Friday, 29 June 2012

June Empties

Happy Friday to you all,

I never planned on doing this post until today when I was about to throw out some empty products . I don't have an extensive collection of makeup or body good but sometimes stuff just gets acquired and I never seem to use it. I think for the month of July I will pick certain items that have been sitting in my drawers for a while and just try to make use of them..kinda like a "project pan" concept but I will stick to more than just beauty items. So here are some are some of this month's "empties", while I enjoyed some items, others I won't be re- purchasing!

Clinique Spot Gel Treatment- I bought this spot gel treatment around Christmas time at my local Shoppers after I had been using the entire cleansing system for a couple of weeks. I thought this would be a nice addition to the system, using it to combat on- coming pimples, while reducing the redness. However, using it on and off for the last couple of months I have realized that it does not do much to help me out. This treatment is supposed to clear acne, while calming, soothing and reducing redness. It may have helped reduced the redness just a tad but I didn't find any remarkable traits about this item. I was soo excited about the Acne Solutions products that I immediately bought them when I saw them at The Bay counter. Till this day I still have the cleanser, and toner that I use occasionally but I wasn't satisfied with the results. I will definitely be on the look out for a better spot gel, on that really helps to eliminate breakouts, and fight acne scars. I used to have really dark marks, but over time they have seemed to lighten. Even when I don't have  active breakouts, I still feel like my face isn't 100% clear because of the marks that still remain. Since this has finished I haven't had anything to place on breakouts when they occur..

I have heard great things from a fellow blogger about two items in particular 

..The proactive refining mask
Retin -A ( prescription cream) 

Have you tried these before? If not, what remedies do you use to tackle unwanted pimples?

Sephora Lip Balm- This balm smells amazing, it's an infusion of coconuts and vanilla..YUM! Part of my night time routine is always applying a clear chapstick to restore and hydrate my lips. This nourishing lip balm has a slight wet texture to it, but it stays on. I wake up and my lips feel so puckered up and soft. While I enjoyed this a lot I'm not desperate to get my hands on it again because I have other balms that need to be used up and some that are just as good!

Pure Orchid- I don't even know how long this has been sitting on my dresser! I remember getting this with two other  perfumes as a part of a gift a while back. I always like it a lot but had so many other items going at the same time that I forgot to use it. It`s both a combination of a fruity and floral`s got papayas, lemons, orchids, and blackberries as just some of the notes! It`s an old fragrance (2010) I believe but I have seen it for pretty darn cheap which is good for me haha! I had  a tiny amount left so I pumped it into my empty travello for on the go purposes. 

Maybelline Mineral Powder- Like the Pure orchid I have seen this sitting in my little makeup caddie for ages. Its a mineral blush, that it very pigmented and light! I like the product in general but am not a fan of the color (got it as a gift as well). It`s a bright pink (original rose) that does not work too well with my skin tone (Medium, NC- 30) or at least that`s what I think, personally I see it looking gorgeous on light skin tones!.. I feel as though it makes me look frosty and un-natural so I have been careful to  apply just a tad. It`s only recently that I have started experimenting with blushes, but I think that I like more orange toned blushes than pink:)

Maybelline Illegal Length- This mascara is for lengthening purposes, it has fiber extension technology which helps to enhance lashes making them longer without flakies. It takes me a couple uses to get comfortable with any new mascara, but seeing as this is done I really enjoyed it. It left my lashes with even more length than I already have, no smudging, smearing, or flakes  and removal is easy peasy. I like my mascara to curl and add a bit of volume and for the most part I was pleased! I find myself always gravitating towards the Maybelline mascara`s (Volume express, XXL, Collossal, Illegal length..) but right now I have been using a mascara that was on sale a little while ago, it`s Rimmels WOW lash, not sure how I like it so far..couple more uses and I`ll be able to tell.

 Kerastase Hair Serum- This was a sample product I received in my first Luxe Box (December). I like the smell of it and how it makes my hair feel after I apply. Any time that I did use it it smoothed fly aways, and gave my hair a nice shine without looking oily. I used this on random occasions, so I didn't notice a huge improvement in the long run. Its quite an expensive hair serum so Im glad I got a sample of I dying for the full size? No not really..I still have a generous sample of Moroccan Oil left to use.

BBW Hand Sanitizer- This is a bit random but I thought I’d add it anyway! I always have these  little guys in my purse pocket. They are great for on the go, and come in a perfect compact size. The scent of this sanitizer was nectarine mint, It sounds like a weird combination but it was very pleasant. It`s always nice to carry around a disinfectant to get the guck off your hands if you are unable to wash them.

So there you have it my blogging buddies, June empties.. now in the comments below or on your own post I’d love to know your favorites..

Hope you all have a great weekend, and to my fellow Canadians hope you have a great Canada`s Day!



  1. I'm currently using that Maybelline blush when I do my makeup. It's really light, you're right! I just put on a bit just to make me look less pale. :)


    1. I bet it looks gorgeous on you! I really do like the powder and application, just need to find a shade that best suits me:)

  2. I have a bunch of products that sit in my collection. I try to mix it up that's why its difficult to hit pan because I never use one product for too long..

    1. My makeup is contained in one drawer so far..the thing with me is that I try to rotate and mix up my products, but after awhile I venture back to my daily routine old stuff just sits :P

  3. FAVE:
    spot treatment: refining mask from proactiv!
    lip balm: LUSH honey trap or EOS sweet mint
    fragrance: candy by Prada
    blush: tough call, but I would say benefits bella bamba at the moment!
    mascara: I am loving marcelles xtension plus right now!
    hair serum: I use one by got2b, I don't like to spend much on hair care!

    happy Canada Day weekend :D

    1. I am not too much of a hair care kinda girl, I don't spend too much on serums, and hair products either.. I think Bella Bamba is quite nice I just searched it. Coralista may be too light for me but this looks like it could do!:)

  4. I have the same problem with my Origins Acne Spot Treatment! I've been using it for a while and I don't think that it seems to be doing anything! I may end up trying some sort of product with benzoyl peroxide instead of salicylic acid and see if it's any better :)

    1. That's a good suggestion! I may have to do the same thing..I just get overwhelmed at the amount of products there are when I walk into the isle!!!

  5. Love empties posts! I never do them because I hate keep empty product bugs me for some reason! To answer your questions :):
    1. I use one from clean and clear
    2. My lip butters from Korres
    3. Taylor swifts perfume
    4. tarte Amazonian clay blushes
    5. Covergirl lash blast volume
    6. Chi silk infusion

  6. Ooohh nice picks! I have the sample of Silk Infusion and really like it, smell is wonderful and it really soothes my hair. How is the price? A lot of bloggers are talking about the Amazonian blushes, I really wish I could try one!!

  7. I've tried the Proactiv Refining Mask and I do love it for overnight use but my real miracle product has been La Roche Posay's Effaclar K. They have an Effaclar Duo as well if you prefer Benzoyl Peroxide over Salicylic Acid. :) Love your blog and would love if you'd come check ours out! :)


    1. Thank you soo much for subscribing to my blog, means the world to me!:)
      Thanks for the suggestion too, I really need to get a new spot treatment and bad. I have
      heard of this brand many times but often times I go into the store and am so distracted
      I hardly get to see their products. Off to see your blog