Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Guest Blog Featuring Lisa!!

Hello lovely ladies! 

My name is Lisa (Sabina’s friend) and ever since I did a joint blog with her on our clothing haul, Sabina has been asking me for weeks now to do some sort of a guest blog but I have just been so busy! Now that I am finally done all of my examinations, and since I have done a bit of shopping recently, I thought this would be the perfect time for my guest blog! Although I do not have a blog myself, I am always reading all of yours and you all have seriously turned me into a beauty addict! I think I relate most to Jayne (Cosmetic Proof) because I am a science student with an obsession for all things beauty, even more so now that I read all of your blogs and see all these new and exciting products out there! So with that said, I am going to go ahead and get started with this haul. I will start off with Bath and Body Works where I got some great deals during their semi-annual sale! If you guys haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. I think it is still going on for a bit. Let’s get started!

So, the first thing I saw when I walked into the store was a huge display of all of their discontinued, fruity scents that were all on sale for only 3 dollars. I tried to resist because I already have so much Bath and Body Works stuff, I am literally a B and B junkie! But I just couldn’t and I picked up these two things from the display. First off, I picked up the Country Apple Body Lotion which I haven’t used yet. I am debating if I should open it or save it for a gift since I do already own one of their apple hand creams from the Fresh Market line. Either way, I love these fruity scents and apple is one of my favorites so it is now a part of my collection!
From this display, I also got a Pink Grapefruit Body Splash and no matter how many sprays I already own, I am definitely keeping this one for myself. I am obsessed with this scent and was actually dreaming about it when I saw all the different items they had in this scent at The Body Shop. But, they were quite pricey, I was crossing my fingers that they would have something grapefruity at Bath and Body Works Sale. When I saw this, of course, I had to get it. The smell is just wonderful, there is really no way to describe it other than it smells just like a freshly cut, juicy grapefruit!

The next thing that I picked up was from the 50 percent off table and it is a body scrub! I actually saw these scrubs online and was disappointed that they never had any at the store location I go. when I saw these and saw that they were 50 percent off, I was sold yet again. They didn’t have too many options, just the Rio Rumberry scrub that Sabina got and the one I got which is Into the Wild. I already have the Rio Rumberry cream which smells AMAZING so I wanted to try something new. It is hard for me to describe this scent; it is very woodsy but it has a hint of citrus to it as well. I find it a very refreshing scent that reminds me of an outdoorsy night. I am really excited to try this out! I love body scrubs because they leave your skin feeling so fresh and soft! 
Last but not least, I picked up three soaps from the store which were all on sale for 3 dollars! Ever since it came out, I have been obsessed with the Freshly Picked collection. I have a tangerine hand cream and it smells just like the real fruit! I absolutely love it! So I decided to get the tangerine soap as well as the cherry and strawberry one. Two of these are the deep cleansers and one is a moisturizing soap. I have never used these soaps before so I wanted to see which type I prefer but they both look really nice. I am not a huge fan of just the thin liquid soaps but with these, one is a thick moisturizing soap and the other has the cleansing beads to give it some grit so I think I am really going to enjoy these!

 Then from Shoppers, I finally got to see the new Essence line for myself. Sabina has bought a number of things from there and has been raving about the quality for such a good price. They just had a small display of items but they had anything you could want from mascara to powder to blush to eyeshadow. Lots of choices! After much debate, I decided on three items. First off is this mosaic powder that I got for 4 dollars. I have never been much of a powder person but I thought this mosaic design was just so pretty, and I really wanted to try it out. It works really nicely, it just sort of smooths out imperfections, gives my pale skin a bit of color and is great to brush on before blush application.
Next up, I got one of their eyeshadows for only 2 dollars! I love this one so much because it has so many shades mixed into one shadow and the silver flecks just make it even more gorgeous! I am so sorry; I tried to swatch this but the pictures just really did not turn out so great so I hope this picture suffices! It is a great formula and looks really pretty on the eyes since it really brings attention up there and highlights the eye color. 
And finally, I just could not get away from the rack and resist this last purchase which really was not necessary. I have so many lip glosses already and lately, I have been more into the lip balms because I find a lot of the glosses are just too sticky for me. But this packaging was so cute; I could not put it down. This little set was 4 dollars and I must admit that the glosses are actually really nice! They are not very sticky and they are quite light and a bit moisturizing as well. The colors are very, very sheer so they don’t really show up well on a hand swatch. In fact, there is barely any color to each gloss. It is really just to give the lips a light sparkle but I love these nonetheless! They had two of these sets; the one shown below and another one which has all pink glosses. But the colors are very sheer and similar to each other anyway so I think one set is more than enough for me.
Thanks so much to you guys for reading this blog; it means a lot to me! Like I said earlier, I love reading all of your blogs and some of my favorites are Canadian Beauty Reviews and Romanian Butterfly. Thanks so much for all the great posts and maybe I will be back soon for some more posts!



  1. Aww, hi Lisa! Great guest post! I have a weakness for bath products too. What's your major in school? I was lucky in that when I was still a student, there were girls who were in my program who also loved shopping and makeup. Once I went into computer science though, all those girls disappeared and I was pretty much alone :(

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Jayne! I really appreciate it, I am going into my third year of Honours Life Science!:) Luckily for me, there are tons of girls who love shopping and makeup so I am not alone. That stinks that your by yourself, but at least you have a the great blogging community to share all your beauty stuff with! Thanks again for reading :D

  2. Great haul!! I need to try that body scrub ASAP!! You wrote a fantastic post you should start your own blog :) I would read and follow it for sure !!

    1. Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! It means so much to me. You have to try the scrub for sure, and thank you for saying you would read my blog. You are too kind! Maybe I will make one someday but my problem is that during the months I am in school, I know I would barely have any time to blog:( I absolutely love your blog though, I always find myself reading each and everyone one of your new posts. Have a great night<3

  3. Wow, fabulous haul! I walked into B&BW as well..and talked myself out of buying a single thing! I am not allowed ANY MORE until I use up what I have...then the next one I'll stock up again. I don't want my stuff going stale. I really should be cut off completely from shopping for awhile. lol. I love essence products as well...inexpensive AND good quality! :)
    Thanks for doing the guest spot here! :)

    1. Thanks so much Aleksandra! I know, we both seem to be B and BW junkies! I have to do the same thing as you. I mean, I literally should not be going into that store for another year. I have tons of creams and sprays and I need to use it all up before I start on anything new. The worst is when they either get a new line of scents or have an incredible sale because then, I just cannot resist! And same here, I love those cheap makeup brands that are actually god quality like Essence and Elf! I love reading your blog because I always see so many of those types of makeup brands. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Have a wonderful afternoon! :)