Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring Wishlist (Mostly Beauty Items)!

So lately instead of studying, my mind has been drifting off and all I can seem to think about is my never ending list of wants! Here are a couple beauty items, aside from the glasses that I've been eyeing.

Real Techniques Starter Kit (Eyes)- So just recently I found out that these highly talked about brushes made their way onto Wal-Mart shelves. I've read and seen numerous reviews about these beauties! I love the appearance of them and from what I've heard they perform amazingly. There is one brush in particular from each set that I really want to try so I have a feeling I'll end up with both sooner or later. From the Eye Kit, I am dying to try the blending brush! I have a tapered blending brush by Quo but I find that the bristles are rather sharp and actually end up hurting my crease area. Along with that the brush is very skinny so it's hard to transition the colors and really blend them out. This RT blending brush looks fluffy, and the bristles look perfect for getting in your crease and buffing out the color gently.

Mac Peaches Blush- I didn't even know about this blush until I saw it on Aleeza's blog (Stylish & Literate). I'm always one who gravitates toward more orange toned blushes because they look best on my medium skin. Although I like pink blushes, they don't seem to look as good as orange ones. My go to color combo has been Hard Candy's fox in a box blush called Skinny Dipping. I love how the the shade makes my skin look sun kissed and glowy. I did a google search and this shade seems to show up on darker skin tones as well! Also another blush I just found out about is Melba, and that is another beautiful one that I wouldn't mind testing out.

Ralph lauren Shades- I've been looking for a pair of sunglasses for the longest time, but cannot find a pair a like. Also because I haven't wore shades before, I don't exactly feel all that comfortable in them, however I find it a pain to drive when the sun is blazing down on me and for that reason I do want to invest in a pair. I was looking online at Sunglasses Hut and fell in love with these, however the price is sky high retailing at $290.00.

New Revlon Polishes- I blogged about these polishes earlier on last week. I love bright colors for spring and I really liked the coral color in these polishes. I also really liked the nude one.

Lip Butters- I am a big lover of the original Lip Butters, and constantly find myself using them. They are extremely moisturizing and creamy so naturally when I heard about the new ones I got super excited. I like Pink Lemonade the most as it reminds me of Creamsicle. The other shades are kinda bright (for me atleast) but I do want to give them a shot. Part of the reason I shy away from brights is because I am so unused to them.

RT Core Collection- The brush that I am most curious about it the stippling brush for foundation. I have never tried one before so I'm curious to see how it applies. Although If I was to choose I think I would definitely go after the eye set!

What are some items your lusting for?


  1. A few of these items have been on my own wishlist for a while now! I just recently purchased the Samantha Chapman brushes as well as the new Revlon Lip Butter shades! Can't wait to review them later this week!

    1. I can't even tell you the amount of ravess I have heard! I need to try these brushes and bad. Looking forward to your review Amy:)