Thursday, 8 March 2012

New Sally Hansen Nail Polish Collection

I am absolutely obsessed with this collection, although the Gem crush colors are beautiful and bedazzled; I am more drawn to the Smooth Perfect Color care line.

The line includes the most beautiful, soft, spring pastel colors that will look nice on any skin tone.  I am a big fan of light pastel nail colors primarily because dark colors look really harsh on my skin tone. These colors are perfect for the upcoming season.

There are 8 different shades in this collection:
- Linen
- Dune
- Satin
- Whisper
- Air
- Sea
I am tempted to by every shade and I probably will haha! 

         Top Left: Sea & Air..and Below ( left) Fog & Satin
..and this shelve also Fog & whisper ( which is the light lavender pastel)

Check out Sally Hansen's website for all the swatches

Overall like I said I love everryy color! I would probably leave out Dune, and Fog because I have similar colors.

I saw these at both Wal- Mart and Shoppers..I know what I am purchasing on my next visit J
On the website it states that this is a new patent formula that is streak free..and it also says  it allows 20% more oxygen. I guess the formula is lighter so air can get to your nails and breath. That’s pretty neat and I am super excited to give these a try!
Next....Gem Crush!

There are 8 new shade in this line as well..all soo gorgeous!

Left to right: Big money, Bling- tastic, Razzle dazzler, Lady luck, Cha- ching!
On the end there is another polish ( purple shade) it just got cut off..the name is Be- Jewelled

...Also there are two shades missing and they are: Glitz gal & Snowgirl Chic

These are so affordable as you can see they were on for $5.97 (Wal-Mart).. I know for sure that Shoppers was a couple bucks higher in price.

These two collections are so nice.. The Smooth Perfect line is very elegant while the Gem Crush polishes add that perfect hint of glitz to an everyday look.

Hope you enjoyed this quick polish blog! More to come soon<3



  1. Ooh I saw these too! I am in LOVE with the gem collection. I wanna buy them.. :)

    1. They are soo pretty! I love your blog especially the nail art designs and the Luxe Box Blogs!:)