Tuesday, 17 April 2012

If You love Pretty Liars or Lying Game you will Love This?!!

I have recently discovered a new favorite show that one of my friend got me hooked to..RINGER! The reason why I was so drawn to this show was because it reminded me of another t.v show I love but that is currently on a break (Lying Game-from the producers of Pretty Little Liars)

Tonight is the season finale, and I am so excited but it sucks that I can't watch till Friday (finally free!). The show is about two twins played by Sarah Michelle Geller. Bridget is an addict, and her sister Siobhan is the like the "good sister" helping Bridget when she gets in trouble. 

Basically after a long time, Siobhan  wants to see Bridget so she invites her to stay with her for as long as she wants. One day while out boating Bridget wakes up to find out that Siobhan is gone! (She believes her sister commuted suicide) What Bridget doesn't know is that her sister is not dead, in fact she is alive. Bridget has run away from testifying against a killer and assumes her sisters identity and from here on out its a crazy whirl wind!!

So many things happen, and each episode just gets better and better.. it's like Lying game (same twin concept except in Lying game the twins know each other, one twin takes over (Emma) in the hopes that the other (Sutton) can find their biological birth mother..) I watch both and love them but I would say Ringer's is targeted towards an older audience. Watch the promo below for both shows!

( Season one almost over)
( Season 2 will start up soon)

Hope you give the show a chance..it's AMAZING:)

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