Thursday, 26 April 2012

Adventure to the Pottery Studio..

Today was such a fun day! One of my good friends came over for the day..we talked and hung out at my house and then decided later that we would go to the pottery place like 5 minutes away from my house! It might sound childish but boy was it fun! It was sooo relaxing, I lovee arts and crafts so this was definitely down my alley. My brother, Sarah and I went together, when we got there we were asked to select our piece of pottery, the lady was sooo nice in explaining everything. After choosing our desired piece we had to sponge it with water to remove any dirt or dust. After this we were able to select as many colors we wished to use, they had such a wide variety of colors; different tints, and sheen's. My brother created quite the mess but that's all right haha. Sarah was able to create two pieces; one for herself, and one for her mother. I was able to do one and same with my brother. Here are some pictures from our outing:
I picked this cute cupcake piece, the top can be removed so I thought it would be perfect to store some of my rings.

this is what it looked like as it progressed......

I decided to keep the bottom a neutral color called "creme color coffee", the top portion was a sparkly pink...for accents I painted the sprinkles all different colors mainly pastel shades.
Cupcake- $ 20.00 

My brother's creation.....

After much contemplation my brother (who is 4) finally settled on this truck piggy bank.. This has to be the most unique truck I have ever seen haha. I love it though, it went through many different phases (all black, pink highlights, and then finally blue!!)

and this was the final product after a little help..
Truck -$ 25.00

Sarah's work of Art!

It started off as a plain jewellery box but soon she vamped it into this...

She and I both used the same sparkly pink color, after painting her entire jewellery box she decided to create a design free hand. it turned out beautifully:) 

Her second piece was also very unique..I loveddd the color scheme 

Light blue, green on the inside with a personal message for her mother..

Overall I had a great was fun to let our inner artistic skills shine!

When it came to the end, my brother had a hard time believing that we had to leave his truck there. All the pieces after being painted are glazed and placed in the kiln, it usually takes one week and they call when your work is ready. My brother was so sad, and even know when he remembers about it he brings it up
..and that was my day in a nutshell:)

Hope you enjoyed, and if you have the chance to go find your self a pottery studio you can  truly is very relaxing and fun!!

P.S) Thanks Sarah for a great outing !!:)

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