Thursday, 14 June 2012

Review # 3: Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer


Today's review is all about the Simple moisturizer, I have been using this since I bought the set along with my Cetaphil moisturizer. I honestly wish this cream had SPF because I would probably prefer it over my Cetaphil SPF 50 lotion. I will be making comparisons back to this lotion because these are the two that I am currently using. I know that the lotions are different  but they seem to make some of the same claims, and I feel as though one lotion really lives up to its expectations. When I first got that lotion (Cetaphil) I reviewed it and really enjoyed it, while I still like it I have noticed some differences. Im not sure about you but when I try a beauty related item out and like it I see it as the best darn thing on the planet however, it’s when I experiment with other products that I notice slight flaws in the previous item. 

So far I have been liking this moisturizer (Simple) it is said to have the perfect blend of ingredients in order to keep skin replenished, fresh, and hydrated. Like mentioned before in all the other products there is no sign of alcohol, perfumes, or dyes. This particular cream contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, glycerin and much more. I am well aware of the benefits of glycerin because thats one key ingredient along with many others such as rose water that I use in a home made facial cleanser (remedy). Glycerin is a great moisturizing and healing agent! 

Did you know Glycerin is really good to place on top of burns? It is a very soothing!

The products comes in a squeeze container, a pea size is the perfect amount of product for me to cover my entire face. You don’t need much, a little goes a long way! 

I would describe this cream as more of a gel than a lotion. Right when you apply it looks like a lotion do doubt but as soon as you start to blend in, it’s transparent. Its applied effortlessly, and you can hardly feel it! It is sooo incredibly light weight, and it is replenishing. Compared to the Cetaphil it is not greasy at all, this is truly something that goes on clear, absorbs quickly, and is translucent. There’s no shine what so ever, and I haven’t been getting oily when I wear this under makeup. I usually use this twice a day and my face is perfectly moisturized.

I really wish this had some SPF in it haha! it would be my go- to product!
I love that it’s light weight, applied with ease, and it’s lovely for the warmer weather.

Whats your favorite summer moisturizer? Have you tried this one in particular?


  1. I use this lotion and I absolutely love it! But I agree with you..I wish it had SPF in it.

    1. It would be perfect with SPF! I'm curious about the Simple Facial Scrub, have you ever tried?