Friday, 13 April 2012

Zoya Polish Collections!:)

I am back for a quick blog all about nail polishes, I have noticed that the spring and summer collections are all about shades that really pop. Spring collections are filled with soft, pastel like shimmers all the while, summer collections are  bright, beautiful and very rich in color: I am definitely enjoying  all these nail bad for me I bit all my nails!:(

Zoya (Spring) - True Collection
Check out Zoya`s Website for further details 
( I will provide the link for each collection)

These colors, are light and elegant perfect for the warm weather (thank goodness today is a nice day) There are two variations of a light nude color with beige tones, followed by warm and creme like green, blues, and purples. I was looking on the Zoya website, and they have a video of the new collection, with some inspiration pictures, and it was there when close up shots were shown that I was able to see the shimmer included in the polishes. This collection comes with 6 delightful colors, which are all very warm toned. (Left to right: Cho, Farah, Bevin, Skylar, Tru, and Lous)

Zoya ( Summer)- Beach & Surf Collection

Hands down this is my favorite collection the colors are all so vivid and remind me of summer. Compared to the True collection I believe these are more matte colors...still have shine, but no shimmer. I personally really like this, because glitter and shimmer is not always my favorite. The names of the polishes are all so nice! Similarly to the spring collection, the Beach and Summer polishes come in 6 shades, from pinks ( 3 beautiful variations) to lime green, and baby blue.. these are much more cool toned colors. (Left to right: Reagan, Lara, Shelby, Arizona, Tracie, and Wednesday)

I just noticed that Zoya has two summer collections..I was thinking this was the Beach and Surf collection..but nope the above are only the Beach polishes. So below is the surf collection...

Zoya ( Summer)-Surf Collection

Wow Zoya definitely does not disappoint, these are GORGEOUS!

These are essentially the same base tone colors as the Beach  nail polishes just jam packed with glitter, and shimmer!! ( Left to right: Carly, Kimber, Rory, Myrtha, Meg, and Zuza)

Each bottle is 8$ or you can buy a sampler pack which includes all 6 polishes for 48$$!!

Hope you all enjoyed, have a great day!!

P.S) look at the fur ball I found sleeping in my brother`s bed!

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