Wednesday, 4 April 2012

NYX Goodies


On the way home from the library (where I was attempting to study) I stopped off at Pharmasave just for heck of it. I didn't have anything I needed to buy I just kinda wanted to go. I always see the flyer in the paper but never have visited the store once except for today. The funny thing is, it's literally like 5 minutes away from my house, but I always go to the other plaza which is just as close..I wasn't even sure if I was in the right plaza?! Imagine my excitement when I was greeted with rows and rows of NYX products..I know to some this may not be so exciting...but it was my first time ever seeing any of the products in a store. The only NYX I have is was a jumbo lip pencil I received in my Luxe Box. I just kinda starred at everything and then picked up some stuff. I am really happy with everything, but I think I may have gotten too dark of a concealer:( I use MAC's studio fix concealer but I wanted to try something new that wasn't  too expensive, I may end up switching it if I can or just give it to my sister. Here are the three things I picked up:
1) NYX Trio Eyeshadow palette (Very Delight)
2) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ( Milk)
3) NYX As if Concealer stick (Tan) 

I have heard a lot about the milk jumbo pencil on Youtube, so I decided to give it a go. It was so inexpensive I couldn't pass it up. I heard it can be applied as a base, as well as in the water line to enhance and make your eyes seem bigger. I am so excited to try this out:)
Price- $5.99

Next concealer..
They had a couple different types of concealer ( stick, tube etc..) I got the stick one in tan, but now I am realizing it is tooo dark!:( I hate when that happens..Whenever there are no samples I always act on impulse.
Anyways I tried it out, and it glides on really nicely..pretty good coverage too, just sucks that it makes me look do orange..whoops:)
Price- $7.99

I lovvveee this palette soo much! Perfect for everyday wear, and if you want to make it more dramatic you can easily draw in a darker browns/ blacks. It has 3 of the most gorgeous colors in it, a dusty pink, a corally pink/ orange, and a light brown. 
p.s) pigmentation is awesome, you can easily build up the color to amplify it
Price $9.99

I cannot wait to pick up some more stuff, next time I want to get some lip sticks, glosses, and maybe more shadows !

Hope you enjoyed

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