Monday, 2 April 2012

Quick Book Review!

The Nine Lives of Chloe King:

I have had this book since December and I just finished it now! Typically speaking I can finish a book within one day!! This book however I had to start and stop soo much because of all my university commitments. Last summer I started to watch the series and really enjoyed it, it was something different but good. It had the components of a girly novel, but then it  also had mysterious twists to it which I really enjoyed...So finally tonight I finished the book. The show stopped after the first season because there weren`t enough viewers, so when the finale was aired I was kinda sad because I didn`t know the fate of the characters. This book had in fact all 3 novels combined into one:)

The three novels are:
1) The Fallen
2)The Stolen
3)The Chosen

It sounds silly but it is the type of book that you have to read to understand, basically the jist of the novel is focused around this girl named Chloe, she finds out that she is a part of this certain existence. A lot of the book faces with the life style Chloe is is pressured into because of this new revelation. Along the way she learns a lot about her history, and her people. A book can`t be completed without the bad guys either haha! In this book it was this battle between the Mai ( Chloe`s clan) and the opposing forces ( The order)...weird I know but I did like it. I liked the first and second book better than the third..the ending was kind of abrupt:(

Next on My reading List is....
- Hunger Games ( Suzanne Collins)
-  Class ( Cecily Von Ziegesar)


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