Sunday, 11 March 2012

Luxe Box First In line Program
I just checked my e-mail and awaiting me was two emails from Loose Button announcing their “First in Line Program” for the month of March! I clicked on the link, and the items that were chosen for this month were displayed.

There were 3 different items, two of which were beauty items..and the last being a hair care product. 

1st Product- Cargo Single Eyeshadow
2nd Product- Cargo Glitter Top Coat
And lastly..Fekkai Hair care Samples

  The reservation limit has been reached for the single eyeshadow, but the glitter top coat and the hair products are still available. I chose the Cargo glitter top coat thinking it was like a mascara?! I searched it online though and it is liquid eyeliner.. I am excited to try this out because I don't have many glitter liners. I do have one but it a very sheer silver and it is hardly visible, so this will give me the opportunity to try one out. I  never heard of "Cargo" either until recently so this is another perk...trying a makeup company I am unfamiliar with.

Reserving a product for this month’s March Luxe Box ends 
tomorrow (March 12th @ 12:00pm) so any Loose Button Members who haven’t done so should!


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