Monday, 23 July 2012

Beauty Blog Review: Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion

A couple of weeks ago while at Pharmasave I picked up a mascara. I finished my Illegal Length one and was in great need for a new bottle. I grabbed the cheapest mascara that was on sale and it happened to be Covergirl's Lash Blast Fusion. I got this for $5.99, I've tried the original Lash blast years ago, so I was quite happy to re-try another one. Somehow Maybelline Mascara's suck me in each time, this lash blast was a nice change from my usual choices. I've mentioned before that it takes me a wee bit of time to get used to a new mascara. I feel as though I go through a cycle of experimenting/not liking, then liking/loving, and then by the time you now it I'm in need for a new tube!

The Mascara came in this big purple tube, and is almost identical to the original lash blast except that this is one is intended for lengthening and volumizing. The wand is medium/large and  has short rubber bristles. I find these bristles are very useful because they help to comb out any excess formula. Scroll down for my thoughts:)
~ No flaking, lashes are flexible..not stiff at all
~Cost effective & fairly priced (for what the mascara does)
~Good formulation (not overly wet or too dry.. this is especially good because mascara rarely transfers onto eyelids)
~Gives a very natural look (even though it's considered a lengthening and volumizing it's definitely not a dramatic mascara)
~The wand bristles help to eliminate clumps (even with a couple of coats I never get clumps or added chunks on my lashes)
~Gives a bit of volume 
~ Water proof version comes of without any fuss ( I actually picked up the water proof one by accident and was too lazy to return.. I couldn't believe how easy it was to remove with just my regular cleanser and loosing lashes, or extra residue left over)

~Wand can be a bit inconvenient when trying to reach lashes in the inner most part of your eye
~I have medium/long lashes already, and I didn't find this mascara provided my with any more length than I already have
~ This mascara does provide a little volume but sometimes It's hard to achieve the fullness that I desire (I always have one eye that looks amazing, and one that is a little less fuller due to gaps)
~ Doesn't hold up a curl very well, at least for me (anyone else experience this)

I like this mascara, at first I did not like it at all but slowly I've gotten used to it! It just gives my eyes a nice finish without being too dramatic. It's perfect for me to wear in the day time because it isn't too heavy. It doesn't smudge or smear.. I cried with this and my eyes lashes looked wonderful after :) I just wish it provided me with a bit more volume and held a curl better
Would I re-purchase?
Yes I would, but there are so many other maraca's out there that I want to try so I would probably hold off on buying another tube. While this mascara is good, it's definitely not the best one I've tried. 

What are your thoughts on Covergirl mascara's?


  1. I've heard a lot about Covergirl, but living in the UK it isn't available here. It's interesting reading how people find their products, and sometimes a good thing I'm not always missing out ;).

    I found you from BlogLoveTherapy Blog Hop :) xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I don't think you should be too sad, your not missing out on much, to be honest I haven't really fallen in love with any of their products in a while..I actually prefer Maybelline over Covergirl. There are so many UK brands that look amazing that we can't get here (MUA, and the Top shop brand)..I really like the Top shop blushes, and polishes, the packaging is super cute:)
      Thanks for popping by, I really appreciate it:D