Tuesday, 3 April 2012

16 days Of Misery...

We all know this is the season where most post secondary institutions typically finish lectures and start holding final examinations. Ughhhhh I hate hate hate exams..who doesn't?!

I have this week off and then misery really kicks in on the 11th- to the 19th.. I have 5 exams, 2 Sociology, 1 English, and 2 Psychology. Psych and Soc is a lot of memorization..

Yesterday I was supposed to start my studies but that didn't really happen.. ( look who's got off to a good start) so today hopefully  I go at it..first on the list Social Inequality

To  all my friends, fellow bloggers and anyone else going through a difficult time with school, exams, or life in general... Pick yourself back up,  you can do it! Although we might hate a certain point of time within our life, with will power and determination we can ALL overcome these stressful times, I sincerely wish you all the best<3


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