Monday, 14 January 2013

Dermologica Pre-Cleanse

I've tried my fair share of cleansers, I'm the type of girl who has oily skin, and as a result I experience my skin breaking out at times. That being said I would have never thought of using an oil based cleanser on my skin. It just so happened that in my winter Luxe Box I recieved a generous sample of Dermologica's Pre-Cleanse. It looks really tiny, but it did last my a nice amount of time seeing as I only needed a couple drops at a time, and I was only using it before bed. Sometimes we have preconceived notions about a particular product or item, our view is based around common myths that we hear day in and day out.  However, sometimes the result is totally opposite of that which we've been told. When I hear the word oil mentioned in a product I kind of cringe, why on earth would I want to use something that adds more oil to my face when I already experience that sort of problem. When I think back to my early teen days I remember my mom suggesting I use olive oil to remove my waterproof mascara, when I did it slowly removed it and conditioned my lashes! Now that I think of it oil cleansers are really this amazing hybrid between a makeup remover and a cleanser.

On Hand: Korres Mascara, NYX jumbo eye pencil (Milk), C.O bigelow lip gloss, Wet N' Wild Blush (Berry Shimmer), Essence eye primer, Revlon Smoky Shadow stick (Atomic), Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast 

As you can see the face makeup totally breaks down within contact of the oil. Mascara becomes softened, and easily is removed with the addition of water. Before when I first got the sample I added a couple drops of water with the oil and mixed it together and applied to my face. However what happened was that I wasn't getting a deep clean because I was watering down the product before I actually massaged it in. 
To use I added a couple drops of the oil cleanser to the palm of my hand. I rubbed in both hands and then applied to my face. With gentle pressure I massaged my face and instantly saw foundation, and blush disappear. I would swipe my eyelashes to work the product in, some mascara would flake away and my lashes became softer as a result. After sufficiently working the product in, I added some water and began to massage again. The oil begins to desinigrate and any traces of mascara seem to melt away. The oil cleanser helps to get the mascara off, but ultimately it nourishes them!

This product is part of a skin care system, whereby this product is used first in conjunction with other products. Now while I was sampling it I only used the oil cleanser and that was extremely sufficient. Some days I would use my Cetaphil cleanser just as an extra measure.

I don't have acne per say, I don't experience breakouts out of the ordinary during my time of the month, nor do I have spots all over. Although I was my wash my face religiously twice a day, I still have problem areas. I think what happens is that even with a face wash dirt and debris still exists therefore contributing to the pimples. This oil cleanser is like a dirt magnet, you massage it in and with the addition of water the formula becomes milkier and emulsified and it truly helps to break down all the nasty stuff still left on your face. While I was using this I noticed a difference in my face, it looked cleaner and it felt clear and healthy.

When my sample finished I was deliberating buying this in a full size, although expensive I didn't mind spending a bit more on a product that was actually working for me. I was stuck between this one and Boscia's oil cleaner. I  decided on the Boscia one because it was more cheaper, and because it was essentially the same product,  I also read multiple positive reviews on the product. Now after using it I really don't know how much I like it..maybe I need more time to try it out. After the first day I had little pimples, so I'm really unsure if this is just my skin purging to get the impurities out or if it's breaking me out.

My point in writing this post, was to give a review about the Dermologica Pre-Cleaner, and to ask you all about your opinion. Have you ever used the Bosica Makeup breakup Cool Cleansing Oil? I really want to love it, and I hate returning stuff  so maybe I will just stick through it and be patient to see how it performs.

Hope I didn't bore you all!


  1. I haven't tried the Boscia oil cleanser but I love the Lancome one. It's hard to get people to accept that oil cleanser are wonderful for ALL types of skin.

    1. I know right, I was so confused about it as well, but I'm glad I tried it out:)

  2. I tried this when I did a makeup course and I agree it is indeed great! I use jojoba oil regularly though as it's cheaper and does a great job as well.

    1. Oh I definitely have to check that out? Do you buy it at like a pharmacy or can you find it at a grocery store?