Monday, 10 September 2012

Introducing the New Luxe Box: Fall 2012 Unboxing!

Some of you may already know that Luxe Box, a Canadian (also now American) beauty subscription service has evolved. Like most beauty boxes Luxe Box used to ship out one box per month including 4-5 samples, however now they've transformed into a seasonal box service. There aim is to deliver samples that are now tailored to the 4 seasons. For subscribers this means receiving 4 boxes per year with 7-8 samples in it.

I had a yearly membership that I got for my birthday last year and had 5 Luxe Boxes left. Loose Button offered members an opportunity to upgrade their package and receive the first seasonal box free so that's what I did. I upgraded my service to the semi-annual plan ($50 every 6 months) because I had an existing credit of $50 that I wanted to use up. I don't think I will be renewing my membership but you never know, I just find it difficult to wait so long for my package. The only other beauty service I am interested in is Top Box and I've heard the wait list is quite lengthy!!

I had a minor delay with my Luxe this month, it was supposed to arrive on Sept. 4th, but got lost in transit for a bit so my new expected delivery was today actually (Sept. 10th). I  already knew what I got in my box because I looked online. With the improved service came new tips and tricks from the Loose Button website based off the products you received in your luxe box. I got the email on Saturday saying that I could log onto my account and check out the details so I did, but I only got my Luxe box today! So after months of waiting and waiting (I skipped June's l.b to get the first fall one free) I'd like to show you all the new, evolved fall edition Luxe Box...
 (Be aware this is a long and picture heavy post!)

So I must say the biggest transformation of all was the overall presentation of the Luxe Box! The black square box has now been replaced by a chic white rectangular one topped off with golden accents. 
Everything about the Luxe box screams "luxe to me", it's very much re-vamped.
The box is constructed very well, and is considerably sturdy..I will definitely be saving it for future use.
When I cracked upon my Luxe box the first thing I saw was the product information card tucked away inside an envelope and a white piece of satin material covering my items.
One thing I've always admired about Loose Button is their attention to fine detail and personal touches, I'm a sucker for it!
A golden monogrammed letter sealing the envelope..
Here is a quick preview of the products I received
 a box loaded with goods..
Product # 1-No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner
This is a clear lip liner meant to stop lip stick smears above the lip. The slip that came in the box recommends using a light coat of foundation as the perfect lip base, then drawing the no bleeding lip liner around the edge of your lips to prevent your lip color from "bleeding". I think this is a really cool concept, and I know I'll get use out of it. I sometimes experience minor bleeding just above my cupids bow so I'm excited to put this to the test. 

Product #2- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips
I swear I walk by these each time I go to wal-Mart and just stare at them. First off I never know what pattern to get and secondly I can never bring myself to buy them. It's nice to see these nail strips in my box because I have NEVER used anything like them before. I got the nail stickers in Glitzy Glam, it's absolutely jam packed with beautiful gold glitter!

Product # 3- Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eye Liner
This is one of the items I saw a majority of luxe box subscribers receive, it's the skinny liquid eyeliner by Eyeko. This fine tip liner allows for great precision without smudging. I drew a couple thin lines on my hand and then tried to rub it off however the liner doesn't budge very easily, great news for people whose liner runs!

Product # 4- Loose button Exfoliating Pad
This is an exclusive product from Loose Button! An exfoliating pad made to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells. I will be using this the next time I take a shower, it's a cute little added touch.

Product # 5- Bourjois Mini Nail Polish
This nail enamel is the cutest little size, and it's a shade I could definitely see myself using. I am SOO picky with nail colors haha so it's a relieve that I like this. I can't find the polish name but it's a light metallic golden color. 

Product # 6 & 7- Vichy Thermal Spa Water + Vichy Calming Cleansing Solution

I think these are the two products I'm most happy about..I really feel like Loose Button took into account my personal profile when selecting these two samples and for that I am extremely grateful. The Thermal Water is Extremely soothing and protecting, it acts as protection towards sensitive skin. Vichy says that  the "unique combination of 15 rare minerals gives the Thermal Spa Water its remarkable ability to soothe, fortify, and regenerate the skin". This can be used to refresh ones makeup, you simply spray 30m away and then gently blot away with a tissue and it soaks up any impurities. 

The next sample I got was of Vichy's Puret√© Thermale Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution (what a long name haha). This 30 mL sample is perfect for trying out, as there is a great amount of product in it . It's meant to trap and remove excess oils and dirt similar to a toner. Simply apply the solution to a cotton pad and continue to wipe over your face and eyes for a perfectly cleansed face. 

