Friday, 24 February 2012

Collective Haul!

Here are some recent purchases I have made over the span of 2 weeks( There was one thing I received as a gift and another that I purchased for someone else). I wouldn’t say that it’s extremely large collection of items.. but I still wanted to share. Here is a brief over view of some of the items..

First off is the wallet I am loving, I walked into Guess today briefly gazing over the beautiful stuff they had. An associate asked me if I was looking for anything in particular I said I was looking for a wallet. She kindly showed me two wallets one of which was elegant and sophistaicated, and then this one which was more funky. I debated and debated (had
  the help of my best friend and 2 associates haha) . Finally I  decided on the new spring collection wallet.

The wallet was packaged in this white box with gold lettering…..

       And this is it!!! It has this floralish print and silver and light brown hardware (the lettering and the lock) also it has this brown leather material around the edging of the wallet. I am very very pleased with the wallet. It has 2 change pockets (which I needed badly), many card holders, and 2 pockets to put cash into. I know this will last me forever and I love the boldness of it.  It is very appropriate for the spring, summer season coming up.I transferred everything out of my old and dingy          wallet YAY
     The wallet was $45.00 + tax so it came to like $50 all together I believe. Here is the link to the Guess accessories website. The wallet is shown on the website however it is a bit different on the inside than the one that I own. There are also a few nice ones that have been marked down:

 (Just click on Handbags & Wallets)

Nexttttt upppppp.......
My fabulous rings:)

So here are all three side by side.. All 3 were purchases at Suzy Shier ( their jewellery is usually within a very reasonable price range)

   This ring is a lovely light pink color, with gold like embellishment..and the gem in the middle is silver. The combination of colors are so nice and Summery. Ohh and the gems are scattered in a flower shaped pattern. This one was a new arrival so it was regular price (Which was not bad at all) all of them were $6.90..)

Ring # 2!
Gold, silver and purple hints of color all combined together. It's just so unique not exactly symmetrical but that's what makes it stand out:)

and lastly..

I know it may be hard to see, but this is soo cute!
It is two giraffes facing each other. Both have different color gems in them. I have never had something like this…to be honest a lot of my rings are different variations of flowers. This appealed to me so muchI just couldn’t leave it behind!

The next item I purchased was not for myself..I actually have a friends birthday coming up and I wanted to add one more thing to her gift. I now she loves wearing eyeliner so I thought it would be a nice  thing for her to try out. 

These are Urban Decay glide on eyeliners which were purchased from Sephora. I kind of had a mishap with this I thought it was cheaper than it actually was but when I got the register I was kind of in shock. Not because it was overly expensive but because of the expectation I had ( how it was super cheap) So it came to $20 something dollars and it included e 2 colors ( Not full- Size) One Blue and one is a blue/purple color.

Then I received some candles as a gift
Thank you Lisaaaaaa!

I can never have enough! So excited to try these out, I am waiting to finish a couple of my big ones before starting some of the new ones I have. These are all scents that I have not tried before…bonus! So I got a Mango candle, wild strawberry, and one called Paradise

Then I purchased a primer from Shoppers Drug Mart

This is the Pur Minerals Color Correcting Primer. Recently in my January Luxe Box I received the neutral Primer which I liked. I tried it out and still have quite a lot left. After school on day I headed to the Shoppers in the local plaza and saw the Pur minerals display. I wanted to buy the full- size primer and so I just looking at all the different things they had. The one that I got is a peach color, meant to hide the appearance of dark circles, and drak spots. I have dark scars so I thought it would maybe help.
I like the feeling of this primer before putting this on I apply moisturizer and as soon as I put on the primer it just glides on. It sucks out ant excess oil and makes my face canvas smooth. It also helps my foundation go on effortlessly eliminating any lines. After foundation I top it off with the Marcelle Translucent powder and I am good to go. So far I am really liking it. 

30$ for 30mL of product

And here are the last two products by the same brand “Quo”

First is the Quo contour brush that I wanted to get..I saw it and just got it. I tried it and it’s okay, to be honest I like my other set of brushes better than this..I bought it for 14$ on sale, it was $17 plus tax originally

And then last of all is this Quo brush cleaner. I have washed my brushes with shampoo up until now and I thought for some reason that it would be nice to buy the matching cleaner. Well let me tell you it’s nothing special in fact I think that shampoo actually cleanses the brushes better. The dirt gets out, the brushes are soft and they smell nice. This spray doesn’t lather..your supposed to spray directly to the bristles and then swirl it on your hand to get the dirt out. I did this but ended up cleaning my brushes again (with shampoo) and that’s when I visibly saw all the dirt and makeup come out. 

And that's all for now!  I plan to change it up and include lots of stuff on this blog including: product reviews, hauls, book reviews and just a variety of stuff.
     I hope you enjoyed, have a great weekend:)

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