Monday, 4 June 2012

Wal-Mart Purchases

Hi everyone,

Today while out I stopped off at my local Wal-Mart! Ughh I am mad at myself for even stepping foot in the store..I'm jobless, broke and a spend-a-holic, yet I still manage to buy stuff when I go out. I didn't do a whole lot of damage but it was items that I could have lived without that I purchased. I also did pick up one more thing.. these new fake nails called Impress Nails (The Nicole Scherzinger ones)? Well I bought that on a whim but I am going to return them. I don't like fake nails unless their actually done professionally, no matter how natural they claim to look I still hate them..I have no clue what I was thinking when I picked up the Impress Nails but yea. The design is cute but really I can do without.. 
I have been eye balling this particular nail color since I first saw it, it is Nicole by O.P.I's Kim-Pletely-in-Love! It's part of the Kardashian color line, it is such a beautiful milky pink color. I also love it because it has shimmer similar to the one in Essie's Pink-a-boo..Ooohh I am just in love with it, I don't regret picking this up hehe. I was at the Polish aisle and I happened to go to the Nicole section, I looked up and saw this line, my eyes immediately started looking for this shade. At first glance there was nothing, people had just placed 3 bottles of top coat where this pink color was supposed to sit but when I reached for the bottle all the way at the back I was pleasantly surprised. YAY I got the last bottle:)

I also saw the Simple line in a cute little travel pack. I saw many Glossy box subscribers receive a sample of the face wash so I have been kind of curious about it. I have always been intrigued by the brand so I thought I would give it a try. It came with a fair amount of stuff! Facial wipes, Facial gel cleanser, toner, and light moisturizer..all for 12$ and something cents!:) I have blemish prone skin that's tends to oil, I know this isn't an acne treatment but I am hoping that it cleanses without irritating, and just thoroughly cleans my face . I just read some reviews and loads of people really like this line, I want to LOVE it as well, it's easily accessible and cost effective. I can't wait to try it tonight:)

What do you guys think about the Simple line?
Love it? Leave it? Lemme know!



  1. that is a great little sample package from Simple! for only 12 bucks you get to try out the line, how perfect? I love their cleansing wipes :) let us know how everything else goes over for you.

    1. Steph, the wipes work amazingly!! I can't wait to do a review, I'll give it a couple more days:)

  2. Oooh, what a great price on the Simple Travel Set! I know, it's hard not to spend especially when reading beauty blogs!

    1. I always get so tempted by reading blogs haah! It was a great deal, can't wait to see if it's effective:)