What I loved about the change...
-Personally I really like the variance between people's boxes, it definitely more excitement for me because I will be left guessing with that I get (however saying that some times it can be unfair cause others get such wonderful stuff and your left with the not to nice stuff)
-The packaging, what an over haul, I absolutely adore the new stylish trendy boxes, all the personal touches make me feel like I'm a valued member
-The new profile (took into account my skin tone and other preferences)
-Loose Button has been great with communication, I got two to three updates on my Luxe Box when it went missing! (Also I had a question and I sent them an email and got a reply back the same day)
-Good size samples (I hope this continues to be the case because all my samples this month were more than one use ones- very generous sized)
- You can now log into your Loose Button account and see tips and tricks based off the products you got in your box!
What I don't like...
- The wait..these were supposed to be shipped out from August 27th-31st..I got my notice on Friday after hours and Monday was a holiday, then my box went M.I.A! I really wish they would ship out the second last week of the month so that way you can still get it in the month your supposed to.
- As I said the variance between products can be both a pro and con (It sucks when the variety among boxes is so great that the value isn't even there- I would feel disappointed no doubt if I saw someone with great products while I got a tiny perfume vial, and hair sample...Yes I like variety throughout the boxes but I think that the size of samples should generally be the same across the board and you should get back the amount of money you put into the box if not more.

I'll admit I was a bit sad about the whole Luxe box change because I really looked forward to the monthly surprise. However seeing this box made me feel a lot better, I hope that with the amount of time Loose Button now has to construct the boxes that they will put in every effort to make the boxes as good as they can be! I really enjoyed this edition and cannot wait for the Winter one!

For those who stuck around to read this full post- THANK YOU it took quite the while to take pics and type this up:)

So what do you think of the first seasonal Luxe Box? 


  1. I really like the Lip Liner and the Eyeliner.. Beauty boxes are such a hit and miss. I cancelled all of mine because I started seeing that I would love on product every other month if that and the rest I would only use for like a week or two.. Its an amazing way to build a makeup collection and have a beautiful variance. I hope the product sizes continue to be good!

    1. The lip liner is pretty neat! it's clear and it literally feels like nothing on your lips. I agree 100%, beauty boxes are very up and down. Only some select companies manage to keep the products coming. Hopefully the next boxes are well worth it:D

  2. I think you got a pretty good box! I like how you got Vichy products that's amazing! I wonder what the winter box is going to be like... A red lip stick from lancome would be nice for the holidays... A girl can dream right?

    1. Thanks Brittany! I thought the Vichy samples were pretty great as well. I saw you got the Blinc mascara, I've heard about it so much through BB5 subscribers, they always seem to be getting Blinc products. Let me know how you like:)

  3. Looks like an awesome box! I'm curious to hear how the lip liner works out!

  4. I have always been very curious to try out one of these boxes, I think the glossy box is the uk version. It is Very interesting to see what other boxes are like and although it's a nice idea to have products for each season, I don't see why they can't still do that but release the boxes on a monthly basis. I dunno, I guess I'd just get bored of waiting that long in between boxes!!


    1. Glossy is really great but I find that the products are not as well known compared to Luxe Box at least in Canada, however that being said the sizing is great. I don't understand why they couldn't keep the monthly service either but what can you do right- I'll be looking forward to the next seasons:)

  5. Love how you show the Luxe Box packaging. Looks like they present the products well :) I really want to try the Vichy Thermal water. Looks like such a cool product!!

    Thanks for sharing,

    xx Veronica

    1. Awww thanks girl, I'm glad you liked! The presentation is incredible, I have yet to try out the thermal water but I think I'll give it a try now:)

  6. Wow, talk about an awesome transformation! Still not a fan of these "boxes" but Luxe Box seems to have upped their game quite a bit, the package now really screams luxury. The nail strips look gorgeous!

    1. I know right?! The overall appeal of the box is beautiful such a major improvement. It looks expensive, luxe and high end. I hope they continue to strive instead of moving backwards..I can't wait to try out the nail strips. Thanks for popping by Gaby:D

  7. The Vichy products look fantastic and I think you are the first person I have seen with them. I think they really made the box!

    1. Yea I didn't see anyone else with them either! They were a great addition to the box- definitely my favorite samples!:)

  8. geeZe..I'm getting tired of seeing everyone's good boxes. :( I'll get mine up this week. I'm so angry now!

    1. Ohh man! You see I would be upset if I were you too, I love the variety but some people didn't get nearly as great products as others. Big difference in some boxes- I'm looking out for your post.

    2. My post is up on my blog...come and let me know what you think. :( You'll have to scroll down or back a page.

  9. Wow great box!I miss the monthly one to though! Actually, I miss this one as well! My box got delivered to the wrong address and customer service still won't let me know if they will send me a new one..I do love Luxe Box but I am slightly underwhelmed with their customer service!

    1. I really miss the monthy excitement because this was my only subscription service!:( I really thought I wasn't going to get my Luxe Box because it was lost in transit, than goodness I received it though. I hope someone get's on your case pronto! I'm hoping that next month I'm woweddd, I loved this month but I really want a shock factor... Ohhh and I'm crossing my fingers that we get them on time.

      Hopeyou get yours soon or at least an update hun:)