Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March 2012 Luxe Box
This month’s Luxe Box was a complete surprise to me! I had been chatting to my friend Sarah for a while now and we were both really excited to get our box. I checked on Loose Button's twitter on Monday and had saw a tweet from someone asking when exactly the Luxe Boxes were being shipped, a member from the Loose Button team had replied and said sometime next week. I unassuming thought it was next week (Week of the 26th)but I was wrong. 

(Shout out to Sarah for letting me know her Luxe Box arrived otherwise I wouldn't have know to go check my mailbox!)

This month I did not receive either the Loose Button e-mail or the tracking number..ohh well. This way it is a true surprise you'll never know when it arrives haha!

I felt like my box was relatively light but I'll have to say the products were very nice..

This month we are back to our standard yet sleek black Luxe Box..

Here is a quick glimpse of the products I received; in total there were 4 items (I am counting the perfume samples as one thing)

Here is this month's product card which had a really nice design inside..

along with this members also received this card..
The coolest part is that it is made out of recycled materials.. It was really nice because the card was an appreciation to subscribers for helping Loose Button grow into the community that it is now. The card contains seeds in it so you can plant the paper in soil "Loose button would like to invite you to nurture this plant to beautify your home"...I thought that was really sweet.
Happy Birthday Loose Button!
Onto the detailed review of the products?!

1st product- My Scent Program Bundle

This is a perfume sample program that enables members of Luxe Box community to test out different scents. Like I said with perfume samples previously I love when they do this as an added touch. However, when the products are not that great and they throw in a perfume it kinda sucks. Overall I am pleased and I love this month’s perfumes… It is lovely how they add more than one! The scents came in this black sheer sash kind of bag, surprisingly there were no repeats (I have already received Nina Ricci Samples). The three scents were:

1) CK -Shock (45$ for 50mL)
2) Vera Wang -Love struck ( $79 for 50mL)
3) Marc Jacobs -Oh Lola! ( $79 for 50mL)
* all samples were 1.2 mL*
I just tested them and would have to say that Shock, and Oh Lola! are my fave

2nd Product- Cargo Eyeshadow

This was a part of the featured products for the first in line product. I got lucky.. when I went to reserve a product it said that the shadow had reached the reservation limit..so I picked the Cargo glitter coat and guess what, I ended up getting both products!

Beautiful duo..it reminds me of Neapolitan Ice cream haha. It comes in this tin pot and includes 2 colors,a soft pink paired with a light chocolate brown. This is a huge shadow compared to other brands such as Mac.. This  retails for 16$. 
(this is 3g and I believe it is the Full Size)

3rd product- Cargo Glitter top coat eyeliner

This is the product I reserved for this month, it is a very nice size sample.. it is 2.8 mL and the full size is sold for $18. It is a translucent base/ color with silver and blue glitter in it. I love how beautiful it looks on the eye.. it is perfect for parties or night time looks.

and last but not least..
4th product- J.R Watkins hand and Body lotion
This cream came in the cutest bottle haha! It has 29mL of product and the full size ( 325 mL) retails for $10..although it is a nice cream the scent is very overpowering. When you smell it you just get a waft of a strong lavender scent which I am not a big fan of. I will use it anyways, probably through it in my purse. Very cute to go size.. ( out of everything it’s the product I am least excited about)

Overall opinion: Loving this box! I mentioned on last month's  feedback survey form how I loved getting a variety of items but I hardly got makeup.. I have received a lot of hair and nail care.. and what do you know, this month I got two makeup products! Thank you Loose Button for another wonderful Luxe Box & Happy 1st Birthday!
*Care to share?? What did you receive in your March* 
*Luxe Box?*


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