Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bath & Body Works Bonanza!

It feels so nice to finally be free! Today was my last set of mid-terms and boy am I feeling light weighted now. Last week my best friend had told me about her little adventure to Bath and Body Works, she told me about the brand new lines launched and I couldn’t resist..the next day after my classes were done for the day I headed over to my local mall. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything but I came out with a bag full of goodies. I have my own little mini store I of all people do not need to stock up on any more things, but I went for it anyways..opps!  
My current collection that is growing continuously haha! It includes:
-      Soaps
-      Candles ( Mini’s & 4. Oz)
-      Sanitizers
-      Body washes
-      Creams ( travel size & Full Sixe)
…..and other stuff
My most recent visit to Bath and Bath and body works was a candle haul! It was so hard for me to decide which ones I wanted, I was going crazy!! The deal that was going on went I went (and is still going on presently where I live) was 3 mini candles for 5$, and medium sized ( 4oz.) were buy one, get one free.

This is what I got....

I purchased 6 mini’s ( 3 for 5$) but I gave 2 of the candles to my mom… and as I was cashing out I saw one of their old candles on sale so I picked up that as well. The old candle was the Marshmallow fireside ( 2 for 1$) so I picked up two..I kept one and gave the other to my mom as well.

Also in this picture was the two bigger sized candles..
Here are the names of the candles ( which sound sooo nice!) 
- Pink Sangria
- Peach Belini ( which my best friend recommended) 

(**From Left to Right**)

-Market Peach (Smells absolutely delicious unfortunately they are only available in the mini size until March, the Everyday Market line launches then..can’t waitJ

-      Passion Flower ( The perfect combination of a funky floral, it is not too overpowering.. smells fresh and feminine

-White Palm ( This one reminds me of the beach..I loveeee it)

-      Tikki Beach ( perfect blend of a coconuts, both white palm and this one are more tropical)

This is the marshmellow one..soo yummy!

The Two other mini candles I didn’t show 
( because there somewhere in my mom’s room) were:
-      Paradise
-      Coco Lobo



  1. I am definitely going to see if I can find a bath and body works in my city!

  2. You should, if you do let me know!!:)
    You will fall in love with the products