Sunday, 3 June 2012

Accessory of the day!

Hi lovelies!;)

Hope your all enjoying your Sunday afternoon, I wanted to share with you the jewellery piece I am currently wearing. I am rocking a hand crafted bracelet which I am loving.. One of  Lisa's high school teachers made it. I was never a student of this teacher but boy has she ever treated my like one. Anytime Lisa and I go to visit our high school we are greeted sooo lovingly by her. So the last time Lisa (bff) went for for a visit, she gave her two for herself and one for me.. sweet ay?! She makes the most STUNNING jewellery pieces, they are to die for..her Etsy page is not up yet but when it is I will be sure to share the link..
I absolutely love how it's not just one color! 
It has soo many different blue duo tone beads which is incredible :)
What's your favorite jewellery piece your currently obsessed with??


  1. wow that is fantastic.. the colours go so well together!


  2. Omg I know! it's incredible how she makes it...There all blue beads but the fact that some give off a purple hue, and others give off a green sheen is just amazinnggg