Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Book Blabber: Nineteen Minutes

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is a wee- bit different.. not beauty related at all. It is however, dedicated to a book I just recently finished. If you read my "What's in my Bag" (Going Away) post, you'll know I took this book along with me on my camping trip. I was a bit apprehensive about it because I didn't think I would enjoy it. I try not to judge, but I am so used to reading chick flicks, that I automatically assume I won't like a book because it's a different genre. This book was so refreshing and different, I thoroughly enjoyed each page.  
Quick synopsis:  "In Sterling, New Hampshire, 17-year-old high school student Peter Houghton has endured years of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of classmates. His best friend, Josie Cormier, succumbed to peer pressure and now hangs out with the popular crowd that often instigates the harassment. One final incident of bullying sends Peter over the edge and leads him to commit an act of violence that forever changes the lives of Sterling’s residents."

Take a look at this Book Trailer: 

This book was honestly an emotional roller coaster for me, I felt the pain of not only the victims of the tragedy but also for the suspect who committed the crime. It's a book illustrating the struggles one boy in particular had to endure from his childhood to his teenage years because he himself was a victim of bullying. You get to see so many perspectives throughout the book, from the past to the present, and it makes you question so many things. You feel for the parents who are at the center of this catastrophe, because their son resorted to violence as a means  of coping with the on going bullying. I was deeply saddened to see Peter's (the shooter/bullied victim) life unravel before my very eyes and to know that his life was simply ruined. This book touches on so many subjects, it's heart warming, emotional, sad and gripping..It's a book I'll remember for a long time. 

The way Jodi Picoult crafts her novels is simply amazing, her writing really stood out to me. The books are very realistic in that they touch on topics that are very relevant within today's society. I just put like 4 or 5 books by Jodi on hold at my local library..I can't wait to go on a reading- spree. Here are some of the novels I will be reading soon:
Have you read any books lately?
Would you read Nineteen Minutes, Let me know:)


  1. I've read this book and like you said it really was an emotional rollercoaster, but then again all of Jodi Picoult's books are! I just read "The Pact" a little while ago and that was pretty intense too. Not quite as intense as "Nineteen Minutes", but you definitely keep reading. I've read "My Sister's Keeper" as well and again, I think I had a lump in my throat for most of the book. She's a great writer, she makes sure the details make logical sense and I don't feel like I have gotten more stupid after reading her books. She really makes you connect with each character so that you truly mourn with them whenever something tragic happens.

    1. That's exactly what I love about her books! I feel like I'm reading stuff that makes sense and it's realistic..it's not like some fantasy if you know what I mean. Your able to understand the struggles the characters are going through, and I truly mourned for both Peter & Josie. I will probably tear up reading her other books, but since reading Nineteen minutes I've been itching to get a hold of the other novels. What's next on your reading list?

    2. I went with your list! I've already gotten all the books for my Kindle!

    3. Aww that's great. I got 3 out of the 5 books today, just started Salem Falls..so far it's a great read :D