Thursday, 15 March 2012

    New Vera Wang Perfume

I am not too sure if this perfume is just new to me or a completely new addition to the collection. Either ways it is beautiful and smells delicious! I love Vera Wang perfumes manly for the bottle haha, but I have never been a fan of the scents. I have tried numerous variations of the perfume but was never 100% sold on it.

Today I stopped off at Shopper on the way home, and while cashing out I saw this perfume on the front stand. It was on sale for 49$.. I would describe it as sweet, flirty, fruity andddd florally all in one.. the smell is absolutely incredible!

The bottle is the best part, it is the standard heart shaped packaging however it is covered with black gems, that have purple undertones. It caught my eye instantly, sitting on the shelve just glimmering. 

Another perfume that kind of reminds me of this one in terms of the sweetness is Prada Candy!

Can I see myself purchasing this..YES!
It takes me a while to find a fragrance that I really like, and this happens to one that I can see myself using regularly:)


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