Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April Luxe Box Update!

Ladies go and check your emails
 (To those of you who are Luxe Box subscribers)! 

Finally we will be getting our April Luxe Boxes shipped out next week, I can hardly wait. I really thought there would be hope in receiving it this week but I guess not! This month is cancer awareness month, and Loose Button has came up with this idea to donate products (you have the choice to donate a product or your entire box for individuals in need)..I think that's pretty neat!

Most exciting part is that First in line is back yet again..RESERVATION OPENS THURSDAY (April 19th, 2012) @ 12 EST.. The last time they had a set time, I didn't check my email on time so when I saw it I had already missed out on my first dib..opps! This time I am gonna try to get my first choice.

Any thoughts on what Loose Button will feature this month?

( I hope makeup!!!!)

3 blogs in a row today, that's a record for me!

Take Care

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