Saturday, 21 April 2012

Makeup and skin care Wants!

Hey Everyone!

Here is part two of my Shopping Wish List however this is more makeup and skin care related.  I always really liked makeup, but I was never that fascinated with high end brands (probably because I was jobless) lately there has been this ongoing fondness and temptation to buy and experiment with different brands primarily higher end ones!

The skin care is mostly Lush Products, I have never purchased anything from there but that won't be for too long! I have oily kinda skin and was looking for different solutions since I haven't been liking my Clinique 3 Step System (Acne Prone Skin One). I have heard a lot of Herbalism and was really fascinated by it. It's a green like paste formula you mix with a hint of water and it is supposed to soak up excess oils produced. Personally I want something that will take on the task of removing oils, limiting blemishes, and clearing up old scars...any suggestions other than this?

my friend was raving about the "Angels on Bare Skin" but I don't think it is targeted towards my needs...I love how it claims to make your skin  feel and look soft but I don't think it serves a purpose for oily acne prone skin:( It says on the Lush website that this is for people who are not sure as to which cleanser they should use..However, reading further on it acts as an exfoliant as well therefore eliminating the excess dirt from pores so I guess if I wanted I could try this too.
(Small size 10.95$)
As a spot gel treatment (for the occasional problem areas) the website says that "Grease of lightening (spot gel) and "Vanishing cream" pair nicely together.
For moisturizer I have two in mind..not really sure?! One of which is Lush and the other being Clinique

The thing is I don't like to mix and match so if I get the Lush products I would rather just get the Vanishing cream, I will probably just look at more reviews!
Click on the annotation to be directed to the site of your choice:)
Make up time!!!! 
and below are a bunch of make up products I have heard about and and loving ( always watching youtube videos & reading reviews haha)

...and that's it....for now haha! I did have a couple of Blushes in mind, but I am not sure how good they would look on me, here are the ones I do like :
- Nars- Taj Mahal
-Miss Liberty 

Hope you all enjoyed, will be posting more regularly
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