Friday, 17 February 2012

February Luxe Box Already!!

Greetings to everyone,
Today wasn’t such a good day, I have been feeling under the weather for about a day now and it does not feel good at all. As soon as I woke up this morning I checked my e-mail and was greeted by a ‘Loose Button’ e-mail claiming that by February beauty box had been shipped already. Excitedly I clicked on the tracking number provided, and found out that my Luxe Box had made it to my local postal facility!!  I kept on checking every little while but the same status appeared “out for delivery”. I opened up the Loose Button e-mail once more and saw that they had added a teeny note at the bottom saying:
“PS - Your Luxe Box may arrive before your tracking number gets updated! We hope you enjoy the surprise this month :)

I ran to the mail box..and what did I see my beautiful box waiting for me ( haha that rhymes lol…)  The box definitely felt heavier than my former boxes, so that made me even more excited. I was in the middle of doing some chores so I didn't open it fully I took a quick  sneak peek. I saw that I had received a polish on the card.. it was showing a bright red color. I loveeee nail polishes but I would have to say I'm extremely picky when it comes to the color..I feel as though dark colors don’t look good on my skin tone hence I kinda stay away from then.

But I was wronnnnggggg.... ( it wasn't red!) So here we go with this month's products. Let me know what you received, I would love to hear:)

So first off the biggest change was the color of the Luxe Box. The loose Button team crafted a beautiful Valentine’s day themed box for the month of February.

Luxe Box comes shipped in this brown card board box, postal details are on the sticker that seals the box.

Bright red box with the Loose Button Logo on the top.. 

This month was also another limited edition because both Loose Button and Flare magazine  teamed up to create this month’s Luxe Box
The products were wrapped with white wrapping paper that said “ Flare on it’ instead of the usual black paper..and it was all sealed with a personalized “ Made For” sticker
There were quite a few cards this month.. 5 in total!

This was the product card  I received, it listed the items I got and with brief description.

Below are a few more cards I received:)

The top card says “ Invite a friend” I have been invited to participate in a Mereadesso Giveaway. 
( the bonus this month was the face & neck toning gel)… They go on to say that I can invite friends to try the product. Each referral gets me a chance to win $250 worth of Mereadesso products.  The second card is a $25 special offering for Dealuxe on the purchase of 75$ or more. 

and here is the last greeting card on behave of both Loose Button and the editor & chief of Flare...

Onto the products shall we?!

Here is a quick snap shot of all the stuff I received scroll down to see individual pictures & details!

First product- China Glaze Nail Polish 

The color of the polish I received is called “ go go pink”, it is a lovely light pastel pink.. almost reminds of cotton candy. It is a nice formula not to sheer or opaque, however you can definitely build the color by adding more coats.  The full size (what I received) is 14 mL and retails for 8$.  Just for reference China Glaze is bigger than Essie ( 13.5 mL) but smaller than O.P.I (15mL) 

Second Product- Moroccan Oil

I have never tried Moroccan Oil products before but boy am I ever excited to try it out..everytime  I see it I just eye ball it haha, but the price scares me. Moroccan Oil is meant to transform and repair the strength of your hair. It includes fatty acids, Omego 3 oils and vitamins for shine. 

The sample size I received includes 25 mL of product and for those who are interested the full size is 100mL and retails for $40.

This item came with a Luxe tip:  Apply a small amount to clean, towel dried hair from mid length to ends, blow dry or let dry naturally.

Third Product- Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm

Sorry for the somewhat blurry pic..This is the beautiful bath bath. It is the nicest scent ever.. this is intended to bring out your inner glow, improve the skin’s texture, and enhance elasticity. It is said to absorb quickly and leave your body feeling silky and hydrated.

Luxe tip: After bathing, gently pat dry skin over immediately and apply balm to seal in moisture.

The sample size came with 30 mL while the Full size comes with 200 mL and is sold for $54 ( Wow this is a more expensive product but it works wonders, I really like hands are so velvety soft without being greasy and oily. 

Fourth product- Mereadesso Face and Toning Gel ( BONUS)

This product was not included on the product list but it came with it’s own little pamphlet thingy.. This is a face and toning gel it has 40 botanical extracts in it plussss minerals and anti- oxidants made for easy use.. it absorbs quickly and is said to make a big difference in 3-5 days.

I got a mini 7 mL sample, the card does not specify the price but on one side of the card it shows a picture of the full- size toner and I believe it has 50mL of this regiment in it.

Fifth Product- Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner 
( got 3 packs)

and the last product is this Shampoo and Conditioner sample combo. This product is intended for color treated hair, so I am not sure if it's okay for me to use since my hair has never been colored. I will give it a try anyways whats the harm?! 

Here is the description of the product: Fights 4 causes of color change: environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, color alternating minerals and water attack. Formulated to gently cleanse hair while leaving it feeling shiny, manageable and refreshed.

There is 10 mL of Shampoo and 10 mL of conditioner, so all together I received 30 mL worth of Shampoo and Conditioner because there were 3 packets.

Overall Opinion: Thank you Loose Button Team!! I am in loveeeee... I thought my January box was my fave. The boxes continue to get better and better! I love the creativity of this company,  each month they add special treats for their subbies and I am very thankful. This month's box came with products I love and am dying to try. I loveeeee the Moroccan Oil,  nail polish,  body balm. and toning gel. The Redken samples were a nice added touch. The partnership with Flare this month was very nice as well!!! I am sooo pleaseeeeeeeddd, and cannot wait for yet another Luxe Box:)


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