Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lip Products I'm Loving (Part 2) Shine Lipsticks & Lustrous Lip gloss

This is part two of the lip products I've been loving, if you missed part one I talked about the New Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm stains. If you'd like to be directed to that post you can click here!

So the next lip product I have been loving is actually a lip gloss by Revlon. I have been super impressed with Revlon lately and have really been enjoying the items I've purchased (Photoready cream blush & the Kissable balms). I have been ogling this gloss for quite awhile now, and I finally got my hands on it (Thanks Lisa). I've said many times before that I am not one for gloss, in fact I actually despised it because of it's sticky texture. However lately I have been more and more interested in them!  
                          Here's a quick run down of the product..
*Nice sheer gloss (not too wet or thin, but not fully opaque)
* Great moisturizing ability- definitely on the thicker side  
*After the color fades your lips are left feeling plump and soft
*Feels creamy and gives off a nice shine when applied to the lips, no stickiness at all!
*Awesome color range, 12 shades to be exact (it includes, corals, lilacs, pinks and more)
*Pretty affordable, I've seen it at Wal-Mart for as low as $6. (Other Canadian stores such as Shoppers or Zellers which is soon closing jack up the price just a tad)
*The gloss has a nice light scent to it
* The biggest perk of all is that the gloss has SPF 15 in it-
 perfect protection for your lips
* This may be a pro or con to some but it has no glitter or shimmer in it 
(which I prefer)

- With eating a drinking it does tend to fade, so you may need to apply throughout the day

Peach petal is a milky, peach nude color, this shade adds a nice cream sheen finish to my lips. I've been alternating between this and other lip products, I enjoy it especially because it adds to my lips without covering them other words since I have fairly pigmented lips this gloss goes on very easily and my natural lip color still shines through. When first swatching Peach Petal it looks opaque but by the time you spread it out it does tend to sheer out. Although it looks like a very pale and ghostly colors it gives off a light pink hue. 

Next Lip product I've been enjoying and using a lot are the Joe fresh shine lipsticks. I featured the pink shade "kiss" in a Winners, and Superstore haul but I thought for the purpose of this post I'd re show it with a brief description. 

These are essentially a tinted lip balm, I don't think they have the longevity or pigmentation of a lip stick as they are quite sheer. In the packaging some colors look awfully bright but the color dulls down when you apply. It has a great amount of shine to it and gives your lips a nice flush while hydrating them. For what the product is worth I think it's definitely something that I would re-purchase. It does wear off kind of quickly but I don't mind re-applying. 

*Looks great when applied, a shiny finish (doesn't settle in cracks)
* Colors such as "kiss" may seem bright at first glance but they wear down
*Affordable ($6 at Superstore)
*Because this gloss is more on the wet side I find  it doesn't last as long. 
*When on your lips the product feels moisturizing however when it fades it can feel a bit drying because it's not as thick or waxy as other tinted lip products such as the kissable balms, or the Revlon Lip butters.

Overall I still do enjoy these shine lipsticks, I think they are slightly comparable to Maybelline Baby Lips because of their texture however I think the baby lips (Cherry me) has more color to it. I haven't tried pink Punch but I've also heard that the color payoff is quite good on that shade as well..I also think the Maybelline Baby Lips are better scented! 

I have just been obsessed with any sort of lip balm product lately, first it was all about my Lip Butters and now I've added other items in to the mix. 

Hope you are all having a great weekend,


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  4. I've never tried any Joe Fresh products yet but I hear good things about the brand

    1. You should try them, their stuff is affordable and the have a huge assortment of products:)

  5. Revlon make some awesome lip products! I only have one of their Super Lustrous lip glosses in Mauve Pout but I really like it. It's such good quality and very moisturising, creamy and pigmented. It just feels really comfortable and luxurious on the lips. Peach Petal is so pretty - I love that it has no shimmer or glitter.

    1. They do make awesome lip products! I love how the lustrous glosses are creamy, the texture feels so incredible while on your lips:)