Sunday, 18 March 2012

Revlon Custom Eyes Palette
This palette is a beautiful mix of earthy tones, both light and natural, perfect for day to day wear. It comes with 5 beautiful shades all ranging from a light browny off white shade to a lovely darker purple and hazel color. The shadows  have very good pigmentation and are not overly shimmery.. very true to their color!

This particular palette is in the number 
10- Sweet Innocence..
The shadows also have a very cool quilted appearance.
It comes with a unique sponge that has two different sides, one is the traditional sponge applicator that comes with most shadows, and the other one is slightly skinnier and more rounded. This side is perfect for getting the shadow in the crease area and really defining it whereas the normal side is great for applying shadow all over to the lid.
 The back of the shadow packaging comes with a picture to help guide a person when applying the colors. It numbers the colors and shows the preferred location of them 
( lid, crease, brow etc..)



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