock everything in I use Marcelle's translucent face powder, it lasts sooo long! The container is huge, I have had this since December. I tend to get oily during the day so I use this as a barrier to shield that oil.. it works well,  I sometimes have to reapply during the day. 

To give myself that dewy healthy glow I use a hint of Benefit's High Beam, I just purchased this recently but it is something that I have been using daily. I just use the applicator and dab some on my cheek bones, brow bones and I am good to go. 


I start with mascara and for this I usually use Maybelline XXL curl (my fave for such a long time) but sometimes I just get sick of the same old routine, I like to experiment with other products. I have heard a lot of Maybelline's illegal lenth mascara so I decided on that. I have used it for about 2 days now, and I am not sure how much I like it?! 

after this I go ahead with eyeshadow, I love this step because it adds so much emphasis to the eyes. For a day to day look I stick with natural colors, my favorite colors are light browns and golds. I use the Covergirl eyeshadow stick ( brown duo) a lot!

the last thing I do to complete my face is apply a coat of lip color, for my everyday lip I use Revlon's Lip Butter in either Creme Brulee, or Creamsicle

And that is it finishedddd:)

Thanks everyone & Goodnight<3

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