Friday, 16 March 2012

Benefit’s  High Beam
I have always really liked the concept of luminescent highlighter that would brighten up my complexion but I had never really considered buying one. For a while now I have been reading and watching videos on Benefit’s ever popular highlighters/tints. My favorites initially were Sun Beam, and Moon Beam.
I  finally decided to purchase one (Sun Beam) and was thrilled by my purchase; I came home and tried it right away. I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t really see a big difference..the color twinkled and shimmered when I put it on but a little while later it was gone, almost as though it had settled in my skin. I didn’t buff Sun Beam in instead I patted the product to make sure I didn’t rub it into my foundation, I tried it again another time but experienced the same problem. I think part of the problem was that the tint wasn’t suitable for my skin color..I loved the color in the bottle, but it wasn’t practical. I wouldn’t say my skin is overly fair but it isn’t deep either..I think this is meant for those who have a lighter complexion hoping to add a bit of dimension to their face by adding that sun kissed dewy look.

In the end I ended up going back to the store in the hopes to swap the product for either Moon Beam, or High Beam. I was going to go with Moon Beam but the didn`t have it so I ended up going with High Beam.

I am so happy that it worked out this way, I think I would have experienced the same dilemma with Moon beam because it is more pearly pink based. I have to be careful with Pink shades because it looks very unnatural and kinda of cakey on my skin.

I tried this out for the first time today and was super pleased, it left me with this  healthy glow that lasted the whole day. I applied some on my cheekbones and on my brow bone and it definitely made my makeup pop!  

Loving this product cannot wait to use it more!:) Ohh and I believe It was 34$ somewhere in and around there. I have plenty of more blogs to come..I have been jotting down a list of possible ideas, anyways Goodnight and I hope you all have a great weekend!


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