Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Sister's Birthday Gift!

Birthdays are just so magical, there's something about them that makes me so happy! On my birthday I usually start off so happy but by the end of the day I'm sad because a) I can't believe the day has gone by so quickly and b) I'm getting older!!  Thursday is my sister's birthday and here are some of the things I have picked up for her, I'm planning to get a nice box and wrap it with this awesome polka dot cellophane I got and top it off with red and white polka dotted ribbon.
I love getting a whole bunch of things as opposed to one larger thing because it's more exciting. belief it or not though, little things add up so fast! 

Here is some of the stuff I got...

~Bath and Body~

 Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Spray- I love the smell of this, it's sweet and perfect for the winter.

Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig Shower Scrub- What better then the add a matching exfoliating scrub! I have this scrub in Rio Rumberry and I'm constantly using it, it does such a nice job at smoothing out my skin gently. 

Lush Buche De Noel - This is a limited edition facial cleanser made especially for the holidays. It's great for the colder months because it infuses and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft., and the smell isn't bad at all (compared to say Herbalism, or Dark Angels not that I mind the smell of these..just saying)

Lush Mmm Melting Marshmellow Moment- O-M-G I am obsessed with the smell of this Bath melt. I've never tried it myself but this and the comforter bar have to be my fave in terms of the smell. I know my sister will love pampering herself with this bath treat.

~Makeup/ Beauty~

Essence Nail Polishes- My sister was oogling a bunch of these polishes so I picked three of the ones I thought she'd like. A lime green, a bright blue, and a coral pink (slightly with orange hues)

Wet N' Wild Palette (Walking on Eggshells)- This is a personal favorite of mine, and I knew my sister would enjoy it. She wears eyeshadows but nothing too dark so I thought this was perfect in the sense that it's light and subtle.

Essence (Long Beach)- I blogged about this a couple days ago and again my sister kept telling me how much she like it, so I took it as a hint. It's a lovely variation of browns, perfect neutral palette. 

EOS lip Balm (Sweet Mint)- My sister has tried the summer fruit one and actually went through it quite quickly, so I decided to get her a replacement this time in a different flavor. 

NYC lip gloss (tube one)- A beautiful sparkly peachy/ pink color

NYC Lip Gloss- Another beautiful pink with a slight frost to it, my sister's a lip gloss junkie!

Essence Lip Gloss- Strawberry scented YUM!

~Clothing Related~

Booties- They look like long socks, but there booties for in the house. They've got a nice tread on the bottom of them to prevent falls and they even have cute pom poms on each side.I got these at Winners and they had a really nice variety of designs.

Fuzzy Socks- I thought these were adorable, fuzzy socks in all colors haha.

Cardigan- My sister loves color no matter what time of  year, so I got her this bright orange  button down cardi.


Moccasins- I love these guys I have two pairs from Payless and their my favorite, these were from Wal-Mart and belief it or not the quality looks so much better then Payless. I paid more for mine and although I love them the front of them started to come apart whereas the soles/ treads of these look much better.

Travel Mug- I don't know what else to say, it's bright pink and adorable!!

 ...I think to finalize the gift I'll just throw in some tasty treats:)


  1. Love the EOS lip balm...I have honeydew flavor and I think wet n wild walking on eggshells is such a great steal at the drugstore!

    1. I love the packaging of EOS so nifty!!

  2. That looks like a lovely gift!!

    1. Thanks- Hope she likes as much as I do lol:P

  3. You're a great sister! Wish I have one just like you! lol


    1. Awww that made me smile!:)
      Thanks love

  4. Awww, your sister's a lucky girl!