Friday, 28 September 2012

Mascara Battle: My thoughts on Korres & Maybelline

Recently I picked up two mascara's to try, I had high hopes for both but only one of them worked well for me unfortunately. So I'm here to share my thoughts and opinions on both, hope you enjoy!

Korres Abyssinia Oil Mascara-
This was the first mascara I eagerly picked up, it was only recently that I learned of the Korres brand so each time I went to Winners and saw something Korres related I got extremely excited. I was sifting through some of the newer items and came across this I simply couldn't walk away considering that this "higher end" mascara was only $7.99! After trying it though I was saddened, as it didn't live up to my expectations. This mascara sounds absolutely amazing it's said to be a "volumizing, lash conditioning, and strengthening mascara", it's packed with Abyssinia oil and Pro Vitamin B5 to restore and condition eye lashes. Along with that it's supposed to be extremely buildable for thickening purposes. I read this and was immediately enticed however it honestly gave me the opposite effect. 

You know when your wearing non water proof mascara and you cry or when you splash water on your face and your lashes cling together and become thin? Well this is exactly what my eyelashes look like when I apply this, it's extremely disappointing seeing as this mascara is especially for thicker volumized lashes.  No matter how much I try to build it up my eyelashes remain thin, stringy and very spread apart. The formula of this mascara is somewhat wet, and I have a feeling this may be due to the added oil. 

I don't like my mascara to be clumpy by any means but I like having more then just a light natural look. I have medium to long lashes so I like to extenuate them and I found that other mascara's do a better job. However this is great for those who like that no makeup look because it's so light you can hardly tell your wearing anything. It's also great in the sense that it doesn't clump and I definitely think it is conditioning. I haven't used it much but I think the next time I do I'll give each coat more time dry? Hopefully this will then lessen the wateriness and actually fill out my lashes instead of thinning them out and making them look sparse. A lot of folks either really like this or really don't and I found some people on Makeup Alley who had similar experiences to mine.

What I enjoyed about the Korres Abyssinia Oil Macara....
-The price
-Feels conditioning
-Easy to remove (no rubbing/ scrubbing comes off with a splash of water)
-The ingredients are much better then some other drug store mascara's (less gunk added into it)
-(Not expensive at all and it was great for testing out! I would have hated to buy this at a much higher price and then find out that I didn't like it)

What I didn't enjoy about it....
- No volume
- Made lashes sparse and separated
- Kind of gloopy and wet

Would I buy it again...Sadly no! 
Maybelline- Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara
Maybelline mascara's have always been  my go to, I ventured off trying all sorts of brands but ultimately came back to Maybelline. No matter which one I pick up it seems to work, I think my all time fave has to be the XXL curl. The formula is good and along with that the application is pleasant. I believe this is the newest mascara to the Maybelline family, I've read about it on many blogs and there happens to be mixed feelings about the product. 

I personally like that it doesn't take me coat after coat to build up. Even on the first swipe you can see your eyelashes transform. It's easy to work with and I'm able to create a fuller lashes with this. I have been using this everyday for the last little while and the only think I've found is that it's ability to curl isn't the best. It does a fine job but the curl seems to fall out. This may sound funny but when I curl my lashes and put this on it falls out faster then with non curled lashes, so when I go to apply I skip the lash curler. This mascara almost has a gel like consistency it dries well and flaking/ clumping is not an issue for me. 

What I liked....
 - Good amount of volume
- Didn't clump my lashes
 -Didn't feel heavy or crunchy

What I didn't like....
- It's curling ability, not the best!
-Sometimes transfer onto upper eyelid when I'm applying

Would I buy again...Yes possibly! 

If you look below the main difference between the Korres mascara and the Maybelline one is the overall bristle shape. Maybelline has long fibers that help the mascara to comb through your lashes, whereas the Korres one is more compact and small. 
Have you tried either or mascara? 
Have a great weekend, Toodles!


  1. Great review Sabina! I saw this Korres Mascara at my local Winners but decided not to get it. Im so glad I know now that it is no good. I ended up getting the Korres Pressed Powder for Oily/Combination Skin instead and I love it so far!

    :) Chelsey

    1. I'm glad you liked the review!! I wanted to love the mascara but it fell short for me, I actually say the pressed powder but they didn't have my shade. So glad it's been working well for you.

      Take care and have a great weekend

  2. I have tried the Maybelline but wasn't super impressed with it. I couldn't get much volume but perhaps I wasn't applying enough? Good to know about the Korres though because like you I was super interested in the brand and would probably buy anything from it if I found it at Winners!

    1. I mean Maybelline has always been a brand I could go to and not be disappointed. I enjoyed the mascara but it wasn't anything extra ordinary. I'm jumping for joy if I score something amazing:P

  3. I don't like the look of that Korres wand! It looks so clumpy :S I haven't tried anything from the brand except their Lip Butters which I really like. I'm not really tempted by their skin care or makeup offerings though. I generally like Maybelline mascaras and have had good experiences with them. Haven't tried the Mega Plush one though.

    1. I don't like the wand either it's hardly volumizing and incredibly small! The lip butters are heaven, I really enjoy them and can't wait to get some more. I wouldn't mind trying some of their body shower gels but that's about it. I saw some pressed powders the last time but they never have my color and I don't care too much for them anyway.